How to Dress to Cover Extra Weight for Males

Just because you are slightly bigger than most men, it does not mean you can’t dress to impress. While your clothes will not magically make you slimmer, you can avoid over-emphasizing your big belly with a few simple tricks.

Here are tips on how to look great even with extra weight.

Stop wearing baggy clothes

They do not hide your weight. All those extra bulges and wrinkles on your clothes achieve in the opposite. Baggy clothes make you appear larger and draw more attention to your belly and arms. Pick clothes that are not tight fitting or hanging. They are more comfortable but will not make you look fatter because they rest lightly only on your body.

Do not pick heavy clothes

Avoid heavy fabrics that will make you look even bigger. Thick fabrics will also make you sweat more, and you would not want to be labeled as big and sweaty by your co-workers.  Smooth and light fabrics look clean and create lines and drapes that are perfect for hiding those extra fat.

Look for clothes that frame the top

This means that it will make the top neat and self-contained. For a big belly, sports coats, suits, and blazers will look flattering. Avoid sweaters, sweatshirts, loose T-shirts, baggy shorts, and loose tank tops as much as possible. If you think about it, baggy and loose clothes do not look good on anyone no matter the body type.

Stick to minimal details

Pick clothes that have minimal details like patterns, colors, and embellishments. The simpler, the better. You will look larger if you drape yourself with accessories that clash with equally flashy clothes. Solid colored clothes also make you look slimmer.

Look for spread collars

Broad collars look great on big men. This helps create an illusion of a smaller face because it broadens your collar area.

Invest in tailored clothes

Sometimes the trouble with being plus size is that you cannot find clothes that will fit you. If this is an issue especially with clothes you wear to work, you need to find a good tailor. It does not have to be expensive. Just take your clothes and have adjustments made to them. It will make a world of difference on your appearance.

Wear suspenders instead of a belt

A belt can emphasize a large belly even if you try to hide it with good fitting top and trousers. Switch to suspenders. Not only will they keep the trousers secure, but they look slick too.

Pick dark colors

Dark colors look flattering on large people. Plus, they are stylish too and can be combined with another color. Make sure you have a variety of gray, charcoal, navy, and black clothes for versatility.

How to Rock a Neck Tie or Bow Tie

Neck ties and bow ties are often associated with formal events, but you can still rock them for a casual trip to the mall or a get-together with friends. But first, you need to learn the basics of balance, layering, and tying.

Here are tips on how to rick a neck tie or a bow tie for any occasion.

Bow and neck ties are statement pieces. By keeping this in mind, you will remember that using too many other accessories will make you outfit look disorganized. A statement piece means that it is the focal point by which you decide the theme and the elements that go with it. Wear it like you would a necklace.

A balanced look is the key. Like with any statement piece, the background must be less flashy and more basic. That is why if you pick an extravagant neck tie or bow tie with eye-catching colors or designs, your shirt and trousers must have muted colors and patterns. For example, if you’re wearing a brightly-colored neck or bow tie, wear neutral-colored shirts and trousers to avoid looking like a clown.

Know when you can’t wear it. You can wear a neck tie or bow tie at formal events and at the office, but you can pair it with casual outfits as long as it fits the occasion. For example, if you’re going to spend most of the day under the sun, you will look out of place with your bow tie. General rule of thumb: if you can wear a neck tie for that location or event, then you can also wear a bow tie.

Experiment with different fabrics, colors, and patterns. The type of fabric also determines how casual or formal the look can be. More expensive fabrics such as silk and wool are more suited to formal events like weddings, while cotton or linen can be worn casually. Don’t be afraid to try various bow tie shapes and neck tie colors and patterns. There are also some styles that are already pre-tied which are perfect for casual outfits.

Know how to tie them properly. Keep practicing the different ways to tie knots. Some of the most commonly used styles for the neck tie are the classic knot if you’re wearing a spread collar, four in hand if you want a more informal look, and the simple knot for skinny neck ties.

Take note of the length and width. When purchasing a neck tie, make sure to measure the length. You will know that the length is right for you if the tip of the tie ends just about the beltline, not above or below it. There is also a basic rule when it comes to the width of the neck tie. For casual looks or for shirts with narrow collars, always pick narrow ties. If you have a bulkier body, however, pick wider ties and avoid the skinny ones.

Squeaky Clean: How to Keep Sneakers in Tiptop Shape


Even the most careful of us still get stains on those sneakers. Keeping them clean is part of your overall look. Dirty sneakers could ruin your outfit. If cleaning your sneakers seem like a load of work or you don’t have enough time, there are shoe cleaning shops all over Singapore. For those who prefer to hand wash their sneakers, here’s a step by step guide on how to remove those stains and dirt.

  1. Follow instructions as indicated. Check instructions on how to clean your shoes. It is not recommended to machine wash your sneakers unless indicated by the label. Hand-washing your sneakers is your safest bet. Take note of what chemicals, especially soaps, you should avoid. Some sneakers are made from rubber, leather or canvas. Each of these materials can be cleaned in different ways.


  1. Gather the materials for cleaning. To hand-wash your sneakers you will need water, brush, rags, paper towels, detergent or soap, and a basin or bucket. You might need a leather cream for leather sneakers. Check the market for soaps or detergents designed for cleaning sneakers. Make sure to keep in mind the material your sneakers are made of


  1. Remove the shoelaces and insoles. The shoelaces and insoles can be cleaned separately. The most recommended is to use warm water, soap and soft brush to scrub the dirt off. There are different opinions on what soap to use. Just avoid using bleach and use mild detergent instead. You can machine wash the shoelaces as long as you separate the white from colored shoelaces.

  1. Remove dirt and stains with brush. Mix mild soap with water. You may use an old toothbrush, sponge, soft-bristled brush or cloth to scrub off the dirt on the surface of your sneakers. A circular motion of the brush is recommended. Apply more pressure for stains that are hard to remove. Clean the insides of the sneakers using the same method.


  1. Rinse with clean water then air dry. Rinse your sneakers thoroughly by taking care to remove excess water or moisture. Do not place your sneakers in the dryer. Open out the sneakers to let the insides dry faster, but don’t place them under the direct heat of the sun. To help keep their shape, some people recommend stuffing paper towels inside. This will also help in drying them faster. Shoelaces and insoles should also be air-dried.


  1. Replace shoelaces and insoles when dry. Make sure that everything is dry before replacing the shoelaces and insoles. It usually takes a day or more for your sneakers to dry. If not dried properly, your sneakers will leave a bad odor. There are touch-ups you can do if there are still stains visible on your sneakers, especially white sneakers.


  1. Apply cream on leather sneakers. If your sneakers are mostly made of leather, use leather cream to polish them. Make sure you’re using the right cream color that matches the material. Use cloth to polish the leather in a circular motion. If your sneakers are made of suede, there are also products specifically made for cleaning the fabric.

2014 Best Dressed List

People Magazine has released its 2014 Best Dressed List. People Magazine is an American magazine that features celebrities and human- interest stories. People Magazine is published by Time Inc. Although it is in America, some Singaporeans still check the magazine thru their online website. The magazine is also famous for its special issues like the “Sexiest Man Alive” and “World’s Most Beautiful People”.


In this article, you will know People Magazine’s 2014 Best Dressed List. For those who are included in the list, this serves as their compliment. For Singaporeans who idolize the people included in the list, this will serve as their fashion inspiration. So, here is the list:

  • Taylor Swift: Whether she is walking down the red carpet or strolling around Hollywood, Taylor Swift’s impeccable style is a head turner. This is the reason why she is number one in the list. For her fans out there, her music is flawless and so is her style.
  •  Chloe Moretz: Chloe Moretz is still 17 years old but she can pull dresses and gowns from Valentino, Dior and Chanel. She is one of the rising young stars in Hollywood.
  • Blake Lively: The Gossip Girl and the love interest of Green Lantern surely captured the hearts of stylists being the number three when it comes to best dressed. She is in the list because her style is her own. She doesn’t depend on stylists to dictate her style.
  • Diane Kruger: Diane Kruger is the fourth. Like Blake, she doesn’t need a stylist to dress her.
  • Emma Watson: Who will forget this English beauty? Emma Watson is considered one of the best dressed because she always looks stunning. Who would have thought that young Hermione (of Harry Potter) has so much beauty in her?


  • Rihanna: Rihanna is unpredictable. She can go simple to bold. She is not afraid to wear anything. She can take risk that is why she is interesting to follow. You will never know what she will wear.
  • Jennifer Lopez: Jennifer Lopez is a head turner. She always surprises the press and other celebrities whenever she walks down the red carpet. This is the reason why she is always in the list of best dressed people.
  • Emma Stone: The beauty of Emma is undeniable especially if she is on the red carpet. According to her stylists, she is willing to do something different which makes her one of the best dressed.
  • Lupita Nyong’o: The actress can wear any silhouette or any colour she wants and it will still flatter her. She is a relatively new comer in the industry but she made her own name.