How Drinking Alkaline Water May Improve Your Health

There are numerous ways on how you can revamp your life, but it’s absolutely crucial to overhaul your lifestyle and start consuming a healthier diet if you want to enjoy a long and happy life. Over the past years, natural fixes and holistic medications have grown tremendously popular. A lot of people in Singapore prefer these fixes, since they are capable enough to rectify the problem sans any risk related with prescription medicines. One of the most startling additions in this area though is the discovery of alkaline water. Apart from being healthier than its alternatives, this type of water also provides numerous health benefits such as follows:

1. Fights Cancer

Although it has yet to be proven by a few more medical researchers, scientists strongly believe that drinking alkaline water may help in decreasing one’s risk of developing cancer. One study found that having an irregular pH level could make our body more susceptible to cancer. For that reason, health experts believe that our body needs to sustain a pH level of 7.4 to stay in its tip-top shape. So by investing in an alkaline water ionizer and normalizing your pH level, you will be able to reduce your chances of developing the said disease.

2. Eliminates Heartburn

Chronic heartburn can be downright painful and incredibly annoying. Simply eating the wrong food could already cause you to experience difficulty sleeping at night because of the pain brought by the ailment. Although there are numerous solutions for this, only few are capable of really treating the problem right at its source. But if you have an alkaline water ioniser machine at home, it can be completely different story. By drinking ionized water from you get to stabilize your body’s pH level while also eradicating the acid in your stomach.

3. Reduces Free Radicals

By doing a bit of research, you will discover that most ailments are linked to free radicals. These components tend to wreak havoc on our body, causing early signs of premature aging to appear. To fight off free radicals and diseases, you need to ensure that you consume enough a substantial amount of antioxidants on a daily basis – and an easier way of doing it is by transitioning over to alkaline water. This specific type of water is loaded with antioxidants, which means it will work wonders in combatting diseases and maintaining your radiant appearance for longer period of time.

4. Rectifies Diabetes

With thousands of new cases being diagnosed each day, diabetes has become an epidemic in certain countries including Singapore. Proper meal planning and regular exercise are some of the known ways to counter it, but a recent study revealed that consuming ionized water could decrease one’s blood sugar levels. It further explained the use of alkaline water as an accessory to certain therapeutic methods to rectify diabetes and hypertension. So if you have been suffering from diabetes, you might very well invest install an alkaline water ionizer in your kitchen.

5. Cleanses the Body

There numerous elements and chemicals that accumulate within our body. If these chemicals are allowed to sit in the body for too long, they could cause serious problems such as poisoning. This is why it’s absolutely vital to flush these elements out of your body on a regular basis. Although there are various ways to do it, you will find that drinking alkaline water is one of the most effective method. Apart from being safe and refreshing, ionized water can also remove chemical build-ups which could have been on your body for a long period of time now.

6. Decreases Risk of Experiencing Injuries

Keeping your muscles and joints lubricated is crucial in helping you remain healthy and free of injury. Taking chondroitin and glucosamine is one of the most reliable solution for relieving painful joints, but you should also never overlook the benefits provided by alkaline water. By drinking this specific type of water on a regular basis, you increase your mobility and lessen your chances of injuring yourself. Individuals who suffer from arthritis would benefit the most from drinking ionized water. If you exercise regularly, you would also want to consider drinking this water after your routine. Doing so will allow you to recover a lot faster than you normally would.

7. Prevents Acne Breakouts

Apart from combatting diseases, alkaline water is also capable of fighting off acne breakouts and providing you with other skin-related benefits. It could help in maintaining your skin’s pH level, thus reducing your chances of having breakouts. So if you happen to suffer a lot of acne or blackheads, you would definitely want to invest on this water filter and consume sufficient amount of alkaline water.

8. Refreshes the Skin

Maintaining your skin’s glow and elasticity is one of the best ways to prolong your youthful appearance. After all, nobody wants to age and start showing the early signs of aging. A simple way to achieve this is to drink alkaline water. Apart from hydrating your skin, this type of water will also help promote the growth of new tissue. With this, you can ensure that your skin maintains its youthful glow.

Given the numerous benefits of alkaline water, it’s easy to why a lot of people are already opting for this drink. So give this drink trend a try now, and see how it could make some significant changes on both your appearance and health.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Weight Loss Guide Using Aloe Vera

We all know that aloe vera works wonders in treating cuts and wounds, but did you know that the said miracle plant could also be an effective tool for weight loss? People looking for quick weight loss remedies often turn to herbal products such as those with aloe extract. Although it’s often bitter in taste, using aloe vera is an all-natural weight loss option that you can easily try even at home.

How Aloe vera Works on Weight Loss

If you want to look slim and stay in shape, then aloe vera can do miracles for you. Aloe vera gel Singapore and juice works as a natural antioxidant, and therefore hinders the growth of free radicals in the body. Listed below are the ways on how aloe vera aids in weight loss.

    Laxative Effect – Aloe vera aids in weight loss with its laxative effect. Consuming aloe vera regularly treats constipation and keeps the stomach healthy. However, you should first consult a health expert before taking this miracle plant since it can result to inflammation if consumed in large quantities. Also, long-term use of laxatives to lose weight could interfere with your bowel function and cause dependence on laxatives in order to have bowel movements.

    Increased Metabolism – As per the reports of Singapore health experts, drinking aloe vera juice increases one’s metabolism. Consuming it regularly aids in achieving higher metabolism rate, thereby contributing to weight loss.

    Detoxification – Aside from losing weight, taking aloe vera gel from Singapore or juice also helps in detoxifying the body. The aloe extract positively affects the digestive system and cleanses the body, which in turn results to weight loss.

Aloe Vera Extract and Body Fat

An animal study conducted by researchers and health experts showed a potential for the plant sterols found in aloe vera to enhance body composition. The study showed obese rats that were injected with sterols had lower abdominal fat levels after 35 days compared to those who were not given plant sterols. Scientists believed that this effect may also occur in people.

A preliminary research conducted last September 2013 then found that people with diabetes who took aloe vera gel Singapore complex for eight weeks lost more body fat and weight than those who were not given the supplement. However, larger long-term studies are still needed to verify these results.

Aloe Vera Weight Loss Benefits

    Increases Energy. Aloe vera is a great drink and supplement to take every morning as it cleanses the digestive system and gives infinite amounts of energy to the body. Its collagen and protein content is what makes the body work harder to burn fats, thus making it a great muscle development and weight loss solution. This is what also makes aloe vera juice an excellent pre-workout beverage to help you keep going all day long.

    Better Weight Management. Since aloe vera is known to help decrease blood sugar levels, it helps sugar in slowly entering the cells without being stored as fat. Other than that, the miracle plant also aids in keeping your blood sugar level balanced, thereby keeping you fuller longer.

    Promotes Weight Loss. Aloe vera is loaded with B vitamins that support the metabolism and supress appetite and fat storage. With the amount of energy the miracle plant gives our body, some Singapore health experts believe that simply ingesting it is equivalent to doing a number of workouts each week.

    Cleanses the Body. The gel found in the plant is known as a natural laxative that allows the body to use lesser energy from food since it’s quickly eliminated. By preventing build-ups in colon and expelling waste, you’re able to prevent potential weight gain.

    Fills Body with Nutrients. When you’re in a diet, it’s quite easy to not receive all the vitamins your body needs. By drinking or ingesting aloe vera, however, you’ll be feeding your system with niacin, folic acid, and vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6 and B12. Of course, you can’t forget the energy it gives to help you burn those fats away.

Potential Side Effects

Aloe vera is often termed as a miracle plant, as it helps our body in various ways. However, the said miracle plant also has its fair share of side effects and some of it are as follows:

    • Increased aloe vera juice or gel intake could result to dehydration, stomach cramps, and even diarrhoea.
    • If you have a low blood pressure, it’s best to avoid or stop consuming the plant’s extract as it further brings down the blood pressure.
    • Kids, pregnant women, and breastfeeding moms should also avoid consuming aloe vera juice and gel.
    • Itching, rashes and allergic reaction can also be experienced after consuming aloe vera
    People who are allergic to garlic, onions and tulip may also experience allergic reactions when drinking or taking aloe vera juice and gel.

Other Contraindications and Risks

While aloe vera helps in losing weight, some reports show that long-term use of oral aloe results to hepatitis or increases one’s cancer risk. Aloe juice and gel might also interact with other medications and increase bleeding risk during surgery. Other than that, ingesting the plant’s extract is also believed to cause thyroid problems. Because of these potential risks, health experts recommend avoiding oral aloe vera most especially for pregnant women.

Drinking aloe vera juice, or taking its gel form, is an effective weight loss option. However, you should first consult your doctor to know if there any recommended dosages, or if taking the said miracle plant poses any threat on your health.

How to Train Like a Swimming Pro


Singapore is rejoicing after hearing the news that Joseph Schooling defeated Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly race. The 21 year old Singaporean won the country’s first Olympic gold medal with a record of 50.39 seconds as Phelps placed second with a record of 51.14 seconds to earn the silver.


Schooling told reporters that it is a lot to take in and that it is not every day that you defeat your childhood idol at the Olympics. That is a dream come true indeed and a triumph. Let this be an inspiration for aspiring swimmers out there. If you really believe in the beauty of your dreams, work for it and claim it, the universe will surely give it.

Michael Phelps already made a name and this time, it is for Schooling. Before everything else, Schooling trained hard and good. If you are a beginner, do not worry because everyone started just like you. Being a good swimmer is not inborn, it is developed through training, hard work, discipline, patience and persistence.

The only problem that you could face is getting a personal swimming coach. Not all people can afford a personal swimming coach. If as of this moment you cannot afford one, you can get training plans if you research well. Here are some tips that can help you train like a swimming pro:


Warm up: Before anything else, you should know the importance of warm up. When you get to the deck, do arm rotations. This will help your body get ready for the swim. Dry-land swimming drills can also help. Do not forget your lower body and make sure it is geared up. After dry-land drills, it is time you start water warm-up. Example would be 200 meter swim then another 200 meter for kicks, 200 meter for pull and 200 meter swim again.

Drill sets: After warm-up, it is time to transition to your drill sets before fatigue sets it. The drill sets will get your arms moving plus increase your heart rate. A drill set should be a little faster than your warm up but not as difficult as the main set. Critical point – the rest and recovery period should not be longer than 15 seconds.

Main set: Now you are prepared for the main thing. Do not rest long, a one minute break will do. Your main set should include three goals to include distance or endurance, technique or strength and speed, sprinting and lactate threshold.

Cool down: It is easy to just hop out of the people after finishing the main set but that is not advisable. It is always best that you consider cool down. It doesn’t need to be long. Usually a short swim of 300 meters will do.