A Guide to Organizing the Luggage Efficiently

We are always advised to travel light but sometimes we feel that there are a lot of things we need to bring to ensure a smooth and trouble free travel-especially if we will be away for a long time. Bringing a lot of things is inconvenient. We don’t want to pay for excess kilos right?

We should learn the art of travelling light. Here’s a guide:

Pick the right bag

Picking the right bag these days is not that hard because it is readily available in the market. We should spend time looking for that perfect luggage bag. We should consider the size of the bag, the price of course and the available compartments. Some people go for style when choosing a luggage bag. However if you prefer backpacks, look for durable one.

Go through your list of things you should bring

Travelling light means a pair or two of your things. In your bed, spread all the things that you need to bring like pants, shorts, shirts, shoes, underwear, jackets, medicines, electronics, toiletries, travelling documents and the itinerary. It is helpful if you have a list so you will not miss something.

Start arranging them and do your best to fit everything

This is the challenging part because we should do our best to fit everything. If it will not fit, think of the importance of your things. The less significant should be discarded. You can laundry everything or buy new ones anyway. One tip is to roll the clothing. If you have another carry-on bag, better put the toiletries there (if they are not that heavy) so you will have more room for others. If you need to bring shoes, as long as it is clean, you can insert your socks and underwear in the holes.

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