Places to Have Romantic Vacations in Singapore


Saying “I Love You” is very easy to say to anyone; however, it is true that is it slightly difficult to express your feelings to someone especially to the one you love. Since you are cannot guarantee her admiration to you, you have to give her the impression that you are making effort for her.

Of all the things that you might do to the one you love, inviting her on a vacation can be more exciting than giving gifts such as bears, chocolates and flowers. There are many places to go but when you are planning to go outside your place, you need to stay in a beautiful and comfortable place or perhaps a romantic place for the two of you.


1. Capella Singapore – Once you enter their rooms, you’ll see flowers that are uniquely decorated for the both of you. This will also include you breakfast and spa. Also, they offer package deals during holidays.
2. Days Singapore – You want a different definition of romantic? Then, you must come and experience the loving gourmets like miso-coated halibut. Also, you can taste their strawberries coated with chocolate in a very affordable price.
3. The Fullerton Hotel – Located near the Marina Bay, you’ll surely experience a sweet vacation once you stay here. You have your own privacy, as usual. In their room, you’ll see a candle-lit bath and a bottle of a sparkling wine.
4. Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel – Experience here an Italian-like vacation with an elegant limousine pick-up from the airport. They will serve you Italian meal and more.

Facts Every Foreigner Needs to Know About Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign country that is situated in Southeast Asia. This country is near the equator making the place covered with extreme heat during summer. Singapore is a country with 60 islands; however, a lot of islands here are not inhabited.


Since Singapore is a wealthy country and one of the bosses in the world in terms of business. There are a lot of beautiful spots that can be seen in the country.  Singapore has a population of 6 million people and is quickly growing but as seen, it is not a big country and in fact, it is known as one of the smallest countries in the planet.

In just 50 years, Singapore makes a huge turn from being a poor island to an economically stable state. This is with the help of different countries that see the potential of the country in terms of business. Today, there are a lot of business establishments situated in the country and growing; their medical centers are modernized and also their museums and different landmarks are given more importance.

Singaporeans are known to speak English. In fact, English is widely used in the country; however, Singapore has four official vernaculars which are Mandarin, Tamil Malay and English as well. Since Singaporeans have Chinese bloods, they have the habit of putting of adding “la” to every English word they say (e.g. okay-la).

Well, if you talk about clean cities, Singapore is one. Do you know that they have a very strict law when it comes to cleanliness? Laws like gum-eating in public and spitting is certainly unlawful in Singapore. That is why Singapore is also known for City of Garden.


Changing the Appearance of the Nose with Nose Fillers

If you’re not happy with the appearance of your nose, but fear the idea of plastic surgery, you can certainly go for a less traumatic alternative – a nose job through injectable nose fillers.

With the advent of a variety of facial fillers, including Juvederm and Restylane, unsatisfactory results from traditional surgical rhinoplasty can be easily rectified without having to undergo another traumatic surgery. Sometimes, nose fillers are used by Singapore aesthetic surgeons during revision of surgical rhinoplasty. Other times, nose fillers are applied for the sole purpose of creating an evened out nose surface for a more pleasing appearance without surgical intervention.


Aging of the Nose

As we age, our noses change; it loses volume and soft tissue dissolves. There’s also a reduction in the structural support of the nasal tip, causing the nose to look droopy. The width of the radix reduces as well. The frown lines cause the line between the nose and eyebrow to be affected. Because of the natural aging process of the nose, people turn to dermal procedures like nose fillers in Singapore to treat the structural aging of the nose.

Treatment with Nose Fillers

The amount of filler required for every procedure varies, but aesthetic surgeons in Singapore typically perform three treatments with one month interval for every nose filling procedure. The aesthetic clinic surgeon will assess the face, the shape of the nose, and surgical history before deciding on the best dosage to apply. If the patient has complications with nose filler, or if they want a more natural-looking result, a smaller dose of substance is used to start with.


Side Effects of Nose Fillers

  • Bruising – this usually occurs because the surface of the skin is forced.
  • Swelling – in most cases a bit of swelling in the injected parts occur, and usually lasts for two days.
  • Asymmetry – sometimes one side of the nose is better than the other. This usually happens when the nose of the patient is asymmetrical in shape or in anatomy.
  • Infection – this happens very rarely, but always possible in procedures that includes insertion of needle into the skin.
  • Facial Capillaries – this can linger for a long time, and usually gets resolved when the nose filler dissolves and loses its effect.

Recovery Period

After the surgery, mild swelling and redness may occur. To ease the swelling, careful use of ice packs is required. Make up can be applied after a couple of hours, and patients can go back to their work immediately.

Follow up visits to the aesthetic clinic for minor adjustments and further enhancements are often done days after the procedure. In some cases, nose fillers are used for non-surgical touchups of surgical rhinoplasty. As always, nose fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse only provide temporary results that generally last up to a year or two.

There’s nothing wrong with wishing to have a better-looking nose. Anybody can certainly take advantage of the modern scientific technology to enhance our God-given beauty. Just make sure you have fully understood and accepted the possible outcome of the procedure.


PS4 to be Launched in Singapore

The PS4 or PlayStation 4 – Sony’s much-awaited next generation gaming platform – is coming in Singapore. The console is estimated to cost S$639 when it gets here in December 19.


Bundle Packages

As expected, popular games will also be available upon the release of the PS4. Among these games are FIFA 14, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Bundle sets will also be available, such as a set that includes Killzone Shadow Fall for S$699 and a set that includes Battlefield 4 for S$709. A PlayStation Camera set will also be sold for S$689. Pre-orders are already being accepted until the 12th of December. Gamers who made advance orders will be entitled to 2 months PlayStation Plus membership for free and a PSN Money Voucher worth $10.

Better Gaming

PS4 promises to be better than its predecessor, the PS3. The new console uses an AMD Jaguar 8-core processor with high-end graphics courtesy of its AMD Radeon Next Engine GPU. All PS4 bundles comes with a DualShock 4 controller that features an LED player identifier, integrated touch pad, headset jack and share button. It will also feature 8 buttons and a D-Pad configuration. Sony will be having a pop-up store for the first time, for gamers who want to have a try at the console first before deciding to buy. It will be set up at the Wisma Atria until January 1.

Sleek Look

The PS4 come various colors: magma red, jet black and wave blue. Although PS3 games cannot be played on PS4, they are planned to be made playable by next year through cloud streaming. Some PS3 games could be upgraded to the PS4 version with certain fees like the Assassin’s Creed IV, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Late next year, the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next gen gaming console and the PS4’s chief competitor, is expected to reach in Singapore.

More Marriages Than Divorces

The Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Department of Statistics said in a report that more marriages were registered while the divorce and annulment rates fell in Singapore. 


Total Marriages

There are total of 27,936 registered marriages in Singapore, both civil and Muslim as of 2012. There was an increase of 2.5 percent from the 27,258 last 2011 (this does not include overseas marriages and small number of civil weddings). Moreover, Muslim marriages increase from 4,418 to 4,802 on the same period.

For male, the marriage rate increased from 43.7 marriages per 1,000 unmarried aged 15-44 during the same period. For the female, a small increase was observed from 41.4 to 41.6 marriages for every thousand unmarried aged 15-44.


Inter-Ethnic Marriages

A total of 21 percent for inter-ethnic civil marriage was rated last 2012. Among these are Chinese bride and groom and “others.” The Indians, Eurasians, Caucasians, and Malays were not included according to the Department of Statistics. The inter-ethnic marriages were best described by marriages among Malay grooms or brides which counted 24 percent of the 1,611 inter-ethnic Muslim marriages.

Annulments and Divorces

The overall number of marital detachments was 7,241 on 2012 and has lowered down to 7,604 divorce cases and annulments. It has also decreased to 1.9 divorces per 1,000 from 2012. On male residents, divorce rate declined from 7.6 per 1,000 aged 20 years and above. For women, divorce rate fell from 7.2 to 6.7.


The Department of Statistics in Singapore actualized to collect on the divorce statistics in 1981. This would help on controlling and checking on to the population and related administrations.

Filming Techniques that You Can Use For A Wedding

If wedding videography is your passion, you are highly encouraged to be better in your chosen field. Do not underestimate wedding videography because like others, it is challenging too. It is a challenge putting all the happiness and bliss in a tape which can be watched for an hour or two.

Aside from being a good videographer, you also need to be a good cameraman and editor since these roles need to be fuse in order to create a good result. If you are good at wedding videography, you can earn a lot of money from your talents. If you’re still an amateur, you might still have to learn a lot, but with your passion you will do so in just a short time. Of course, there are many film schools around Singapore that you can go to.


If you want to know the best film schools here in Singapore, you should ask other people for recommendation. Formally studying film-making is an excellent start you’re really passionate about films and cinematography. If you are simply learning this art for fun, you should still know the basic techniques, which you will need to create quality videos:

1. Use a stabilizing tool. It is important that you have a steady camera so you can get quality wedding videography. Obviously, this will be hard if you only have your hands, so it’s best to use tools like tripods. If you do not have one, make sure to place your camera in a flat surface or limit your hand movements.

Never forget about your batteries and tapes. If you are scheduled for a wedding shoot that a bride has hired you for wedding videography singapore do not forget about the batteries and tapes. Make sure that the batteries are all fully charged. You do not want to run out of tapes so you should also secure tapes.

2. Mind the sun. It is always advisable to mind the sun. Do not shoot with your client’s back on the sun because it can affect the lighting. The best time to shoot is during sunset or sunrise.

3. Set White Balance. There are cameras that detect and use White Balance automatically while there are others that you need to set manually. Regardless of your camera, make sure to set the White Balance so you can achieve a quality video.


4. Secure the mic. Microphones are essential because a good video entails a good audio. You should always be mindful of the microphone and make sure it is near the subject for the sound is discernible. Wedding videography is better with a microphone.

5. Don’t overshoot. It is natural for amateurs to overshoot but avoid it as much as possible.
6. Don’t zoom in when you need close-ups. When you need to zoom in, you should walk directly to the place and not rely on the zoom in feature. You know that zooming can affect the quality of the shots, right? Wedding videography will turn out better.

Filming or shooting is a good experience whether it is for pleasure or profit. If you follow techniques mentioned above, you can make a better video. There are other techniques and basic things that you should know. You can ask a mentor or you can simply go to school if you are serious about it.