5 Tips to a Beautiful Wedding Within a Budget


You’ve been together for quite some time. He proposes. You say yes. You change your Facebook status to Engaged. Likes and greetings of congratulations pour in. You are in seventh heaven. A week or two after the announcement, you panic because you do not know where to start. And then you realize it’s quite expensive to get married these days. Here’s a little secret: Not all beautiful weddings are expensive! What you must know is that having a beautiful wedding does not necessarily mean spending a huge amount of your savings if you follow these guides:


  • Conceptualize. With social media these days, conceptualizing your own wedding comes quite easily. Do you want the intimate wedding photos you’ve come across with last month? Or are you impressed with the garden wedding you attended to last year? Revisit websites and start from there. This will be an exciting way to begin your wedding preparations. Do not limit your concepts! Bookmark as many photos as you like and slowly choose from there. If you’ve covered the conceptualization, the rest of the planning will be easy.
  • Prioritize. In planning your big day, you have to prioritize the details. Is the proximity of venue your priority? If yes, you have to allot the budget required for your choice of venue. Are you the type of couple who will prioritize the photos and videos? Then this must be on top of the list. In your planning, there will be non-negotiable and negotiable details. Take this decision-making process as your preparation for the other decisions you have to make in your marriage.


  • Maximize. Do you have family and friends who are artistic and can do invites or flower arrangements? Or do you have friends who are photography enthusiasts? You will be surprised with the help your loved ones are willing to extend for you on your big day. Wedding is a celebration not only for the couple but for the important persons in the couple’s lives. Instead of paying higher fees for professional suppliers, you can make use of family and friends. In return, they will feel valued as being part of your celebration, thus making your big day more special than it already is!
  • Strategize. Do-it-yourself stuff in weddings are quite the norm today. Helpful guides in making invites, wedding souvenirs and a lot more are readily available in magazines and in the internet. A little improvising and canvassing of materials will definitely be less expensive than paying for ready-made items. Plus doing stuff together with your fiancé and loved ones is indeed another great bonding time!
  • Mesmerize. When everything in your timeline is ready, check if you can still add polishing and accents in your details to make it appear more mesmerizing. The right color-combination will surely go a long way. A little lace here and there can add elegance. But above all, the most mesmerizing details in your wedding day are your radiant smiles as you exchange I Do’s. Do away with the stress of planning and keep the glow within! Remember, you are marrying the love of your life and that is the most beautiful part of all. The beauty of the wedding details are just an added bonus!


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