Getting a Job: Attitude but Not Skill

In many firms worldwide, they do not look for a perfect individual who can help other company. However, they look for people who are dedicated to work not just for money but they do it because they love their work. There are many claims that skill is much needed in a company. Well, that applies to skilled workers perhaps. Contrary to those claims, many company owners and managers prefer to choose the attitude of an individual rather than pick a skilled one but do not have the attitude to build team work.


Now, in your interview you need to know what to talk about. You can limit what topic will you choose. However do not take for granted the topic that you feel nervous to talk about.


Know What You are Talking

You will feel nervous when your interviewer will talk about your past work experiences. The number one question that will be asked from you is that why did you left your previous company. You always have the choice on how are you going to answer that question. It is indeed difficult, but choosing the best answer that you think right is the best option. Most of the time, applicants fail because they do not know how to answer this kind of question. Do not worry about stating the truth because there are employers who will just look about your skills. Make sure that you have picked that company. On the other hand, there are many companies who opt to choose employees with good working attitude than those individuals with high level of working ability but lacks attitude.

Life after graduation

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