3 Great Reasons Why Women Should Try CrossFit

So you’re looking for ways to exercise and while around somewhere in Singapore, you see a CrossFit box (the CrossFit term for “gym”). You get curious and check it out on the internet but you somehow get disappointed because the female CrossFit athletes you see there are PACKED with muscles.

Here’s something you should know though, those athletes are professional competitors and basically focus on CrossFit for most of the day. It doesn’t mean that when you do CrossFit, you’ll instantly look like them. Plus, there really are many other reasons to give it a try! Here are only some of them.

You will look lean and toned

Now, I know we said you won’t look like those pro athletes, but you will get some muscle. However, it won’t be to the point that you’ll look huge. When you start CrossFit, you’ll slowly look leaner and your body will look toned.

Your abs will be more visible, your butt will look perkier, and you’ll also lose convert that fat in your arms into muscle. Of course, depending on your goals, you can lose fat OR gain a lot of muscle when doing CrossFit. No matter what those goals may be, you can decide it all for yourself and no one will really stop you.

You can take the boredom out of exercise

If you’re not a complete beginner with working out though, you should already know that there are times when a workout session could get boring. Well, your time in a CrossFit gym will never be boring simply because workouts are constantly varied.

What you do tomorrow won’t necessarily be the same today. This allows for variety and will almost always incite fun in an individual. In addition to that, there are different exercises that cater to almost every component of physical fitness. There’s lifting for strength, gymnastics for flexibility and balance, sprinting-type exercises for endurance and many more!

CrossFit can help you realize your potential

One of the main highlights of CrossFit is that it helps you break your boundaries. For instance, if you’ve never tried running a 5k marathon before, you’ll say you can’t do it simply because you’re not fit enough. But then, after you spend maybe 3 or 4 months doing CrossFit and your friends invite you for a run, you decide to give it a try.

Then you discover that you actually can do a 5k run and you can even go for more! Doing CrossFit actually trains you to push through your limits. You won’t even question your potential again once you taste the success of completing a hard CrossFit workout.

Luxury Gym in Singapore  


Fitness is important here in Singapore. This is the reason why many fitness clubs mushroomed over the years. In almost every corner, we will see fitness clubs – some are exclusive, some are not. The membership will depend but many people here prefer exclusive fitness clubs.


The new entrant is the Gravity Club which is still under construction by the way but has made a lot of noises. The operator is Fitness First. The club will boast of invite-only membership. This means that only 999 members will be given invitation to experience it.

Here’s a peek of the anticipated Gravity Club:

  • Budget: The club has a budget of $9.5 million. The building is nestled in a 17,000 square foot area. Singapore was selected as the testing ground for this kind of concept knowing that it is a wealthy financial hub.


  • Amenities and services: The area will be open from six in the morning to eleven in the evening. There are personal trainers, nutrition programs, alternative therapies and customized vitamin supplements. It does not end there because the gym developed mobile application for members so they can track the progress of their health and schedule appointments.
  • Cost: As mentioned earlier, the fitness club is exclusive for 999 individuals only. The one-time joining cost is S$3,000 plus a monthly fee of S$600.

The fitness club can help executive meet their fitness goals. Executives are very busy every day that they do not think about their health. They have to remember that a balanced lifestyle is vital for optimum performance.


The Lazy Workout

5 Workout Tricks for Lazy Peeps

Whether you’re a busy person or just too lazy to work out, these quick workout tricks are perfect for you. All of these exercises can be effortlessly done while walking your way to the office, answering your phone, and even just by sitting at home while watching your favourite movie. So turn those flabs to abs with these seven body sculpting lazy workout moves.


  1. Quickie Bed Crunches

Yes, you can get some serious calorie-burning, fat-trimming, muscle-toning workout without getting off your soft and comfy bed. Doing crunches on a bed is even better than on a mat because you get the instability of the bed, forcing your core muscles to stabilize ; therefore burning more fats and calories every time.

  1. Heel Raises, Stomach Crunches, Butt Squeezes

These discreet exercises can be done pretty much everywhere without anyone noticing it, without using any equipment, and without spending money and time. Do heel raises while in an elevator or queuing in your favourite hawker stall, quick stomach crunches before getting out of the car, or butt squeezes while in a movie theatre with your lovey-dovey.

  1. Daily 100s

Daily 100s means 100 seconds or 100 repetitions of an exercise every day. When you’re having a couch potato moment at home, you may want to spare a minute or two for 100 jumping jacks, marches in place, or 100-second planking. This quick workout will keep you in a healthy mindset, which can help you make healthier decisions like choosing apples over chips or not snacking at all when you’re not hungry.


  1. Walk and Talk

Best friend is calling? For sure, it’s going to be another hour-long chitchat. Why not do the walk and talk? If you get a call and you know it’s going to be a long conversation, do any of these two things: March in place or go strolling outside. You may sound a little breathy on the phone, but you’re able to burn calories and slip in a quick workout that you normally could not.

  1. Eat a Grapefruit Everyday

Studies show that Singaporeans who consume half a grapefruit thrice a day before every meal lost an average of 3.6 pounds in three months. This could be because Vitamin C is said to help burn fat much faster while working out. Citrus is also a known fat-fighter, which has the ability to liquefy fat and therefore making it less likely to bloat you up.

Getting fit doesn’t necessarily mean spending money on a gym membership. Though intense workouts give faster results, religiously doing these lazy workouts provide far better outcome than doing nothing at all.


Say Hello to the Sporty You!

Whoever said that being athletic or sporty is only limited to those who were gifted or born with it? It’s not as if being sporty entails being a professional at it. So why not do something new and develop your athletic side? Be bold and learn a new sport or simply enhance the one that you’ve already started before.


Still not convinced this feat is not worth your time or your effort? Well, take a look at these sports and why they can be a good addition to your current hobbies.


This sport is one which doesn’t cause too much strain on the body. It’s important to note this because some of us might have medical conditions that forbid us from entering any strenuous sport. Hence taking up swimming is something that’s just within our league. It’s also an essential life-saving skill. Thus, you owe it to yourself to learn this basic skill. Of course we don’t hope to be in any water-related danger, but in case we ever find ourselves in one it’s absolutely beneficial if we know how to swim in order to save ourselves or even others.



You’ve got every reason to pursue this sport. Why? For one, it is simply a good workout. It burns extra calories to get rid of those unwanted love handles. It also lowers your risks of osteoporosis and heart disease as your bones, muscles and heart will receive the regular exercise it needs to stay in tip-top shape. And it keeps your mind sharp as you think of ways to win a match. It’s also a good sport to practice your social skills as you meet new people in the court


This doesn’t need any introduction at all. Everyone knows this sport. In fact, it’s embedded in our very nature to know how to run. But don’t underestimate this simple sport because it provides us with many health benefits. It’s a good cardio workout so it lowers our risk of heart disease. It’s also ideal for maintaining proper bone and muscle strength. It keeps us trim and it’s also a good stress-buster. Running is ideal for anyone and you don’t need to pay for any lessons to learn this sport.