How to Survive a Fire

Recently, a fire consumed three warehouse units along Jurong Industrial estate. It took two hours of battling before it was contained. Containing and putting out any fire is hard, especially if it is in an industrial area.

When fire happens, it is important that you know what to do to slow its progress or escape it. Fires may come unexpectedly and it can take lives and leave injuries if you don’t know how to deal with it. Fires can be prevented if you follow fire safety precautions. Here’s a look:


Install fire detection devices. You should make it a point to install smoke detectors or fire alarms. These devices, available for both home and office, gives an early warning of fire and its causes.

Use fire extinguishers. When you can see the flame, you should not panic. Look for fire extinguishers and use it. Fire extinguishers should be checked regularly. If you cannot contain the fire, prepare to flee or escape.

Manage the smoke. As much as possible, keep yourself from inhaling any smoke as this can suffocate you and jar your thinking. If the structure where you are is on fire, exit by crawling on your knees to minimize your exposure to smoke.

Know your way out. You should know every window and door in the house. If the door is consumed by fire, look for other exits like windows. Remember to avoid trapping yourself in rooms because it is almost impossible to escape.

Call for help. Once you’ve gotten out safely, call for help. Fire department should be summoned right away before other houses or properties are affected.

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