Tips on Becoming a Better Runner from Ultra-Marathoners  


To be an ultra-marathoner is the dream of every runner. Somehow this is hard to achieve knowing that we have to deal with tough training. Trainings are meant to make us strong but sometimes for others it is meant to break the spirit. If you want to be an ultra-marathoner, it is time to change your perspective and deal with the difficulties to succeed.


The dilemma of runners vying for ultra-marathons is to constantly break their personal best. Most of the time, you are unable to do so because of many factors around you. If you want to break your personal best, you have to get tips from ultra-marathoners for instance Stone Tsang (10TH placer) and Scott Hawker (15th placer). Both have joined the 2015 Ultra-Trail World Tour Men’s Ranking.

Here are some tips on becoming a better runner according to the two ultra-marathoners:

  • Be truthful about goals: Goals are important because it will be your guide and gauge at the end of the day. Without it, you will be nowhere. When setting a goal, you have to make sure that it is truthful or in other words, realistic. It is good to set high goals but the question is can you make it? The goals will be useless if you cannot make it. Remember that your goals should give you reasonable timeline. The trick here is never to rush to see the results. Planning is the key.
  • Think of why you started in the first place: Constantly beating your personal best is the end product of your trainings. Trainings can be hard and sometimes you will doubt yourself. When you encounter this, it is important that you think of why you started in the first place. Are you training for that ultimate marathon or just beating your personal best? Regardless of the reason, it is wise to keep that in mind.
  • Learn to balance work-life: Yes, you are training for that ultimate marathon but do not forget your social life or your family in the long run. You have to balance work and life. Running should not define you as a person because it is not everything. There’s the family or your work. Make an effort to spend time with the family or friends. The best thing to do is include your family or loved ones in your journey. If there are many races you want to join, make sure that you do not compromise family time. Family should always come first.


  • Do not let it consume you: You really want to beat your personal best every time that you let it consume you. It is fine if you are particular with your results but not to the point of obsessing over it. It is not healthy especially for your relationships and self-esteem. Just remember to have fun and keep smiling. These alone can take the stress and the pressure thereby running faster.
  • Ask for some advices: Running is not a personal journey. There are many people that can help you along the journey. There is your family. If you want, you can get professional help. The important thing here is never to be afraid of soliciting assistance or help. Remember that mistakes will only make you slow so better seek assistance when in doubt. There are plenty of professionals that you can consider like your doctor, nutritionist and coaches.
  • Run wisely: Training is important but if you do not plan ahead, you will waste your precious time and energy – that is not wise. To maximize all your effort and time, it is recommended that you plan your training and train specifically according to your goals. The training plan should be balanced – with difficult and easy tasks. It is normal to go hard all the time but you will risk yourself from burning out or worse, injury. So always keep in mind to balance your training. Be patient and listen. Also, remember that it is okay to take a rest for a while if the body is too exhausted or tired.

Training for ultra-marathon is not easy and it can be very demanding but if you have a training plan, nothing is too demanding or too tiring. Just remember the things mentioned by experts and you’ll do just fine. Break a leg and good luck!


4 Ways Your Salad Is Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals


Salad is our go-to healthy food, especially when we want to drop pounds. However, as nutritious as it can be, sometimes they are merely a disguise for a bowl of belly-fat. To ensure that your bowl of mixed greens is nothing but a healthy treat, know the common mistakes people tend to do when making their own salad.


  1. Fewer Variety of Greens

Limited variety of greens in your salad also limits the health benefits you can reap off from your salad. According to a research, people who consume broader array of exact same amount of greens in their salad experience lesser oxidation, the number one factor of premature aging.

  1. Too Little or Too Much Protein

Protein is an important part of any salad for several reasons—it revs up metabolism, it keeps you full for longer time, and aids in building lean muscle tissues, as well as maintain healthy skin, hair, and immune cells. However, excessive amounts of protein—beyond what your body requires on a daily basis—prevent weight loss and can even cause weight gain.grilled-chicken-salad

  1. Using the Wrong Type of Fat

Just like protein, fat is an essential component for keeping your body healthy and fit. However, incorporating the wrong kind of fat to your salad defeats its healthy purpose. So, instead of using ready-made salad dressing we often find in supermarkets, make your own from organic ingredients and including healthier fat sources such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Too Little Seasoning

Without seasoning, your salad will taste bland and unappetizing—meaning it becomes a chore to eat it. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to up the taste of your salad, such as using natural seasonings and tossing in fresh herbs like cilantro, mint and basil. You can also whisk herbs, spices, and roasted or raw garlic into your oil and vinegar dressing. A healthy salad should be a feast to the palate, and a dish that’s easy to eat.

Eating a bowl of raw produce may be better than having a bowl of pasta, but it also requires some careful thought to ensure you’re getting the most health benefits from your mixed greens. If you’re making one tonight, let these tips be your guide to coming up with a satiating and more nutritious salad.

What Your Breakfast Should Have For You to Drop Pounds


Did you know that the first meal of the day can make an excellent weight loss tool? Want to know how? Here, we share to you the perfect equation for how to make scrumptious and nutritious breakfast that will help you in your weight loss journey.



Your goal must be to consume 300 to 400 calories. If you aim to lose weight, stick to 350 or less calories. If maintaining weight, especially if you are working out, shoot closer to 400 calories per breakfast. For a good 400-calorie breaky, have cheese eggs on toast. Make it with one egg and two egg whites, filled with tomatoes, spinach, and a sprinkle of shredded mozzarella, served with two slices of toasted whole wheat bread (no butter!)


Aim to have 40 to 55 grams of carbs for your breakfast each day. But make sure it’s from whole grains, veggies, and fruits, and not from sugary and processed foods. To start your day, enjoy two small whole-grain waffles with cottage cheese and berries or a whole-grain bagel with peanut butter and a glass of skim milk.


About 25% of your daily total of 25 grams a day should be your aim, which is about six grams per breakfast. Don’t worry if you go overboard though, it should be fine as long as it doesn’t bother your digestive system. Throw in slices of pears, apples, or your favourite berries into your meal to achieve that goal.


About 20% of your total breakfast calories should be protein, which totals to about 20 grams. Getting the right amount of protein at breakfast is essential for keeping you from getting hungry throughout the morning; therefore, lessening the possibilities of unhealthy snacking. A bowl of protein oats with turkey bacon and parmesan cheese can get you by for hours until the next meal of the day.



Aim for 15 grams, which is 35% of your breakfast calories. Instead of having saturated fat from cheese and bacon, go for monosaturated ones from nuts and seeds, olive oil, and avocado.


As long as you follow the aforementioned equation, you don’t have to worry about getting the right amount of sugar, especially if you’re eating combination of foods like whole grains, fruits and veggies, and dairy products. But just to serve as a guide, aim for 35 grams or fewer.

Breakfast is the meal we take at the beginning of the day. By eating the right food, you’re guaranteed to have enough energy to start your day, while at the same time driving yourself to lose weight and be healthy.


Diets for A Better Life  


We are constantly tempted to eat all the good things in life but it only takes a disciplined person to consider diet. Indeed, diets are no fun and it can be unsettling and sad sometimes. Just looking at our favourite foods without laying our hands on it is surely unsettling and sad.


To make diets easier, we have to realize its importance. Diets are important because it can keep our body balanced. We need to know that diets are not only geared towards weight loss. Diets can also help us feel better, look better and enjoy things more. The first thing that we have to do is go away with our traditional concept of diet – for weight loss.

There are Singaporeans who only see diets for weight loss that is why they are not happy about it. Controlling our eating just to lose weight and be sexy is a shallow motivation. We have to look at a larger picture. As mentioned earlier, if we have the right diet, it can help us feel better, look better and enjoy things more.

Here are some diets that we have to consider:

  • Diets for insomniacs: If we have sleep problems, we need to consider diets that promote sleep. We can consider foods that are rich in tryptophan – an amino acid. Experts will recommend foods like bananas, turkey, nuts and milk. Experts also recommend that we cut back our sugar intake for better sleep. Instead of refined sugar, we can try honey because it contains tryptophan. There are others who prefer wine to fall asleep but experts suggest wines do not promote sleep, it just hinders it.


  • Diets for energy: If we constantly feel tired and exhausted, we need foods to give us energy. Magnesium can help metabolize the nutrients and then turn them into energy. According to experts, women need at least three hundred mg of magnesium while men need at least three hundred fifty mg of magnesium on a daily basis. We can extract magnesium in nuts, spinach and mackerel. We need to avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates like whole grain bread and pasta.
  • Diets for glowing skin: Our skin is what we eat. We have to believe that. Processed foods and other foods with refined carbohydrates promote faster aging of skin. We have to consider foods that can promote skin health like salmon, mackerel, melons, nuts, berries, beans and spinach.

If we want to ask for the help of dieticians, we can seek one. There are many dieticians here in Singapore that can help design an effective diet for a better life.