Tips for a Better Shopping Experience in the Busy Markets of Asia

From India to Singapore to Brunei, the many open markets in Asia are buzzing with life and frantic activities. Even if there’s nothing you need to buy, the market offers a lot you can enjoy while you’re in there.

However, these tourist-targeted markets are places often teeming with fake and overpriced products. Plus, the noise of haggling customers and the number of unfamiliar items can be overwhelming. But there is no better place to experience the authenticity of a country than these open markets. As long as you know the tricks, you’ll surely score great finds and unforgettable experiences in these avenues

1. Arrive Early
By arriving early, not only will you have fewer people to compete with, the early vendors will also have better mood and more patience, giving you more chances to do a good haggle. Also, you have the opportunity to take a pick from the newer and fresher items, too.

2. Learn to Haggle
While this can be an uncomfortable thing for Westerners, haggling has been a big part in the day-to-day lives of people in most Asian countries. Approach haggling as if it’s a fun game, rather than an embarrassment. Anyway, most items in open markets are priced in a way that allows room for good haggling, so might as well take advantage of it. There’s no reason to feel bad. A vendor will not agree on a price if it causes them to lose money.

3. Beware of Fake Items
In these places you will find replicas and cheap knock offs of branded items. Sometimes, these are impeccable copies that you cannot even distinguish from the original, while other times, you’ll find “abibas” shoes or “Oaokley” sunglasses. But don’t be surprised if that cheap iPhone you got breaks after a week or the Rolex logo comes off from your watch. If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is, especially when it is something digital.

4. Keep Your Things Attended
Busy markets also attract people who may see tourists as targets. Be mindful with your wallet, purchases and your bag (if possible, don’t wear backpacks) to ensure you don’t become potential prey for pickpockets. Beggars and street children frequent in these markets to target tourists, so be watchful of them.

5. Don’t Expect Clean Toilets
…if you’re lucky enough to find one. If there is, it will likely be a filthy squat toilet. When you feel like you need to pee, allow plenty of time to find one. And once you find one, you will likely have to pay a few coins to use them.

Shopping at Asian night markets surely is a lot of fun, so go ahead and dive head first into the chaos—and keep these tips in mind.

5 Most Famous Streets in the World

Each tourist attraction offers a unique view and meaning to people. The same thing applies to the thousand of streets in the world that claim to be among the most famous in the world.

Here are five world-famous streets that are frequently photographed and visited by tourists for different reasons.

1. Las Vegas Strip
The gambling capital of the world, sits in the middle of the southern Nevada desert. Casinos are everywhere in Las Vegas, but it is in this strip stretching along Las Vegas Boulevard South where most of the city’s casinos can be found. The strip features gigantic casino hotels, decorated with lavish lights and details to mimic a fantasy-like atmosphere.

2. Champs-Elysées
However, for romantic lights and attractions, Paris’ Champs-Elysées beats the previous strip. This famous avenue attracts tourists, particularly honeymooners, because of its beautiful night lights and chic little shops and cafes located throughout area. The western end of the popular street leads to the Arc de Triomphe, which is another popular spot wherein visitors can climb for a breathtaking view of the Champs-Elysées.

3. Orchard Road
Orchard Road is the world-famous shopping district in Singapore. Named after the orchard of fruits that the street led to, Orchard Road is decked with malls, upscale restaurants, cafes, hotels and nightclubs. During the holiday season, the street becomes a Christmas venue with its over the top lights and decorations, with reindeers on palm trees and gingerbread houses covered in fake snow.

4. Abbey Road
If you’re a The Beatles fan, you’re probably familiar with their iconic album cover where George, Ringo, Paul and John cross a pedestrian. That pedestrian is located at London’s Abbey Road, which happened to be the album’s name as well. Because of it being their best-selling album—and the last one they had before disbanding—the street became a world-famous attraction where people come here to recreate their own version of Abbey Road album.

5. Hollywood Walk of Fame
Who doesn’t know the Hollywood Walk of Fame? This landmark in Los Angeles immortalizes the stars of Hollywood by embedding their names in pink star plaques in charcoal terrazzo squares along the walkway of the boulevard. Over 2,400 actors, musicians, directors, producers and other significant names in the entertainment industry have been commemorated in this famous avenue.

Have you been to any of these world-renowned streets? If not, where would you wish to go first?

Photography Tips for Taking Better Photos When Travelling


Taking photos when travelling is simple—go to an exotic destination, bring a camera and a handful of memory cards, and take a shot of every amazing view you see. While this should be enough to bring home some memories of your trip, you want to give justice to the awesome view you’ve witnessed by translating them into your photographs. This can be challenging, especially when you’re not a pro, but we’re here to share with you five key tips for taking professional-looking photos you’ll appreciate for years.

  1. Go Out Early

“The early bird catches the worm”—this old adage holds true for travel photography. Light is the most important element for great photos—and the soft, early morning light creates amazing images. Moreover, waking up early also means fewer people and travel photographers. If you want a postcard shot of a popular landmark, get there first before everyone else.

  1. Rule of Thirds

A classic photography trick, the Rule of Thirds will help create balanced compositions. This allows you to break your image down into thirds, vertically and horizontally, so they’re split into smaller sections. The goal of this trick is to place parts of the image into those sections in a way that’s pleasing to the eye.

  1. Use a Tripod

Lightweight travel tripods are worth the investment. This allows you to set up your camera and keep it steady in that place, minimizing camera shake when shooting slow shutter speed and time-lapse videos. Also, using a tripod allows you to be in a long-shot photo by setting your camera in timer mode.

  1. Patience is a Virtue

Pay attentions to your surroundings. Do the stars look bright? If not, will they look brighter after an hour? Sit at the park with a pleasing view and wait for a picture-perfect subject to pass by. Then, wait for a couple of minutes more as you might get an even better subject. If you don’t have the patience to wait, you might miss the best photo opportunity.

  1. Get Off the Beaten Path

If you want more unique photos, you’ll need to roam around more. The best way to catch unique images is to wander on foot. Head out to places that are less known to tourists, but check with the locals to make sure that the place is safe. If you want to capture something that no one else has, you will have to take a trip away from the crowd and explore your destination on your own.

In the years to come, your travel photos will be your story tellers and the only remembrance you’ll have of every trip you’ve had. So, in your next travels, make sure to use your camera not just as an extension of your creative eyes, but also an extension of your heart and soul.

5 Great Travel Destinations If You Love Food


Marvellous food is often what makes a holiday trip extra special, so why not make the food the focus of your next trip? Whether you love the wines of Sonoma, the chocolates and cheeses of Switzerland, the seafood of New England or the spices of India, here’s a list of travel destinations that will tickle your palate.

  1. Paris

Paris is considered as the food capital of the world. With the F&B scene beginning here over 220 years ago, Paris is truly one of Europe’s culinary centers. Whether you want to go to Le Grenier à Pain for apricot bread and chocolate tarts, Poilâne for their butter cookies and sourdough or Pierre Hermé for its world-famous macarons, Paris’ desserts are something that can’t be missed.

  1. Singapore

Looking for a place to begin? The best spots to experience exotic Singaporean cuisine are in hawker stalls, which are usually located in shopping centers and off the main streets. These places offer a variety of food choices, and you can be sure that the food is freshly made as they cook the food on-site. Nasi goring, prawn noodles and pork and duck dishes will surely make you want to arrive on empty stomach.

  1. Italy

Where food and wine collide, Italy has always been famous for its magnificent food. People from all over the world love Italy for its breath-taking sights, beautiful language and their ability to turn any food from rags to riches. They are famous for dousing their food with cheeses and pairing them with the right wine. Pizzas, pastas, pastries and coffees are also must-tries when you’re in Italy.

  1. Australia

Australia, particularly in Sydney, offers many different tastes for your many different moods. Combating a hangover? Feeling fancy? Craving for a killer sandwich? Australia always has something for your erratic taste buds. Fancy food cravings are easy to quench, with gourmet dishes infused with different cultures that comprises the Australian population. If you wish to DIY your own dish, Australia has the third largest fish market in the world, so you can be sure you’ll find everything you need to whip up your own Australian delight.

  1. Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America)

Ready your palate for some fresh meals when you’re in the region of Mesoamerica, which is a cultural area in the Americas that extends from Mexico to Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and northern part of Costa Rica. The local cuisine here boasts a little bit of everything, so you’ll surely never get bored. Among the famous tacos, enchiladas and quesadillas, you’ll also find the richness of Indian curry, zestiness of Greek salads and the heat of Thai food when you take a trip to the region.

In conclusion, the world is rich with wondrous food and unique cultures. If you’re up for a delectable adventure, start with these foodie destinations.

Introducing: The Shanghai Disney Resort


If you are in mainland China and haven’t seen Disneyland, you do not need to go to Hong Kong to see your childhood dreams. On June 16, 2016, Chinese welcomed Shanghai Disney Resort. Shanghai Disney Resort is actually the first Disney theme-park in mainland China and he second in the whole of China next to Hong Kong. Shanghai Disney Resort is the sixth in the world.


Shanghai Disney Resort covers an area of 1.5 square miles and costs US3, 660,000,000. The project was approved by the government and financed by many large state-owned enterprises forming joint ventures with Walt Disney.

What makes Shanghai Disney Resort special? You’ve been to Hong Kong Disneyland and now it is time to get to know Shanghai Disney Resort. Here’s a look:

  • Mickey Avenue: When you enter the Disneyland Park, you will surely walk pass through Mickey Avenue. Inside the gate, you will see Steamboat Mickey Fountain. Mickey and friends will welcome visitors. You will not get bored because you can wander around and shop for goods. Mickey Avenue is special here because there are goods designed with Chinese elements.


  • Gardens of Imagination: This is actually the world’s first garden-designed Disney Park that connects the seven themed areas around. The good thing about this is that ladders are provided for the best viewing of castle stage plays as well as grand performances. In the Garden of Twelve Friends, you will see Chinese Zodiac Murals.


  • Adventure Isle: If you want an air of thrill and mystery, Adventure Isle is the best place to go. You will find ancient tribes not to mention explore ancient tales and natural scenes. You will feel like a real traveller through Soaring over the Horizon.


  • Tomorrowland: You know Tomorrowland as a movie but in this place, it is a place of possibilities. Imagine this park a setting of science fiction movies. There is this Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue or the Star Wars and Marvel.


  • Treasure Cove: Another first, Treasure Cove features two giant pirate ships as well as a pirate restaurant. You will be stunned by the settings of the Pirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken Treasure. Captain Jack Sparrow will lead you to steal Davy Jones’ treasures. You will encounter mermaids, pirates and even krakens while retrieving the treasure. The elaborate fighting scenes will surely make amazing visual effects.


  • Disneytown: For your shopping and dining needs, Disneytown is there to help you. The massive center adjoining the park has fifty stores.

Maybe Singapore will think about building Disneyland in the near future. One can only hope.

Shanghai Disneyland Resort Begins Trail Operation

6 Under-the-Radar European Cities to Travel To

When somebody says “European Trip”, the places that usually come to mind are Venice, Rome, Paris, Barcelona or London. Yes, these are really outstanding travel destinations but it is expected to be really busy and crowded.

If you’re one who prefers lesser known places in Europe to discover, then you are going to be blown away by these underrated European places to satisfy your wanderlust- underrated but definitely nothing short of amazing.


  • Croatian Coast

No matter where you are, the seaside view always seems to calm and satisfy our senses. The sand, the crystal clear waters, and the sound of the rushing waves have the ability to make everything feel like a good holiday, wherever you may be.

The coastline cities of Hvar, Split and Dubrovnik are great sanctuaries for people who adore the sea. If you’re up for some strolling however, the Croatian coast also boast of historical ruins, delicious cuisine, and quaint towns.

  • Edinburgh

Discover the hidden gems of Great Britain through the Scottish city of Edinburgh. It’s is a metropolitan area with the right combination of rich culture and remarkable architecture- plus, mouthwatering food to boot. It is also home to lavish gardens and picturesque fields, something people who like taking walks will surely appreciate.

Check out Arthur’s Seat and enjoy great art in Camera Obscura Museum. During August, art lovers and collectors flock Edinburgh for the annual art festival.

  • County Clare

An Irish county home to rocky wilderness, thrilling coastlines, and charming churches, County Clare is as interesting as the popular Dublin. When travelling in County Clare, visiting the majestic castles of Bunratty and Knappogue Castle is not to be missed.

The Cliffs of Moher is also one of the hottest attractions in County Clare. The cliffs are a magnet for hikers and thrill seekers.


  • Bassano del Grappa

Sitting on the water beneath the Venetian Prealps, Bassano del Grappa is a not so popular city with several canals and Bridges found in the north of Italy. It is only an hour’s ride away from the busy city of Venice.

Streets made of cobblestones, antique buildings, sturdy bridges and charming stores will welcome you in this peaceful place of escape.

  • Lisbon

The beautiful port city of Lisbon is more alive and vibrant during nighttime. The streets are littered with a sea of people in bars, clubs, cafes and restaurants. Art is also a major influence as seen in the different museums and art exhibits you can see in the city.

Travelling through Lisbon using your palate is also an eye-opening experience. Your senses will be assaulted with the mouthwatering smell and flavor of the local cuisine and delicacies.

  • Siena

Instead of braving the throng of people in exploring Florence, why not consider skipping it and moving to Siena instead? One of Italy’s gorgeous medieval cities, there are elegant structures and towers you will come across as you walk the city.

Visit Siena in the summer and enjoy the view of thrilling horse races and take long walks along the paved roads.