Photo Art Gallery

Photo art gallery is another form of art gallery, which features artworks made by photographers. Unlike the typical gallery, the items displayed in a photo gallery are photographs that are usually classified into themes, such as wildlife, fine art, nature, nude, landscape, travel, documentary, digital stock, and many other more. With the use of advanced photographic technologies and techniques, artists create digital, colored, black and white, and film art photographs in a variety of formats and sizes. In photo art galleries, you can view and purchase photo arts ranging from vintage photography up to the most modern photography style.


Gallery Products

There are art galleries in Singapore that exhibits a number of photo art galleries. Most of the items they feature are fine art photography, but there are also some that display other art media, like textiles and paper. Apart from the photos, most photo galleries feature selections of prints, books, and videos. Collections of stationery, like greeting cards, postcards, and bookmarks are also available. A number of galleries even offer varieties of curatorial and installation services as well.

Gallery Services

Photo art gallery Singapore are greatly preferred for their friendly approach for archival-quality matting and framing, art-selection assistance, restoration and conservation services, installation services, and special commissions. If you’re looking for a specified or thematic photo gallery, there are some that provides historical topics, selections of religious photos, fauna and flora, still life, fashion trends, sports, science, etc. Fine art photos are great collectibles for photography enthusiasts.


Gallery Exhibitions

Like any other art galleries, photo galleries also conduct art exhibitions for viewing and selling photos.  These exhibitions usually feature a particular theme or artist. Many photo galleries like vinci art gallery in Singapore have online websites and offer online services for purchase of photos. Online photo art galleries are also available.

Online Photo Galleries

Today, there is an overabundance of opportunities for aspiring and professional photographers to exhibit, advertise, and sell photos. The advent of the new technology has made purchasing and marketing of photographs very easy. Photographers no longer need to exhaustively search for photo art galleries, shed out thousands of dollars for promotion and selling of works. The Internet serves as there platform in pursuing this kind of trade.



Art Photographs

Photo art galleries mainly consist of unique and exquisite photographs. Several art photos found in a photo gallery are made by aspiring artists who want to share their talent and gain profit out of it. Art photographs are manly composed of an exquisite painting that has been enlarged and framed to make it appear to be even better work of art. Photos on canvass can also serve the purpose of a regular painting. By simply hanging a canvas photo of any picture you get to add a little sophistication in a room. Generally, canvas photo is a very well-known mode of art and most galleries exhibit them because of its uniqueness and one of the bestselling art pieces. If you’re planning to try canvas art photo, capturing a unique image should be your first step.

Still in the Midst of Dengue Season

Tropical disease – dengue – is a serious issue around the globe. The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed that Singapore is “still in the midst of dengue season”. In fact, the MOH calls public attention to remain vigilant in order to fight dengue outbreak in the major locality in Singapore. In an interview the ministry pointed out that appropriate precautionary measure is important to prevent mosquito breeding.


Date back in 2005, MOH records 27 deaths and an approximate 14,006 infected people while a total of 14,363 cases were recorded this year including 5 deaths. From the figures of infected people given above, this is a clear indication wherein dengue cases climb up from 2005 until today. In an interview, the National Environment Agency (NEA) says that May to October is “the peak season for dengue outbreak”. With this, dengue virus is expected to multiply faster due to warm temperature level.

What is dengue fever?

Dengue haemorrhagic fever also known as dengue is a severe form of fever. Oftentimes, dengue is deemed hazardous which threat lives of the many. Dengue fever is a tropical disease cause by mosquito. Singapore is a tropical country surrounded by huge number of islands and body of waters. As such, these bodies of water are the main course of survival for mosquito-borne diseases.

To put it simply, dengue fever is acquired through virus transmission cause by infection from aedes mosquito. This type of mosquito is responsible on the dengue virus widespread which yielded four varieties of virus such as DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4. All these and more can directly affect human immune system to shut down and unfortunately can cause death.

What to Ask Your BBQ Caterer

 The food you serve your guests can either make or break the whole event. As a matter of fact, in weddings, for example, couples allot about 30 to 50% of the total budget to reception alone. That large sum of money just shows how important it is to please your guests with food.


If you are planning to have cmy bbq catering for your event—be it birthday, anniversary, corporate gathering—do not forget to ask these questions.

How long have you been in the bbq wholesale business?

In Singapore, you will have many options of caterers. Some of them have been in the bbq food catering industry for years, garnering a solid reputation. Others might be starting yet. Those with years of experience may charge higher compared to new ones.


What types of service do you offer?

This means cocktail, plated, buffet, or stations. Depending on the level of formality you want your event to have, caterers can also provide full-service catering or you can choose to have it self-service. Inquire with your caterer what type of service is ideal for the occasion.

Can the menu be customized or are there set menu packages to choose from?

Bbq catering businesses like CMY cheap bbq wholesale in Singapore have a lot of grilled food specialties. They are good in cooking satay, grilled squid, fish, beef, pork, chicken wings, among others. Make sure to ask if you can pick the dishes you want. If not, choose among the available packages carefully.

What suggestions can you give for our budget?

One important factor to consider when choosing a caterer for your event is your budget, and you should stick to that set amount no matter what. If you have found the perfect bbq catering business, but your budget is not enough, you can always ask the caterer for menu suggestions so you can maximize your money. Bbq wholesale businesses should be able to give good suggestions so you won’t have to sacrifice more money.

What are your terms and conditions for last minute changes?

There are really some unforeseen circumstances that may push you to make last minute changes with your caterer. While you are still in the early stages of transaction, do not forget to ask your bbq food caterer how they accommodate sudden changes made nearing the actual day. This will allow you to draw expectations that are more realistic and will help you be prepared whatever happens.

Are gratuities additional?

Some bbq wholesale businesses in Singapore already include gratuity in their total fee. However, there are also some caterers that exclude gratuity in your final bill. In this case, they might be expecting you to hand some amount of money as tip in return for their service. However, keep in mind that gratuity is only given to those who have fulfilled your needs and expectations. Don’t feel compelled to tip if they have not done their job outstandingly.

How will the staff be dressed?

Of course, the cmy catering staff must be dressed according to the formality of your event. A wedding, for example, calls for a more formal outfit for the staff. A birthday party, on the other hand, may require only casual or smart attire. Moreover, ask if there will be a manager on the day of the event to handle on-the-spot concerns and see to it that everything is running smoothly.

The Dire Effects of Oil Spill

A collision happened in the morning of July 2, 2013. The collision of the two vessels caused tonnes of fuel oil spill in the Southwest of Tanah Merah. The MPA (Maritime and Port Authority) of Singapore conveyed that the clean-up is doing well and that there are no further spilling from the Korean bunker, Oriental Pioneer and Bahamas vessel, Atlantic Hero. Shortly after the collision, clean-up crafts are deployed to contain the spill.


There are about eleven crafts deployed together with biodegradable oil dispersants. Helicopters and personnel responded to contain the spill. It was noted that as of 5pm, there were no significant sightings of oil in the water. It is fortunate that the accident was contained and that the operation of the port is not affected. But what will happen if the oil spill was not contained?

Aquatic life

Aquatic life is affected because if there is spill, fishes and other life forms in the ocean will be poisoned. Birds are affected too because they can be poisoned if they eat a poisoned fish. Aside from living forms, vegetation in the water is also affected. Coral reefs will die if it is not taken care of immediately.

Local industries

Local industries (like tourism) are distressed when there are oil spills because activities such as swimming, sailing and diving are restricted.

Fishing industries

The fishing industry also suffers because of the decrease of the number of fish. The decrease can be attributed to the poisoning. Fishing boats or vessels will find it hard to sail because the oil can damage the equipments and the vessel itself.

Health of the population

When people eat fishes that are poisoned, they will be poisoned too.

Oil spill is not a good thing. As much as possible it should be avoided but if there are accidents, fast action should take place to minimize the effects.

The Basics of Home Loan

It is important to have a home especially if the family is growing. Renting an apartment is not advisable because it will not be yours at the end of time. It is better to pay mortgage every month than paying your money on monthly rental. If you are worried that you cannot afford it, there are loans that you can consider to assist you with the payments.

However, you should be aware that the National Development is tightening properly loan rules implemented by financial institutions. This move seeks to guarantee a steadier property market. This is expected to be permanent. The Central Bank commenced LTV (Loan to Value) and TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) frameworks. Furthermore, it is said that loan repayments every month should not exceed 60% of the borrower’s income. This can promote financial awareness among borrowers.


If you consider mortgage loan, you should be aware of the other costs that is included in your monthly payments or instalments. You should deal with:


Principal refers to the amount of money you borrowed to buy your home. Financial institutions will first give you down payment to reduce the amount to be financed.


Interest rate refers to the charges of the lender for using the money you borrowed. The interest rates vary depending on the financial institution.


Property taxes are levied based on the percentage value of the house. Taxes are usually used by the community to build infrastructures and other projects. Property taxes should be paid even after the mortgage is paid.

It is better if you can pay your home without the help of financial institutions. If you can afford it, you should pay it in full so you will not worry about the principal and interest. It can be quite confusing.

Quick Getaway Ideas

If you want to have a good time, there are many things that you can engage to. If in this case you simply want to enjoy the beach and explore the islands, you should head to:

Sentosa Island


Sentosa offers your every whim from beaches to hotels, spas, bards, clubs, dining, theme parks, water activities, heritage spots and other attractions. The island is 15 minutes away from the centre which makes it an ideal quick getaway idea. If you take the Sentosa Express, you should prepare S$4. Sentosa Boardwalk will require you to pay S$1 while Cable cars cost S$15 to S$26. Here, you will see the Skyline Luge, Wave House, Resorts World, Harbourfront Centre, VivoCity, Mt. Faber, St. James Power Station and many other attractions.

Sisters’ Island


Sisters’ Island is south of the main island. It is comprised of two islands-Big Sisters’ and Little Sister’s. The island is open all the time. Admission fee for adults is S$15 and S$12 for kids. The island promotes different activities like picnic, camping and snorkelling. For inquiries, you can ask the Marine South Pier.

Kusu Island


Kusu Island is fondly known as the Tortoise Island. The island is open all the time but know that overnight stays are discouraged. The admission charge for adults is S$15 and S$12 for kids. The island boasts of important sacred sites. There’s a Chinese temple here and Malay sacred sites. Aside from the sacred sites, Kusu Island boasts of pristine beaches, animal life and lagoons.

If you want to experience it all, you can consider island hopping. Islands here in Singapore are keen to give you a good time. Every island boasts of different activities. All you have to do is make it happen. You can for instance consider snorkelling, camping, swimming, diving, sunbathing or bird watching. These simple activities will lead you closer to nature and the ease of life. For a moment, you can get away from all the complications around you.