Addicted to Shopping?

Singapore is dubbed as a shopping paradise. This city-state may be small in terms of land territory, but it is absolutely abundant when it comes to shopping centres and malls.

Orchard Road

For upscale shopping experience, Orchard Road offers fashion retail outlets that are top of the line including Gucci, LV, and Prada. You can also find budget retail shops in a number of malls along this shopping strip. Other than boutiques and shops, bookworms and music lovers can also find bookstores and record stores.


In Chinatown, you can find and buy anything Chinese. You can have the best deals of Asian antiques, Chinese medicines, and many more. If you get hungry after shopping, you can even have a taste of Chinese cuisine here.

Little India

Little India is one of Singapore’s most sought-after tourist destinations. If you want to buy traditional items from India such as textiles and fabrics for souvenirs, this is definitely the place to be.

Shopping Hours

Known to be a shopping paradise, you can expect that most retail outlets and shopping malls are open seven days a week. Shopping activity continues even during public holidays, but except for Chinese New Year. Usually, store hours is from 9am-11am and up to 10pm-11pm. So that’s around 12 long hours of shopping!

There are also certain retailers that don’t take some rest as they are open 24 hours. For example, Mustafa Café is known to be the only department store in Singapore that never closes all year round. Some shopping malls and retail outlets along Orchard Road tend to extend their store hours on weekends to cater to more shopaholics.

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