A Vegetable Pizza to Die For


So, you have decided to go totally vegan but you still don’t like the bland taste of vegetables. Don’t give up yet and gives the following dishes a try. If you are craving to call your pizza guy and deliver that all meaty pizza, well, hold that off for just a bit longer. Your pizza cravings will be solved with this dish.


First off: grab some of those nice-looking squash or pumpkin in your local grocery or supermarket. Well, you still need a pizza crust though but only the thin one. Look for the one that is already pre-baked. Now, here are more of the ingredients to add to your shopping list: kosher salt, refrigerated light alfredo sauce or tomato sauce, extra-virgin olive oil (which is definitely healthy and it will definitely help in losing weight), fresh baby spinach, goat cheese and freshly ground black pepper.

Once you have all your ingredients, you’re good to go. First stop in preparing your dish is to set your oven: preheat it to 450°F. Next, look for a microwave-safe container and place the peeled and cut squash in it. You also have to add water – about ½ inch – then cover this with a plastic wrap. Let it stay for about 5 minutes.

After that, drain and then add about 1/8 teaspoon of kosher salt to taste. By the way, while you are cooking your squash, you might want to do this one simultaneously or at the same time. Spread the alfredo sauce in your pizza crust or if you are not so fond of an alfredo sauce you can opt to have your old classic tomato sauce because after all tomatoes are good anti-oxidants and oozing with healthy goodness.


Then after that you can now place your pizza crust on a baking sheet. Next, get a nonstick skillet and heat some oil on it. Add your spinach. (Spinach is one of the healthiest vegetable there is as it’s packed with a large doses of vitamins. Not only that, it’s also enriched with fiber, which is important in proper metabolism.) Sauté your spinach for about one minute.

Sprinkle a bit of salt. Then – here comes the creative part – arrange the spinach over your sauce. Let’s also put our squash on top of our spinach together with our goat cheese and let’s all sprinkle it with pepper. So, we’re finally ready to bake our pizza. Let’s set our oven into 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 minutes. After which, let’s turn it over to broil.

If you want that crispy thin pizza that would create that crunchy sound when you bite it then you have to cook the pizza for additional one minute. Don’t forget to stop for a while and marvel at your fine creation for a couple of minutes. Look at your colorful and delicious looking but healthy pizza. Then, congratulate yourself. You definitely deserve it. Slice it and enjoy while it’s smoking hot.


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