Facts Every Foreigner Needs to Know About Singapore

Singapore is a sovereign country that is situated in Southeast Asia. This country is near the equator making the place covered with extreme heat during summer. Singapore is a country with 60 islands; however, a lot of islands here are not inhabited.


Since Singapore is a wealthy country and one of the bosses in the world in terms of business. There are a lot of beautiful spots that can be seen in the country.  Singapore has a population of 6 million people and is quickly growing but as seen, it is not a big country and in fact, it is known as one of the smallest countries in the planet.

In just 50 years, Singapore makes a huge turn from being a poor island to an economically stable state. This is with the help of different countries that see the potential of the country in terms of business. Today, there are a lot of business establishments situated in the country and growing; their medical centers are modernized and also their museums and different landmarks are given more importance.

Singaporeans are known to speak English. In fact, English is widely used in the country; however, Singapore has four official vernaculars which are Mandarin, Tamil Malay and English as well. Since Singaporeans have Chinese bloods, they have the habit of putting of adding “la” to every English word they say (e.g. okay-la).

Well, if you talk about clean cities, Singapore is one. Do you know that they have a very strict law when it comes to cleanliness? Laws like gum-eating in public and spitting is certainly unlawful in Singapore. That is why Singapore is also known for City of Garden.


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