The Perfect Entertainment for Your Reception

When you begin your search of a live band for your reception, you will discover that you have countless options. Both amateur and professional music bands are everywhere, advertising their services. But what are really the criteria for judging the best Singapore wedding live band?

Know the following essential points and you are sure to get the perfect entertainment for your wedding reception.

Musical Ability

Out of all the factors you should look into when booking a band, musical ability is probably the most important one. It is also presumably the only factor your guests will ever recognize. A lot of bands with numerous experiences when it comes to playing wedding live music are graduates of top music schools. Also, many of them have been performing with big time artists for quite some time. The musical ability of a band is a very safe bet.


The perfect wedding live band in Singapore has a broad repertoire or the list of songs they are ready to play at an event. They are not limited to only one style of music. They are flexible, covering a bit of every style. Be it pop, rock, soul, jazz, swing, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, or modern chart—name it, they can play it. It is important that you choose a Singapore white ribbon live band with this characteristic, as they can modify their performance to suit the spontaneity of your reception.


Nothing beats experience. The wedding live band to hire for your reception should have experience in performing at big and special occasions. It is like choosing between two candidates for a certain job. Both of them have competent educational background, but the one with experience related to the job grabs the job offer. Talent coupled with experience results to perfect entertainment.


A professional wedding live band in Singapore will not treat your wedding as another gig. They know that they are being paid not only to play songs but, more so, to provide real entertainment for you and your guests. Just like you, your wedding day is also one of the biggest days of their life as musicians. Playing music for this once-in-a-lifetime event will be one of their major breaks. Professional musicians have this kind of mindset.


Besides having great musical ability, the band should also possess compelling charm that can captivate the hearts of your guests. Yes their talents and skills are a major turn on, but their personalities are also of vital importance for you to have the perfect entertainment. They may have a broad repertoire but if the lead singer does not have that X factor to connect to the audience, it cannot be considered a total success. They should be entertaining your guests not only through their music but also through the way they lift up the mood of everyone. Awesome playing of wedding live music matched with charisma is equal to perfect entertainment.

Musical ability, repertoire, experience, professionalism, and charisma—these five essential points should be inherent in the band you will be hiring for your wedding. Remember, your wedding will happen only once in your entire lifetime. Therefore, get nothing but the best.

Planning Weddings: A Groom’s Guide

If you are the groom, naturally you need to participate in your wedding plans. Do not just sit there and wait for your bride to tell you what to do. Your bride will surely appreciate it if you do your best to help her. Indeed weddings can be demanding and daunting but if you do things together, it would be lighter and easier to cope up. Forget about the convention that men do not plan weddings. We live in modern times and men can certainly help plan weddings. If you want to help your bride with the plans, you should:


You can begin your journey by being familiar with the process of wedding. Usually, you only see the church and reception but it is more than that. You should know the entire process like how to schedule the wedding mass or how to book your reception, etc. There are many things that you need to know. You can read wedding magazines or you can refer to Singapore wedding sites.

When in doubt, ask questions
If you are still confused about something, you should ask questions on from Singapore to help you with your planning. You do not need to keep things to yourself. You should ask some friends or your bride about your confusion and get some answers. This is not so hard, isn’t it? Just do not be ashamed to ask questions.

Attitude adjustment
When you are getting married, it is imperative that you make attitude adjustments. This is not only for the wedding but to your future with your wife and family. For example, if you have an unpredictable temper, you should do your best to keep it cool or level your head. You should learn how to be patient and hard working. There are many things that you need to change.

If you have any idea, you should write it and present it to your bride. She may like it and incorporate it in your wedding.


Be creative
You should be creative. No matter what comes to your mind, you should present or share it your bride. You may think of a unique Singapore wedding and it deserves to be heard. She will appreciate it.

Enjoy the experience
More importantly, you should enjoy every step of the way. Do not let stress and worries take the better part of you. Enjoy the experience and learn from it.

Men can certainly plan weddings. But before proposing, you should first determine if you are ready and up for the challenge. Building a family is not easy but if you are physically, mentally, emotionally and financially ready, you should proceed right away. Planning that perfect wedding is easy if you join hands in the preparation. Do not let your bride go alone to caterers, florists, bakeries, etc. You should accompany her and take part in the planning. It is the sweetest thing.

By the way, if you are both busy, you can always look for wedding planners around Singapore. There are hundreds of wedding planners here in Singapore with experience and certifications. If you get the services of a well known Events Management firm, you should prepare big amount because it comes with the name. If there is a blossoming events planner that you know, you can get him/her and ask for some discounts. Weddings here in Singapore can be as simple or grand as you planned it but you should never forget the vows you said in front of many people. It will guide you through everything in life. Best wishes and God bless!


More Marriages Than Divorces

The Ministry of Trade and Industry’s Department of Statistics said in a report that more marriages were registered while the divorce and annulment rates fell in Singapore. 


Total Marriages

There are total of 27,936 registered marriages in Singapore, both civil and Muslim as of 2012. There was an increase of 2.5 percent from the 27,258 last 2011 (this does not include overseas marriages and small number of civil weddings). Moreover, Muslim marriages increase from 4,418 to 4,802 on the same period.

For male, the marriage rate increased from 43.7 marriages per 1,000 unmarried aged 15-44 during the same period. For the female, a small increase was observed from 41.4 to 41.6 marriages for every thousand unmarried aged 15-44.


Inter-Ethnic Marriages

A total of 21 percent for inter-ethnic civil marriage was rated last 2012. Among these are Chinese bride and groom and “others.” The Indians, Eurasians, Caucasians, and Malays were not included according to the Department of Statistics. The inter-ethnic marriages were best described by marriages among Malay grooms or brides which counted 24 percent of the 1,611 inter-ethnic Muslim marriages.

Annulments and Divorces

The overall number of marital detachments was 7,241 on 2012 and has lowered down to 7,604 divorce cases and annulments. It has also decreased to 1.9 divorces per 1,000 from 2012. On male residents, divorce rate declined from 7.6 per 1,000 aged 20 years and above. For women, divorce rate fell from 7.2 to 6.7.


The Department of Statistics in Singapore actualized to collect on the divorce statistics in 1981. This would help on controlling and checking on to the population and related administrations.

Filming Techniques that You Can Use For A Wedding

If wedding videography is your passion, you are highly encouraged to be better in your chosen field. Do not underestimate wedding videography because like others, it is challenging too. It is a challenge putting all the happiness and bliss in a tape which can be watched for an hour or two.

Aside from being a good videographer, you also need to be a good cameraman and editor since these roles need to be fuse in order to create a good result. If you are good at wedding videography, you can earn a lot of money from your talents. If you’re still an amateur, you might still have to learn a lot, but with your passion you will do so in just a short time. Of course, there are many film schools around Singapore that you can go to.


If you want to know the best film schools here in Singapore, you should ask other people for recommendation. Formally studying film-making is an excellent start you’re really passionate about films and cinematography. If you are simply learning this art for fun, you should still know the basic techniques, which you will need to create quality videos:

1. Use a stabilizing tool. It is important that you have a steady camera so you can get quality wedding videography. Obviously, this will be hard if you only have your hands, so it’s best to use tools like tripods. If you do not have one, make sure to place your camera in a flat surface or limit your hand movements.

Never forget about your batteries and tapes. If you are scheduled for a wedding shoot that a bride has hired you for wedding videography singapore do not forget about the batteries and tapes. Make sure that the batteries are all fully charged. You do not want to run out of tapes so you should also secure tapes.

2. Mind the sun. It is always advisable to mind the sun. Do not shoot with your client’s back on the sun because it can affect the lighting. The best time to shoot is during sunset or sunrise.

3. Set White Balance. There are cameras that detect and use White Balance automatically while there are others that you need to set manually. Regardless of your camera, make sure to set the White Balance so you can achieve a quality video.


4. Secure the mic. Microphones are essential because a good video entails a good audio. You should always be mindful of the microphone and make sure it is near the subject for the sound is discernible. Wedding videography is better with a microphone.

5. Don’t overshoot. It is natural for amateurs to overshoot but avoid it as much as possible.
6. Don’t zoom in when you need close-ups. When you need to zoom in, you should walk directly to the place and not rely on the zoom in feature. You know that zooming can affect the quality of the shots, right? Wedding videography will turn out better.

Filming or shooting is a good experience whether it is for pleasure or profit. If you follow techniques mentioned above, you can make a better video. There are other techniques and basic things that you should know. You can ask a mentor or you can simply go to school if you are serious about it.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

In Singapore, many jewellery pieces are bought by people just for the sake of fashion or just to be worn occasionally, but not for jewelleries like the wedding ring and engagement ring which is worn more frequently. These types of rings have so meanings why one has to wear them always. To learn more, read the information below that has something to do with these fine jewelleries.


Giving of the Rings

When a man gives an engagement ring to a woman, it means that he is asking her to marry him. The man promises a lifetime union and to remain true, loyal and devoted to the woman he loves. A proposal ring is worn by soon-to-be brides. On the other hand, the wedding bands from Singapore signifies the actual union of the couple under the sacrament of marriage and is worn by the man and woman. Both of the rings have the same meaning which is love and affection.

Styles of the Rings

Wedding bands and engagement rings come in variety of styles. In Singapore, there are so many antique jewellers who can offer you antique wedding rings if you are looking for vintage inspired rings. For those who want a modern wedding ring, this type can be found in most jewellery shops, department stores, online websites, or even in pawnshops.

Wedding Bands and engagement rings are made of various materials such as yellow gold, white gold, titanium and platinum. Diamonds are the most popular centrepiece for a proposal ring while they are less likely seen on wedding bands since the trend for wedding bands are the classic style.


Buying the Rings

When buying the rings, decide whether you are going to buy them together or separately. If you choose to get all the rings together in one store, the jeweller might give you big discounts and will be able for you to save a lot. Also, by buying the engagement ring and wedding rings together, you’ll be able to match all the rings accordingly and get a view of the overall final look of the rings as a complete match.

Making the Rings More Special

Another way to make the wedding ring more special is to add a personal touch to it. You can choose matching rings and ask the jeweller to engrave short passages on the inside part of the rings to make it more unique. The engraved texts will serve as a constant reminder of the love and devotion the couple have for each other.