What Our Handwriting Says about Us  

Writing is important in school and in work. Singaporeans have different handwriting styles. It doesn’t end there because our handwriting transcends to more than our style – it can also reveal a lot about us. Many Singaporeans will not believe that our handwriting styles indicate some personality traits that we do not know.


The size of the letters, the spacing ad even the shapes of our letters can indicate different characteristics. The study if handwriting is called graphology. Aside from studying the characteristics, graphology can also be used to detect lies and even reveal possible health issues. For fun, we should know what our handwriting says about us. Here are some things that we can extract from our handwriting:

  • Large letters: If we write with large letters, it simply speaks that we are outgoing, outspoken, people oriented and we love the attention. This many also signify that we put up a front and pretend to have confidence.
  • Small letters: People who write with small letters are usually nervous, concentrated, intellectual and thorough.
  • Average letters: For people who write with average letters, it means that they are flexible and well-adjusted.
  • Wide spacing: If we write with wide spaces, this may mean that we love the freedom and we do not want to be constricted, crowded or overwhelmed.
  • Narrow spacing: For people who write with narrow spacing, it may mean that we do not want to be alone. We always want to be with people.
  • No slant: No slanting means that we do not let our emotions take the best of us. We are logical.


  • Slants to the right: Slanting to the right means that we welcome new experiences and we enjoy meeting with new people.
  • Slants to the left: Slanting to the left signifies that we want to work alone or behind the scenes.
  • Rounded letters: For people who write with rounded letters, it may mean that we are artistic and creative.
  • Pointed letters: Pointed letters imply an aggressive, curious and intense people.
  • Connected letters: For people who write with connected letters, it suggests a person being systematic, logical and careful especially when making a decision.
  • Heavy pressure: When we write, the ink will leave a mark and so is the pressure. If it is heavy, it can mean that we are good with commitment and being serious.
  • Light pressure: If the pressure is light, it can denote a sensitive personality. People who write with light pressure tend to show empathy to people.
  • Speed: If we write quickly, it only denotes impatience and disliking of delays. If we write slowly, we are self-reliant, systematic and organized.