Helping Toddlers to Sleep: Knowing the Signs of Exhaustion


Sleep is crucial in our early development. If you have kids, it is important that while they are young, they appreciate the value of sleep but sometimes it is hard to put them to sleep. If they are already asleep but heard them cry or call out, putting them back to sleep is a lot harder. You have to know that there are physical and emotional factors that cause their “wakefulness”.

If putting the kid to sleep is hard, parents worry. Sometimes because of the external pressure and tiredness, parents are forced to discipline in hard measures just so the kid will sleep through. Toddlers need understanding and kindness – sometimes these are not given because of the exhausted families. You are thinking it has been hectic past few days here in Singapore and more hectic putting the toddler to sleep.

You have to understand the kid. Helping him/her sleep is the best thing that you can do and this will mean knowing the signs of exhaustion. Remember that toddlers do not settle if they are not sleepy. There are many things that excite them so sometimes they fight sleep to do it. Be careful with overtired or exhausted toddlers though because they are harder to put to sleep. It is important that you get your toddler to sleep before exhaustion comes. Here are the signs of sleepiness that you should watch out:

  • Grumpy: You will know if the toddler is sleepy because he/she will become grumpy. When he/she is sleepy, he/she will surely become less tolerant to everything around him/her. If you notice your toddler gets easily annoyed or angered, that is a sign that he/she must be put to sleep.

  • Jumpy: When toddlers are trying to sleep, adults around should be careful with their movements because they tend to be jumpy. If they are not yet asleep, they tend to be more sensitive to sudden noises and movements.


  • Clumsy: If you notice that your toddler suddenly became clumsy – falling to tipping from side or dropping things, it is time that you put him/her to sleep.


  • Cuddly: This is perhaps the sign that you love. When toddlers are very sleepy, they tend to seek comfort in the form of cuddles. If you notice that they become too cuddly, it is a sign that they should be put to sleep.

Understanding the toddler’s sleeping cycle will surely give light to many things. Seeing him/her sleeping peacefully is the greatest gift you could ask.

Approaches to Sleep Training Your Baby


If you want your baby to sleep on his/her own, it is time that you consider sleep training. Many paediatricians here in Singapore encourage parents to sleep train their babies. In fact, there are parents who start sleep training as early as the first month of the baby. However for your peace of mind, start sleep training when the baby is between four to six months.

By four months, the baby is starting to develop regular sleep-wake cycle. When you notice that they dropped most of their feedings at night, it is a sign that he/she is ready for sleep training.  Sleep training is the process of teaching the baby to sleep on his/her own and stay asleep all through the night. Sounds easy right but it is kind of challenging because there are many approaches you can consider before settling.

Yes, there are many approaches when you teach the baby to sleep on his/her own. But what approach should you consider? This will depend on which approach you think your baby will respond well. The key here is to know your baby well. Here are the approaches you can choose from:

  1. Cry It Out Approach: Commonly called as CIO, this method involves a lot of crying. Crying is an excruciating sound for parents but if it is something that you have to do, do it. This approach claims that it is okay for the baby to cry when you put him/her to bed then leave the room. Always remember to put the baby to bed drowsy but awake. If he/she cries, let it be for prescribed periods of time and then offer comfort – except picking up.


  1. No Tears Approach: According to the proponents of this approach, crying is not necessary. The approach speaks of a slow approach – soothe the baby to sleep and when he/she cries, you offer comfort immediately.

  1. Fading Approach: This approach falls in the middle of the spectrum. This training involves diminishing the parent’s role by gradually fading away until the baby falls asleep. Each night, make sure to go farther and when the baby cries, reassure him/her but never pick up.


  1. S’s Approach: There is an expert who encourages parents to consider a specific routine that involves the S’s – Swaddling, Shushing, Swinging and Sucking. Note that this is best for newborns (first six weeks) when you can swaddle them. But it can also be used as long as it is helpful for the baby.

Photography Tips for Taking Better Photos When Travelling


Taking photos when travelling is simple—go to an exotic destination, bring a camera and a handful of memory cards, and take a shot of every amazing view you see. While this should be enough to bring home some memories of your trip, you want to give justice to the awesome view you’ve witnessed by translating them into your photographs. This can be challenging, especially when you’re not a pro, but we’re here to share with you five key tips for taking professional-looking photos you’ll appreciate for years.

  1. Go Out Early

“The early bird catches the worm”—this old adage holds true for travel photography. Light is the most important element for great photos—and the soft, early morning light creates amazing images. Moreover, waking up early also means fewer people and travel photographers. If you want a postcard shot of a popular landmark, get there first before everyone else.

  1. Rule of Thirds

A classic photography trick, the Rule of Thirds will help create balanced compositions. This allows you to break your image down into thirds, vertically and horizontally, so they’re split into smaller sections. The goal of this trick is to place parts of the image into those sections in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

  1. Use a Tripod

Lightweight travel tripods are worth the investment. This allows you to set up your camera and keep it steady in that place, minimizing camera shake when shooting slow shutter speed and time-lapse videos. Also, using a tripod allows you to be in a long-shot photo by setting your camera in timer mode.

  1. Patience is a Virtue

Pay attentions to your surroundings. Do the stars look bright? If not, will they look brighter after an hour? Sit at the park with a pleasing view and wait for a picture-perfect subject to pass by. Then, wait for a couple of minutes more as you might get an even better subject. If you don’t have the patience to wait, you might miss the best photo opportunity.

  1. Get Off the Beaten Path

If you want more unique photos, you’ll need to roam around more. The best way to catch unique images is to wander on foot. Head out to places that are less known to tourists, but check with the locals to make sure that the place is safe. If you want to capture something that no one else has, you will have to take a trip away from the crowd and explore your destination on your own.

In the years to come, your travel photos will be your story tellers and the only remembrance you’ll have of every trip you’ve had. So, in your next travels, make sure to use your camera not just as an extension of your creative eyes, but also an extension of your heart and soul.

5 Great Travel Destinations If You Love Food


Marvellous food is often what makes a holiday trip extra special, so why not make the food the focus of your next trip? Whether you love the wines of Sonoma, the chocolates and cheeses of Switzerland, the seafood of New England or the spices of India, here’s a list of travel destinations that will tickle your palate.

  1. Paris

Paris is considered as the food capital of the world. With the F&B scene beginning here over 220 years ago, Paris is truly one of Europe’s culinary centers. Whether you want to go to Le Grenier à Pain for apricot bread and chocolate tarts, Poilâne for their butter cookies and sourdough or Pierre Hermé for its world-famous macarons, Paris’ desserts are something that can’t be missed.

  1. Singapore

Looking for a place to begin? The best spots to experience exotic Singaporean cuisine are in hawker stalls, which are usually located in shopping centers and off the main streets. These places offer a variety of food choices, and you can be sure that the food is freshly made as they cook the food on-site. Nasi goring, prawn noodles and pork and duck dishes will surely make you want to arrive on empty stomach.

  1. Italy

Where food and wine collide, Italy has always been famous for its magnificent food. People from all over the world love Italy for its breath-taking sights, beautiful language and their ability to turn any food from rags to riches. They are famous for dousing their food with cheeses and pairing them with the right wine. Pizzas, pastas, pastries and coffees are also must-tries when you’re in Italy.

  1. Australia

Australia, particularly in Sydney, offers many different tastes for your many different moods. Combating a hangover? Feeling fancy? Craving for a killer sandwich? Australia always has something for your erratic taste buds. Fancy food cravings are easy to quench, with gourmet dishes infused with different cultures that comprises the Australian population. If you wish to DIY your own dish, Australia has the third largest fish market in the world, so you can be sure you’ll find everything you need to whip up your own Australian delight.

  1. Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America)

Ready your palate for some fresh meals when you’re in the region of Mesoamerica, which is a cultural area in the Americas that extends from Mexico to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and northern part of Costa Rica. The local cuisine here boasts a little bit of everything, so you’ll surely never get bored. Among the famous tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas, you’ll also find the richness of Indian curry, zestiness of Greek salads and the heat of Thai food when you take a trip to the region.

In conclusion, the world is rich with wondrous food and unique cultures. If you’re up for a delectable adventure, start with these foodie destinations.

Tips for Choosing a VoIP System for Your Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an advanced communications technology that many businesses in Singapore want to own. However, with so many service providers out there, not everyone gets the right plan for their company’s needs. Unless you are tech-savvy, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for in a voice over IP plan. Here, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how you can find the right VoIP service for your company.

1. Determine whether you need an on-site or hosted VoIP.
There are two types of Voice over IP system to choose from: a hosted system and an on-site system. With hosted system, you won’t have to purchase and install additional hardware aside from the VoIP phones, which makes it convenient for small businesses and offices.

On the other hand, on-site systems require a bit of work from your part. Expect to purchase and install additional devices in your office, and make sure to ask your vendor whether you will be the one to do the installation or will there be someone to do the job for you. Also, find out if someone will come to your office in case of problems or you will have to deal with it yourself.

2. Find out if your Internet can handle the upgrade.
Since quality voip in Singapore relies on high-speed Internet in order to efficiently operate, it is important to make sure that you have enough bandwidth to support your new communications system. Ask your service provider what adequate speed is needed for the number of phones you will be installing on the site.

Other than phone usage, also consider how your employees use the Internet. If they do more uploads and downloads of files in a day, you may want to increase your bandwidth before upgrading to a VoIP system.

3. Check the provider’s international call rates.
Although Voice over IP plans area generally cheaper than conventional telecommunications company, choosing the most adequate service for your needs and calling patterns is essential in saving your more money.

VoIP in Singapore have varied rates according to call destinations. Do not consider only their ‘overall ranking’ as either the cheapest or the most expensive provider, but check closely their individual rates for the country you usually call to. Focus on your specific needs when looking for the best-priced service for your business.

4. Do not sacrifice reliability.
There are so many new VoIP providers in Singapore emerging almost every week. And most of these vendors market their services with promises of being the most affordable, most reliable, and offering excellent voice quality. However, the same way these providers appear, they disappear like a lightning, too.

Make sure to do some research to find out which VoIP in Singapore have the best record and reputation. The last thing you want to happen is not to be able to make or take calls when you most need to.

5. Identify the features you need.
Voice over IP systems in Singapore offer varying features, and you should look for one that caters most of your needs. Make a list of must-have features, and another list for functions that you wish to have but are not a priority.

Many vendors amaze you with so many functions in a given plan, but are not as essential as you think it would. Pin point your needs and find a plan that will save you as much money as possible without compromising on quality service. Also, consider add-on features if you can’t find a package with all the functions you need.

6. Find out if the system can be used on existing programs.
You are not going to change your entire system just to accommodate a new Voice over IP set-up. Instead, the VoIP should be able to fit with your existing system. There are VoIP plans that come with API to make integration of the system to an existing program easier. However, not all offer this feature.

On the contrary, you can decide not to implement Voice over IP on all of your existing systems. To come up with the best decision for your company, have a work with your IT professionals.

7. Read and understand the contract.
If your contract states a lock-in subscription for a year, you may want to look for another service provider with more favourable terms instead. Do not feel like you have to sign such contracts in order to get reliable services. Many service providers in Singapore offer month-to-month subscription, and therefore can be cancelled the next month, if you don’t find their services satisfying.

Also, with a month-to-month contract, this means that a provider continuously earning your trust in order to persuade you to continue your subscription for the next month. These service providers are likely to offer great services as they strive to keep their clients month after month.

8. Ask about the tech support.
Customer services and technical support plays a crucial role in having a smooth VoIP service. So, it’s important to ask the availability of the tech support of your provider before closing the deal with them. Find out whether their tech team is available 24/7 and during holidays in case of trouble with your VoIP system.

Choosing a VoIP system for your business can be quite confusing, especially when you’re faced with a myriad of options in the market. However, if you know the functions and issues of your company, and keep in mind these essential tips, you will be more knowledgeable and more likely to choose a great system for your type of business.

A Guide to Avoid Overspending this Christmas Season


The holiday season is the time to eat, drink and be merry – and also not work your way into getting any debt. Sure, the festivities are fun but all your extra expenses might add up quickly, throwing your budget off track. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to keep that from happening. By putting the following tips to work and doing some little planning, you’ll definitely be able to make it through the holiday season without going broke.

  1. Lessen Your Expenses

Although the Christmas season might make you feel like you have every right to excuse your expenses, making a few adjustments and saving some extra cash can actually help in covering up for your additional holiday expenses. Whether it’s declining some dinner invites, cooking lunch for work, or skipping your morning coffee run, cutting back on these things will surely help you enjoy shopping during the Christmas season without feeling any guilt.

  1. Get Extra Work

Saving and budgeting will only get you so far during the holiday season. So if you need some extra cash to really enjoy the festivities, consider looking for ways on how you can earn extra money. One good option is to work as a part-timer in a retail store near your area, but if you’re looking for a more flexible job, then consider babysitting or doing some odd jobs for several days. Selling old clothes, accessories or other items can also be a good source of extra income, especially if you can no longer afford to get another job.

  1. Create a Shopping List

Listing down the things you need to buy won’t only keep you from forgetting to buy a gift for a certain someone, it’ll also help in keeping your gift-giving expenses in check. Create an itemized list of the gifts you plan on buying, as well as who you’re buying them for. Including your budget in the list will also make it easier for you to avoid overspending, as it’ll be at the top of your mind every time you purchase another holiday item.

  1. Shop for Gifts Online

Purchasing gifts online gives you the freedom to take advantage of the best deals available on the web, thus reducing your chances of overspending this holiday season. You also have the freedom to avail of the instant online savings offered in several coupon code sites. Shopping gifts online also allows you to get the item delivered wherever you like. So instead of rushing in crowded malls this holiday season, take advantage of the online stores and deals that are available right at your fingertips.

The Christmas season should never be a season where you get into some serious debt. Learn to budget and spend your finances wisely, and you’ll be able to enjoy the festivity without worrying about your maxed out credit card.

Four Shades of Red

4 Types of Red Lipstick You Should Have in Your Beauty Kit


A bold red lip is considered a classic look, yet most of us still struggle to find that perfect shade of crimson that flatters our complexion. This is why we enlisted some professional makeup artists to help us know the basic types of red lippies that we should be keeping in our trusty makeup kit.

  1. Classic Reds

The classic red lips usually come in the form of a blue-toned lipstick that’s neither too dark nor too bright. It’s the kind of red that always matches your cat-eye and favourite little black dress. This classic red lip look is often seen on Audrey Hepburn’s old photos and on some pin-up poster girls. The classic reds that are worth keeping in your beauty kit are NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red and MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo. So if Hepburn is your style inspiration, then this type of lippie should have a place in your makeup stash.

  1. Fire-Engine Reds

Love to add some pop of colour on your face? Then a red lipstick with an orange undertone is the perfect choice for you. It might be the complete opposite of that dark lip because of its bright shade, but you can trust it to make a statement just the same. So be sure to invest in lippies like MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger and Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Fireball to achieve that striking red colour.

  1. Red Lip Crayon

Every red lip novice should know that achieving that stunning red lip either takes work or no work at all, which is why you should tread this path gently. You can start your journey to finding that perfect red lipstick by using pigmented red lip crayons, such as Revlon Matte Balm in Fiery and E.L.F Matte Lip Colour in Rich Red to help you achieve a solid crimson shade, as well as a well-sculpted kiss.

  1. Sheer Reds

Not every red lip needs to be bold and perfect. You can choose to make yours look more natural by going with sheer lipstick formulas that give the same awakening and complexion-enhancing effect. Some of the sheer reds worth investing in include Maybelline’s Colour Show Stain Lipstick, NARS Sheer Lipstick in the shade of Manhunt, and Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. With these lipsticks in your makeup kit, you can be sure that you’ll never go overboard.

Finding the right shade of crimson for your lips can be quite tricky, but keeping these types of red lippies in your beauty kit will definitely help you pull off any look that you want.

Benefits of Using Health Care Agencies for Your Job Application


If you would like to have a tooth removed, you’d go only to dental professionals as they are the best persons to carry out the procedure. For any service you need, you’d want to work with people who are qualified and are highly-knowledgeable. Such should as well be the case when you’re looking for a job in the healthcare industry. There are several recruitment agencies online, but if you are hoping to land a job in this particular industry, then it’s best to go to health care agencies. They can help guide you to available positions that fit your skills and career experience. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose a healthcare agency than use generalist firms.


Directing you to the right jobs. When you use health care agencies, you can be sure that the jobs they offer are all focused in the industry you’re in. You need not go through a maze of job search filters. It saves you time navigating through available career opportunities. This specifically benefit fresh graduates who may not be sure yet which career path to take. A healthcare agency can advise you of possible career directions you can explore, along with benefits you may earn along the way. You will not be directed to just any job available. You know you’re going to a company that needs your expertise and your educational background.

Understanding your concerns. Have you ever sat in an interview where the interviewer clearly has no idea of the job you’re doing? It doesn’t feel comfortable at all and it’s worrying too, as you’re unsure whether the company understands where you’re coming from. When you go straight to a healthcare agency, you know that the people you’re communicating with understand what your job is, along with responsibilities or career opportunities that would suit you best. You no longer have to keep explaining yourself as surely, they’ve already worked with several health care professionals like you. They are familiar with common employee concerns and know as well how to handle them.


Fostering good relationships with their clients. You can use your jargons and no one will take that against you or your application. You know everyone around you knows what you’re talking about. Healthcare agencies also develop a long standing relationship with their clients, clients you probably have long been wanting to work for. If there are any job openings, the agency will be among the first ones to know about it. Also, if the healthcare agency has a good track record with clients, chances are also higher you’d be able to negotiate better packages.

Finally, providing access to necessary training. You can keep peace of mind that the recruiting team knows exactly what their clients or the companies need. You can benefit from taking the training courses that have been designed to meet healthcare industry standards. Healthcare agencies also stay in constant coordination with regulatory industry bodies to ensure they’re providing competitive candidates.

So don’t settle for less than the attention and assistance you deserve. If the job you want is under the healthcare industry, then go only to healthcare agencies for recruitment opportunities.

senior woman in doctor's office

Why Can’t Some People Stop Gambling  


The gambling scene has expanded so much in the past decade we now have presently many bookmakers competing with one another. To ensure these bookmakers to stay in front of their competition, they have to formulate tactics to encourage players. A great way to make this happen is to provide a free bets offer. Such a promotion implies that you will be wagering for free. Yes, you better believe it. You may place a wager without utilizing your funds!


How can you put a best free bet offer? Once you put a cost-free wager, you will not lose money in case your bet was wrong. There’s no risk to using a cost-free wager. But what happens once you win the bet? If you ever win the wager, you’ll only get paid the entire profit from the wager but not the price you spent to place a bet in the first place. If you are confused, here’s an illustration.

Say you placed a best free bet offer of $10. You opt for 3:1 chances and you win the bet. You’ll get the $30 you won however, you won’t have an additional $10 which is the price you used to the bet. That is just a demonstration of what will transpire whenever you place a cost-free wager. The actual condition may shift depending upon the bookmaker’s conditions. Bookmakers feature varied conditions for their top free bet offers consequently it’s very crucial for you to study it extensively.

Placing cost-free bet might appear to be a wonderful betting situation: You put your free wager and when you win then you make some cash, and yet you won’t really lose any money in case you lose the wager. Even so, bookmakers continue to be focused on money making and you can anticipate that they’ll attempt to regain their losses from your cost-free wagers. That is why there are usually limitations when using cost-free bets. Below are a few of the standard restriction.


Minimum odds: To use your cost-free wager, you will be required to bet above a given amount. In the event you wager under that specific sum, your free bet won’t be counted.

Free wager expiration: You have to make your free bet during a set time limit. Typically, this time limit is 30 days but it’ll differ for every bookmaker.

Rollovers: You have to wager the free bonus more than once in order for you to remove it. For instance, in case you win the bet with your bonus, you’ll need to make another bet. When you win that bet, you might need to make another one after. The entire number of times you need to bet differs from bookmaker to bookmaker.

The bookmaker’s restrictions are located in their terms. As attractive as a free bets offer may sound, it is advisable to take time to read the conditions before you make one. Consider searching for free bets just like you’d treat seeking a bookmaker. Choose only the top free bet offers out there.


Three Measures to Take First Before Placing an Order of Solar Panels Singapore Products  


Although there are several factors you need to consider before purchasing the solar panels Singapore products, there are three main factors that must be placed on top of the priority. Upon assessing the three factors, you may proceed to the other factors as well. The next paragraphs will discuss these factors.

solar panels under a blue sky

Derive an analysis of the computed energy consumption.

It is difficult to make a guess regarding to the number of the solar panels required for a certain property. In order to know the specific number of what will exactly fit in for your daily energy use, check first the amount of energy intake that the solar panel can give. Then, have a close comparison with the amount that is necessary in your property. Generally, a typical household uses around 8,000-9,000 kWh annually. There are solar panels that give around 100-200 watts. Also, there are solar PV that offer more and less than the previously stated watts.

The number of solar panels will rely heavily on the required energy consumption for your daily usage. Think again of the average energy consumption you use. Do not look only on the days wherein you use a lot of appliances or equipment that eats up huge amount of energy. How about those days when you are on a leisure trip? Also, you may want to plan how you will use your appliance at home. It is expected that a household which uses several appliances at the same time will consume more energy.

If decide to do the solar panel installation by yourself, you need to search for the manufacturers that offers the solar panel for a reasonable worth because you might need around 35 quantities of it. Approximately, each household should have at around 30 to 40 panels to support the required energy for all the electricity usage.

Buying 30 to 40 panels is an overestimated quantity for others who have added alternatives to apply. Aside from the sun, the wind can also be a source of energy. Thus, if the household both have a wind mill and solar panel, there is a fewer quantity of panels needed. The good thing about this too is you can still have a source for your electricity use even on rainy and cloudy weather wherein the solar panels can’t absorb the energy of the sun.


Assess the allocated budget for purchasing solar panels.

After computing the amount of energy consumption that your household use on average, it is easier now to allocate a budget for it. If you really want a long-term renewable source of energy, you may want to consider the better quality even if the price is a bit higher than the other regular solar panels PV. Also, you may want to ask for the payment options of the manufacturers that are offering it. See if they allowing an initial payment first, say for example, half of the total upfront cost then paying the other half on a monthly basis.

You have to make sure that the budget you’re spending on the solar panels won’t compromise your other cash intended for the necessary expenses you have to pay for. There are more affordable options which will fit in both for your requirement and budget. Perhaps, you may want to start on cutting down your expenses for things you don’t need for the mean time and instead, allocate your savings from it to buying the solar panel.

Evaluate the range of products and deals from the manufacturers.

If you now have the sufficient budget for acquiring the solar panels Singapore products, you may begin looking for the offers of the various manufacturer. You may find the same energy output of solar panels but on a different price because it is given by another manufacturer. Just keep on browsing for all the available products of the manufacturers. You will have the best one for your property if you have more choices.

Another important factor in checking among the manufacturer is the deals they provide. See the details of the warranty included in the purchasing the solar panels. The number of years may differ from every manufacturers. Is there a replacement of the factory defective parts? Do they have provisions for the labour service? These are some of the things that you may ask about the warranty of the panels for your property. It is good to have a guarantee on the products you purchase especially if you have invested a significant value to it. Solar panel installation, after all, isn’t something you may just redo immediately if you want to do changes to it.solarcity-head