3 Great Reasons Why Women Should Try CrossFit

So you’re looking for ways to exercise and while around somewhere in Singapore, you see a CrossFit box (the CrossFit term for “gym”). You get curious and check it out on the internet but you somehow get disappointed because the female CrossFit athletes you see there are PACKED with muscles.

Here’s something you should know though, those athletes are professional competitors and basically focus on CrossFit for most of the day. It doesn’t mean that when you do CrossFit, you’ll instantly look like them. Plus, there really are many other reasons to give it a try! Here are only some of them.

You will look lean and toned

Now, I know we said you won’t look like those pro athletes, but you will get some muscle. However, it won’t be to the point that you’ll look huge. When you start CrossFit, you’ll slowly look leaner and your body will look toned.

Your abs will be more visible, your butt will look perkier, and you’ll also lose convert that fat in your arms into muscle. Of course, depending on your goals, you can lose fat OR gain a lot of muscle when doing CrossFit. No matter what those goals may be, you can decide it all for yourself and no one will really stop you.

You can take the boredom out of exercise

If you’re not a complete beginner with working out though, you should already know that there are times when a workout session could get boring. Well, your time in a CrossFit gym will never be boring simply because workouts are constantly varied.

What you do tomorrow won’t necessarily be the same today. This allows for variety and will almost always incite fun in an individual. In addition to that, there are different exercises that cater to almost every component of physical fitness. There’s lifting for strength, gymnastics for flexibility and balance, sprinting-type exercises for endurance and many more!

CrossFit can help you realize your potential

One of the main highlights of CrossFit is that it helps you break your boundaries. For instance, if you’ve never tried running a 5k marathon before, you’ll say you can’t do it simply because you’re not fit enough. But then, after you spend maybe 3 or 4 months doing CrossFit and your friends invite you for a run, you decide to give it a try.

Then you discover that you actually can do a 5k run and you can even go for more! Doing CrossFit actually trains you to push through your limits. You won’t even question your potential again once you taste the success of completing a hard CrossFit workout.

Why Keep a Fitness Journal?

You made a promise to yourself that you’re going to go to the gym and take it seriously. You go around Singapore and find a gym that you like and you begin exercising there. After a while, you find that you’re wandering around the gym not knowing which exercises you should do next. That’s where a fitness journal can come in handy. Here are also other reasons why you should keep a fitness journal:

To set up your workouts
If you have a fitness journal, you will be able to write down what your workout is for the day ahead of time. That way you won’t have to wander around the gym thinking about what you should do next. For example, let’s say you’re hitting biceps, chest, and back. Before you even go to the gym, take a page in your journal and write down the workouts you want to do for each body part. As you’re working out, you can easily check what you plan to do next.

So that you hold yourself accountable
A fitness journal will help you see exactly how you’ve been performing. You may say to yourself that you’ve hit a plateau and you’re not losing weight/gaining muscle. But if someone were to look at your fitness journal and saw that you were having low-intensity workouts and have not been exhausting yourself enough, then there is the reason why you’ve hit a plateau. Having a fitness journal prompts you to be honest and helps keep you accountable.

To see your progress
You’ll be able to keep track of your progress very easily with a journal. You can see how much you’re getting better at lifts and other exercises. You can see how intense your workouts are getting. You can see how much you can already carry. And you can see how much weight you’ve lost or how much muscle you’ve gained. In addition, seeing how much you’ve progressed can be a great source of motivation that can help you continue towards your goals.

You can write about how you feel
Another great reason why you should keep a fitness journal is that you can take down notes on how you feel that day. You’ll be able to find out which days you feel tired and less motivated, and which days you feel strong and energized. This is important because your mood will generally determine your attitude in your workouts. Plus, you will be able to understand which exercises you enjoy the most and which ones you need to work more on.

You’ll know your weaknesses
Much like how you can see your progress, you’ll also be able to see your weak points. You might notice that you can squat significantly more weight compared to your deadlifts. Or that you lack cardio and abdominal exercises. Having a fitness journal helps you map out which of your body parts need more improvement.

Health Drinks are Unhealthy?

A big fan of energy drinks? Some alarming results of a current study regarding health beverages suggest that health drinks, such as energy drinks and vitamin water, have little to no health benefits for the consumers.


Most of these health drinks are being sold to the market to “replenish the body of lost nutrients and to give the body additional nutrition.” However, according to experts from the University of Toronto where the study was made, the results suggest that these are only marketing strategies done by the company in order to sell the product. Most of these health drinks provide little benefit to the body and some drinks contain unnecessary nutrient additions.

Moreover, these health beverages claim that they help increase performance and strengthen immune function of the consumers but the truth is, a person’s total well-being go beyond nutrition and physical health. Merely drinking health beverages, even on a daily basis, cannot affect a person’s emotional health on a large scale.


Health drinks and juices also contain large quantities of sugar that can cause serious damage to the body. It can impede weight loss and can cause obesity, diabetes, dental decay, and worse, possibly spur the growth of cancers in the body. We may not notice it at first glance but most health beverages are as unhealthy as colas and soft drinks.

Eating healthy is always the better and safer choice if you want to be healthier. It’s a fool-proof way of promoting well-being instead of patronizing health drinks and beverages with questionable ingredients and benefits.


Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of Flu


Influenza is sudden. Symptoms include headache, fatigue, cough, muscle aches, chills, sore throat and fever. We should look out for these symptoms. Sometimes, symptoms include nausea, diarrhea and vomiting for children but this is not often prominent. Influenza can result to pneumonia or death especially for people with complications like elders (ages 65 and above), pregnant women, children (six months to five years old), HIV infected, people with chronic diseases and many more.

Woman with tissue and hot drink


Here in Singapore and around the world, there are medications for the treatment of influenza. There are antiviral medications that can help reduce and control the seriousness of the symptoms. Doctors will tell you to take antiviral in the first two days of the infection. There are also influenza vaccination every year recommended by doctors. The vaccine should also be given to people who are caring for people with the infection.



People with mild influenza can simply stay in the house and avoid contact. These people should also keep away from physical activities. If influenza is experienced by people with complications, it is imperative that they go to the doctor right away. Aside from the mentioned vaccine, people are reminded by the Singapore MOH to practice and observe proper hygiene by washing hands all the time, covering the mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing and staying at home when sick.


If you want to know more about influenza, you are encouraged to ask questions. You can call the Singapore MOH for detailed answers. The good thing about this is we can get treated. We cannot just sit around and wait for our death because there is still hope. If you observe the precautions, you will surely prevent influenza. Infections are normal but what is not normal is dying from it. We should learn about influenza and share our knowledge to others so that they may too can increase their chances of surviving influenza, if they have that.

Prevention and Treatment of Gastric Flu

When you experience nausea, abdominal cramps or vomiting, sometimes you feel that it is nothing or it is just a small thing but you do not know, maybe it can be deadly. The lesson here is whenever you feel uncomfortable or weird, you should go to your doctor.


Treatment: If you are healthy, the good news is that the flu is brief. Normally, you do not need to be admitted or hospitalized but if you encountered dehydration, you are urged to seek medical attention right away. This is not a problem since there are many hospitals here in Singapore that can help you. You can treat dehydration first by drinking water, juice and other rehydration fluids.


Prevention: The Ministry of Health is advising the people that gastric flu can be reduced if you do the following things: washing of hands frequently especially after visiting the toilet and before eating, washing of foods like vegetables and fruits thoroughly before eating and making sure that foods are properly cooked before eating especially the shellfish. If there are recent illness in the family, make sure to wash the linens and clean the house.

Do not ignore symptoms of gastric flu or wait for it to be over because it can be your greatest mistake at the end of the day. There are many doctors or healthcare professionals here in Singapore. On top of that, the MOH is monitoring every community for outbreaks. This simply means that you do not need to ignore any ill feelings you have because it might be serious. If you want, you can go through the pages of MOH and learn whatever you can about diseases or infections prevalent here.