6 Adventurous Date Ideas Your Guy Will Enjoy

Movie and dinner dates are great, but sometimes you just need to spice things up by trying something new and exciting. So get those bodies moving now by trying out any of these five daring dates that your guy will definitely enjoy.


  1. Cave Exploration. You’ll need to a little driving to find a good cave, but once you find one, you’ll definitely have a blast exploring it. If possible, pay a tour guide to show you around the cave, as well as to avoid getting hurt or lost during your exploration. Plus, your guide will also be able to share some interesting facts about the things you’ll be seeing inside the cave. With this, not only will your date be fun, it’ll also serve as a great learning experience.


  1. Skydiving. If you’re in for some adrenaline rush, then schedule a day where you can go skydiving together. If you’re scared of heights, this is a great way to face your fears with your significant other. Just remember to go to a reputable location to ensure your safety. Once you’re done, you can celebrate by taking a trip to get your favourite ice cream.


  1. Hot Air Balloon Rides. It’s time to finally see the world in a different perspective. Take a hot air balloon ride and once you’re up in the sky, you’ll see that it’s way more relaxing than terrifying. Well, how could you be scared if you’re focusing on such a beautiful scenery, right? Not only will this let you spend some quality time together, you’ll also be able to appreciate the world in an entirely different way.


  1. Jet Skiing. Aside from the sky, you can also find adventure in the water with jet skiing. Love the ocean? Try signing up for some scuba diving lessons to see tons of beautiful creatures under the sea. Not a really good swimmer? You can always try parasailing or jet skiing. You don’t need to do much on these activities, so there’s really nothing to be scared of.


  1. Shooting Range. If your guy has always dreamed of becoming a male lead in an action movie, then he’ll definitely have some fun at the shooting range. You’ll both be aiming at inanimate objects, so rest assured that no animals will be harmed. It’s also a great way to let off some steam. Plus, learning how to shoot will definitely come in handy if you’re ever placed in danger in the future.


  1. Amusement Parks. Not in the mood to try out anything too intense? Then the amusement park is your best option. There are lots of roller coasters and other riders that’ll surely give you the right adrenaline rush that you need, so your trip certainly won’t be a waste.

Stepping out of your comfort zone every once in a while is actually fun. So instead of always settling for a movie or dinner date, try doing any of the aforementioned date ideas and you’ll definitely come home with lots of stories to tell.


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