Good News for Movie Streaming Bums


If we are the type that would rather stay in the house catching up the latest season of our favourite crime drama or superhero series, we will be delighted to know that Netflix is talking with Singapore’s biggest telecommunication companies to discuss ways on how to bring the best shows here.


It is not that we do not have the best shows here in Singapore but Netflix will provide rich choices for everyone. Netflix is a popular movie and TV streaming website. It will be here early next year. However, there is one setback – the pricing here will be based on the US pricing which is US$8 or roughly SG$11 per month.

The rate is not that bad considering the rich contents that are readily available to us. What are the contents Netflix will provide? Aside from the exclusive content provided by the company, there will be other movies and shows to be streamed but this will depend on the license issues here. Exclusive Netflix contents include Narcos and Daredevil.


The best part is that they will provide wider selection of contents from Korean to Mandarin movies and TV shows. Netflix met with the Media Development Authority to discuss possible ways of cooperation. To date, StarHub and SingTel already talked with Netflix and explored the business and possible benefits.

Netflix did not give their target number of subscription. The company can only hope but with the right service and branding, customers will surely swarm the product. Let us see where this goes. For sure, Netflix will give our lives more thrill and excitement.


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