5 Great Travel Destinations If You Love Food


Marvellous food is often what makes a holiday trip extra special, so why not make the food the focus of your next trip? Whether you love the wines of Sonoma, the chocolates and cheeses of Switzerland, the seafood of New England or the spices of India, here’s a list of travel destinations that will tickle your palate.

  1. Paris

Paris is considered as the food capital of the world. With the F&B scene beginning here over 220 years ago, Paris is truly one of Europe’s culinary centers. Whether you want to go to Le Grenier à Pain for apricot bread and chocolate tarts, Poilâne for their butter cookies and sourdough or Pierre Hermé for its world-famous macarons, Paris’ desserts are something that can’t be missed.

  1. Singapore

Looking for a place to begin? The best spots to experience exotic Singaporean cuisine are in hawker stalls, which are usually located in shopping centers and off the main streets. These places offer a variety of food choices, and you can be sure that the food is freshly made as they cook the food on-site. Nasi goring, prawn noodles and pork and duck dishes will surely make you want to arrive on empty stomach.

  1. Italy

Where food and wine collide, Italy has always been famous for its magnificent food. People from all over the world love Italy for its breath-taking sights, beautiful language and their ability to turn any food from rags to riches. They are famous for dousing their food with cheeses and pairing them with the right wine. Pizzas, pastas, pastries and coffees are also must-tries when you’re in Italy.

  1. Australia

Australia, particularly in Sydney, offers many different tastes for your many different moods. Combating a hangover? Feeling fancy? Craving for a killer sandwich? Australia always has something for your erratic taste buds. Fancy food cravings are easy to quench, with gourmet dishes infused with different cultures that comprises the Australian population. If you wish to DIY your own dish, Australia has the third largest fish market in the world, so you can be sure you’ll find everything you need to whip up your own Australian delight.

  1. Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America)

Ready your palate for some fresh meals when you’re in the region of Mesoamerica, which is a cultural area in the Americas that extends from Mexico to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and northern part of Costa Rica. The local cuisine here boasts a little bit of everything, so you’ll surely never get bored. Among the famous tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas, you’ll also find the richness of Indian curry, zestiness of Greek salads and the heat of Thai food when you take a trip to the region.

In conclusion, the world is rich with wondrous food and unique cultures. If you’re up for a delectable adventure, start with these foodie destinations.

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