How to Encourage Deep Sleep  


According to studies conducted by the researchers of the University of Rochester, the brain features its own cleansing system which is called the glymphatic system. This system drains the waste products out from our brain.


There is a new research that claims that sleeping on our side improves the brain’s waste clearance. This interesting research is revealed by Stony Brook University. As a result of the waste clearance, we can prevent neurodegenerative diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

The new findings are truly interesting but our sleep position will depend which side we are comfortable. Singaporeans should know that deep sleep can help the glymphatic system. If deep sleep seems elusive, it is time that we know few tricks.

Here are some things that we can do to encourage deep sleep:Beautiful young woman sleeping

  • Avoid caffeine: As we are nearing to sleep, we have to avoid caffeine because it tends to wake us at night.
  • Keeping a schedule: Life here in Singapore is complicated to keep a sleep-wake schedule but we can try. We have to train our body’s rhythm that is why we need to set a sleep-wake schedule.
  • Turning off blue lights: Lights are not conducive for sleeping unless we cannot sleep without the lights. We have to turn off lights specifically blue lights – those that are emitted from our laptops and smartphones.
  • Limit alcohol: Just like caffeine, we also need to limit our alcohol intake before sleeping. Alcohol can deter deep sleep.

Deep sleep is important. If we are wondering why we cannot focus even if we slept for five hours, deep sleep should be factored in. Deep sleep is synonymous to quality sleep.


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