Health Drinks are Unhealthy?

A big fan of energy drinks? Some alarming results of a current study regarding health beverages suggest that health drinks, such as energy drinks and vitamin water, have little to no health benefits for the consumers.


Most of these health drinks are being sold to the market to “replenish the body of lost nutrients and to give the body additional nutrition.” However, according to experts from the University of Toronto where the study was made, the results suggest that these are only marketing strategies done by the company in order to sell the product. Most of these health drinks provide little benefit to the body and some drinks contain unnecessary nutrient additions.

Moreover, these health beverages claim that they help increase performance and strengthen immune function of the consumers but the truth is, a person’s total well-being go beyond nutrition and physical health. Merely drinking health beverages, even on a daily basis, cannot affect a person’s emotional health on a large scale.


Health drinks and juices also contain large quantities of sugar that can cause serious damage to the body. It can impede weight loss and can cause obesity, diabetes, dental decay, and worse, possibly spur the growth of cancers in the body. We may not notice it at first glance but most health beverages are as unhealthy as colas and soft drinks.

Eating healthy is always the better and safer choice if you want to be healthier. It’s a fool-proof way of promoting well-being instead of patronizing health drinks and beverages with questionable ingredients and benefits.


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