5 Sexy Foods to Spark Up the Romance  

Almost everyone wants a happy love life, to be with the perfect partner, and have better sex life. In the pharmaceutical field, one of the biggest sales comes from performance-enhancing drugs. What about natural alternatives to these drugs, like bananas, chocolates, and strawberries? Add these delectable treats to your dinner tonight and woo your lover into bliss.


  1. Oysters

This is perhaps the most notorious aphrodisiac ever since. After all, they bear great resemblance to the female anatomy—and you have to suck on them. Oysters are also rich in zinc, a mineral that’s said to enhance the testosterone levels, making it good for both men and women. Maintaining a good testosterone level has always been linked to a better sex life. For those dealing with low libido, experst suggests hitting an oyster bar at least twice a week.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate works like no other when it comes to stimulating human sexuality. It is heavenly good, melts in the mouth, and has that erotic quality even when not thinking about sex. Chocolate contains the mighty chemical phenylethylamine, which is also known as ‘love drug.’ This chemical releases and boosts dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the body’ pleasure and reward centres. The darker the chocolate, the better—look for chocolate with 60% or more cocoa content.

  1. Pomegranates

Pomegranates have become increasingly popular in recent years because of the great amount of antioxidants contained in every fruit. However, what many don’t know is that this fruit also provides performance-enhancing benefits. It helps increase the sensitivity of sexual organs, making it easier—especially to women—to reach climax.  And with the presence of antioxidants, you’ll be protected from diseases like cancer and heart disease, so you’ll live longer—and enjoy more sex.


  1. Honey

Perhaps, there’s a reason why we call our partners ‘honey.’ There is definitely something sensual about the thick and viscous nature of this food, and the sweetness it gives adds more to the delight. Honey also has the ability to boost testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women respectively, which goes a long way in bringing the two together. You may want to stick with organic for this as you might not get the same benefits from the processed honey we commonly find in most grocery stores.

  1. Banana

Because of its shape, bananas are often jokingly linked to sex. However, this fruit contains minerals that can actually boost the libido. Try making a banana split to ignite the night as it contains chocolate, another good sex food, and bananas. Just don’t expect eating one banana will instantly bolster the mood. They should be eaten as part of the diet and will promise you best results when eaten regularly.

Food has long been used by humans to help get into the mood. Help yourself to these aphrodisiacs and you’ll be guaranteed with healthier and happier sex life.


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