Why Can’t Some People Stop Gambling  


The gambling scene has expanded so much in the past decade we now have presently many bookmakers competing with one another. To ensure these bookmakers to stay in front of their competition, they have to formulate tactics to encourage players. A great way to make this happen is to provide a free bets offer. Such a promotion implies that you will be wagering for free. Yes, you better believe it. You may place a wager without utilizing your funds!


How can you put a best free bet offer? Once you put a cost-free wager, you will not lose money in case your bet was wrong. There’s no risk to using a cost-free wager. But what happens once you win the bet? If you ever win the wager, you’ll only get paid the entire profit from the wager but not the price you spent to place a bet in the first place. If you are confused, here’s an illustration.

Say you placed a best free bet offer of $10. You opt for 3:1 chances and you win the bet. You’ll get the $30 you won however, you won’t have an additional $10 which is the price you used to the bet. That is just a demonstration of what will transpire whenever you place a cost-free wager. The actual condition may shift depending upon the bookmaker’s conditions. Bookmakers feature varied conditions for their top free bet offers consequently it’s very crucial for you to study it extensively.

Placing cost-free bet might appear to be a wonderful betting situation: You put your free wager and when you win then you make some cash, and yet you won’t really lose any money in case you lose the wager. Even so, bookmakers continue to be focused on money making and you can anticipate that they’ll attempt to regain their losses from your cost-free wagers. That is why there are usually limitations when using cost-free bets. Below are a few of the standard restriction.


Minimum odds: To use your cost-free wager, you will be required to bet above a given amount. In the event you wager under that specific sum, your free bet won’t be counted.

Free wager expiration: You have to make your free bet during a set time limit. Typically, this time limit is 30 days but it’ll differ for every bookmaker.

Rollovers: You have to wager the free bonus more than once in order for you to remove it. For instance, in case you win the bet with your bonus, you’ll need to make another bet. When you win that bet, you might need to make another one after. The entire number of times you need to bet differs from bookmaker to bookmaker.

The bookmaker’s restrictions are located in their terms. As attractive as a free bets offer may sound, it is advisable to take time to read the conditions before you make one. Consider searching for free bets just like you’d treat seeking a bookmaker. Choose only the top free bet offers out there.


Top Languages Spoken Around the World  


You often wonder the most spoken languages in the world because you want to study at least one foreign language to further advance your career. It is advantageous in your part to learn at least one since Singapore is filled with foreign investors. Learning a foreign language is not easy but if you persist, you will surely speak it in a matter of time.


This is the time that you get acquainted to it. Ethnologue, a language reference issued by SIL International, recently released their 18th edition of languages with fifty million or more native speakers. Here’s the list:

  1. Mandarin: Mandarin is the number one most spoken language around the world. More than 850 million consider it their first language and 180 million take it as their second language.
  2. English: You think that English is the number one most spoken language but Mandarin surpassed it. More than 340 million consider it their first language and 510 million take it as their second language.
  3. Spanish: Spanish is the third most spoken language around the world with 400 million considering it as their first language and 90 million who take it as their second language.
  4. Modern Standard Hindi: Hindi is the fourth most spoken language not only in India but around the world with 260 million who consider it their first language and 120 million take it as their second.
  5. Arabic: Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world with 240 million speaking it as their first language and another 250 as their second.saghir
  6. Bengali: Bengali is the sixth most spoken language in the world. 190 million speak Bengali as their first language and another 20 million take as their second especially in Bangladesh.
  7. Portuguese: Portuguese is spoken by 200 million people as their first language. No clear data gathered as to how many people speak it as their second language though.
  8. Russian: Russian is spoken by 170 million people as their first language. Like Portuguese, there are no clear data gathered as to how many people speak it as their second language.
  9. French: French is spoken by at least 76 million people and another 87 million take it as their second language.
  10. Urdu: Urdu is essentially the same with Hindi. There are 64 million people speaking it as their first language and another 94 million as their second language especially in Pakistan.

Now that you know the top languages, you have to pick one and be good at it. It is always fun to learn new languages.


What Really Happened on the Crashed Germanwings Flight

Losing our loved ones to airplane accidents is surely painful. It is more painful if we know that the pilot intended for the crash to happen. This is what happened with the latest plane crash. On March 24, 2015, Singaporeans were horrified of the fate of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525. The airplane did not crash because of any equipment malfunction. It crashed because of human intervention and that is very disturbing.

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After retrieving the black box voice recorder, the officials are led to believe that Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot, intended for the crash to happen. He deliberately locked the captain outside the cockpit and flew the plane into the French Alps. The captain only left the pit because he was going for the toilet. In his desperation, he even used an axe to get through the door when he noticed what was happening.

The incident killed more than one hundred fifty passengers and crew members. Because of the incident, French officials say that this appears to be a case of suicide and mass murder. The plane is bound to Duesseldorf from Barcelona. Half of the victims were German. Fifty passengers were from Spain and the remaining passengers were composed of different nationalities. The airline company gave 50,000 euros per passenger as assistance for their families. Aside from 50,000 euros, the families will still be given compensation.

one of the larger pieces of debris from the germanwings crash

Investigations are on-going. The police are still scouring the things of Lubitz to understand what led him to decide such spiteful act. The authorities did not specify the illness but they knew that Lubitz sought for psychiatric help for his bout with serious depression. It was also found out that Lubitz purposely hid his condition to his colleagues and to the airline.

A pilot candidate will first undergo tests with a psychologist. The psychologist will then determine if the pilot candidate suffers from depression (or any kinds of health and mental sickness) so they cannot compromise their airworthiness. There are times that the candidates purposely hid their conditions.

Due to this incident, airline safety rules are being reviewed discussed now. In fact, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) recommended that airline companies require at least two people present in the cockpit. This is the standard practice in United States.

Perhaps airline companies here in Singapore should also heed the words of EASA for safer air travel. Passengers are losing faith in airline industry because of the tragedies. We need to know that we are safe. If we are not sure, perhaps we have to be on the ground.