Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

In Singapore, many jewellery pieces are bought by people just for the sake of fashion or just to be worn occasionally, but not for jewelleries like the wedding ring and engagement ring which is worn more frequently. These types of rings have so meanings why one has to wear them always. To learn more, read the information below that has something to do with these fine jewelleries.


Giving of the Rings

When a man gives an engagement ring to a woman, it means that he is asking her to marry him. The man promises a lifetime union and to remain true, loyal and devoted to the woman he loves. A proposal ring is worn by soon-to-be brides. On the other hand, the wedding bands from Singapore signifies the actual union of the couple under the sacrament of marriage and is worn by the man and woman. Both of the rings have the same meaning which is love and affection.

Styles of the Rings

Wedding bands and engagement rings come in variety of styles. In Singapore, there are so many antique jewellers who can offer you antique wedding rings if you are looking for vintage inspired rings. For those who want a modern wedding ring, this type can be found in most jewellery shops, department stores, online websites, or even in pawnshops.

Wedding Bands and engagement rings are made of various materials such as yellow gold, white gold, titanium and platinum. Diamonds are the most popular centrepiece for a proposal ring while they are less likely seen on wedding bands since the trend for wedding bands are the classic style.


Buying the Rings

When buying the rings, decide whether you are going to buy them together or separately. If you choose to get all the rings together in one store, the jeweller might give you big discounts and will be able for you to save a lot. Also, by buying the engagement ring and wedding rings together, you’ll be able to match all the rings accordingly and get a view of the overall final look of the rings as a complete match.

Making the Rings More Special

Another way to make the wedding ring more special is to add a personal touch to it. You can choose matching rings and ask the jeweller to engrave short passages on the inside part of the rings to make it more unique. The engraved texts will serve as a constant reminder of the love and devotion the couple have for each other.

Changi Airport Handled Increased Passengers

In September 2013, Changi Airport noted an increase of passengers. From January to September 2013, the airport handled about 39.7 million passengers which is higher 5.6% than last year. This figure simply means that many people are finding Singapore appealing every day.

Whether it is for business or leisure, Singapore welcomes everybody with open arms. If you are here for leisure, you should know some attractions. For a start, you can visit the:



There are many museums and centres here. The Asian Civilisations Museum, Peranakan Museum, Red Dot Museum, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum and many more. s

Food Paradise

Foods here are a mixture of Chinese, Indian and Malay cuisines. You can eat at famous restaurants or simply fall in line in hawker centres.

Shopping Malls

For shopaholics, Singapore is a paradise with many boutiques and stores featuring international and local brands. Apart from fashion and trend, you will see many stores that offer rather bizarre things.



There are many luxurious hotels here. All people dream of going to Marina Bay Sands Hotel and experience it. The hotel boasts of 55 floors with 2,500 luxurious rooms.

Parks and Zoos

Many people visit the famous Universal Studio in Sentosa island. Apart from theme parks, you will see many zoos operating night and day to give you entertainment and learning. There’s the night safari, Singapore Zoo, underwater experience, etc.

Singapore Flyer

To date, the Singapore flyer is the highest and largest wheel in the world. It surpassed the London eye. This is a pleasant sight. If you want a panoramic view of Singapore, this is the best place to start.

Singapore is more than sights. When you are here, you will feel safe and secured because of the government’s efforts and initiatives. Despite its modernity, there are still parts of Singapore where you can feel and experience laid back life. What made Singapore great is its cheap public transport. You can go to your favourite places as often as you can without draining your pocket money.

Tips to Keep the Children Listening

It is natural for parents to talk to their children but you should accept that your children sometimes do not listen. Making them listen is hard but if you do things right, it will be easier. As a parent, one way of disciplining the kids is talking to them and make sure that they listen. Remember that the way you talk to your kids will determine how your kids talk to other people. Here are some tips that you can consider when you talk to your kids and hopefully they would listen:


Eye to Eye Contact

If you want to talk to your kids about directions, it is imperative that you establish eye to eye contact first. You can squat to the level of your child’s eye and engage him/her to contact that way you can get their attention.

Proper Addressing

You should properly address the child. Do not use “you”. Use the name of the child. It is more personal and endearing when you use their name instead of “you”. Better yet you can use their pet name.


Talking Briefly

Kids tend not to listen if you have a full speech. Teens will only regard it as nagging. You should talk briefly. If possible use only one sentence. The longer you talk, the less interested your child will become. Talking too much is a mistake.

Keep it Simple

Do not complicate things. When you talk to your child, you should keep words simple and easily understandable. If you listen to kids while talking, you will notice that they only use one syllable words. If you see your kids with their disinterested look, it means you are not understood and that you took too much.

Forbes Names Singapore’s 2013 Billionaires

Forbes has recently named Singapore’s 21 billionaires for 2013. According to the recent rich list; Singapore has grown up from 16 a year ago. Real estate tycoons Philip and Robert Ng have dominates the top 1 rank among city state’s billionaires, with an estimated net wealth of US$10.6 billion, its net wealth rises almost half from US$1.4 billion last year.

As real estate magnates, the Ng brother manages the Far East Organization – an organization initiated by Ng Teng Fong (late father). Far East Organization in establishing malls, condominiums, plus its 700 hotels anywhere in Hong Kong and Singapore.


The chairman of City Developments, Kwek Leng Beng was named as second on the rank of billionaires from number six. Beng has US$7.1 billion net worth from US$2.4 billion in 2012. US$6.7 billion kept Khoo family in the third rank. Its net worth remained the same compared last year.

Goh Cheng Liang, corporate partner of Nippon Paints reach the ninth rank with a total net worth of US$2.1 billion. While Oxley Holdings chairman Ching Chiat Kwong dominates the 36th spot with a net wealth of US$510 million.

Net worth if US$505 million made Super Group owner David Teo in the 37th rank. Forbes welcomes newcomer Serge Pun of Yoma Strategic Holdings, is place on the 38th spot of rich people with a net worth of US$500 million.

Historically, Pun is one of ten newcomers for this year’s list, Forbes said. Forbes reported US$80 billion as combined net worth of Singapore’s richest. In fact, information on Singapore rich list were obtained from stock exchanges, individuals, and families, finance experts and other reliable sources such as financial information and shareholding. Forbes will continue to document richest people, families, and entrepreneurs in the four-corners of Singapore.

Photo Art Gallery

Photo art gallery is another form of art gallery, which features artworks made by photographers. Unlike the typical gallery, the items displayed in a photo gallery are photographs that are usually classified into themes, such as wildlife, fine art, nature, nude, landscape, travel, documentary, digital stock, and many other more. With the use of advanced photographic technologies and techniques, artists create digital, colored, black and white, and film art photographs in a variety of formats and sizes. In photo art galleries, you can view and purchase photo arts ranging from vintage photography up to the most modern photography style.


Gallery Products

There are art galleries in Singapore that exhibits a number of photo art galleries. Most of the items they feature are fine art photography, but there are also some that display other art media, like textiles and paper. Apart from the photos, most photo galleries feature selections of prints, books, and videos. Collections of stationery, like greeting cards, postcards, and bookmarks are also available. A number of galleries even offer varieties of curatorial and installation services as well.

Gallery Services

Photo art gallery Singapore are greatly preferred for their friendly approach for archival-quality matting and framing, art-selection assistance, restoration and conservation services, installation services, and special commissions. If you’re looking for a specified or thematic photo gallery, there are some that provides historical topics, selections of religious photos, fauna and flora, still life, fashion trends, sports, science, etc. Fine art photos are great collectibles for photography enthusiasts.


Gallery Exhibitions

Like any other art galleries, photo galleries also conduct art exhibitions for viewing and selling photos.  These exhibitions usually feature a particular theme or artist. Many photo galleries like vinci art gallery in Singapore have online websites and offer online services for purchase of photos. Online photo art galleries are also available.

Online Photo Galleries

Today, there is an overabundance of opportunities for aspiring and professional photographers to exhibit, advertise, and sell photos. The advent of the new technology has made purchasing and marketing of photographs very easy. Photographers no longer need to exhaustively search for photo art galleries, shed out thousands of dollars for promotion and selling of works. The Internet serves as there platform in pursuing this kind of trade.



Art Photographs

Photo art galleries mainly consist of unique and exquisite photographs. Several art photos found in a photo gallery are made by aspiring artists who want to share their talent and gain profit out of it. Art photographs are manly composed of an exquisite painting that has been enlarged and framed to make it appear to be even better work of art. Photos on canvass can also serve the purpose of a regular painting. By simply hanging a canvas photo of any picture you get to add a little sophistication in a room. Generally, canvas photo is a very well-known mode of art and most galleries exhibit them because of its uniqueness and one of the bestselling art pieces. If you’re planning to try canvas art photo, capturing a unique image should be your first step.

Still in the Midst of Dengue Season

Tropical disease – dengue – is a serious issue around the globe. The Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed that Singapore is “still in the midst of dengue season”. In fact, the MOH calls public attention to remain vigilant in order to fight dengue outbreak in the major locality in Singapore. In an interview the ministry pointed out that appropriate precautionary measure is important to prevent mosquito breeding.


Date back in 2005, MOH records 27 deaths and an approximate 14,006 infected people while a total of 14,363 cases were recorded this year including 5 deaths. From the figures of infected people given above, this is a clear indication wherein dengue cases climb up from 2005 until today. In an interview, the National Environment Agency (NEA) says that May to October is “the peak season for dengue outbreak”. With this, dengue virus is expected to multiply faster due to warm temperature level.

What is dengue fever?

Dengue haemorrhagic fever also known as dengue is a severe form of fever. Oftentimes, dengue is deemed hazardous which threat lives of the many. Dengue fever is a tropical disease cause by mosquito. Singapore is a tropical country surrounded by huge number of islands and body of waters. As such, these bodies of water are the main course of survival for mosquito-borne diseases.

To put it simply, dengue fever is acquired through virus transmission cause by infection from aedes mosquito. This type of mosquito is responsible on the dengue virus widespread which yielded four varieties of virus such as DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4. All these and more can directly affect human immune system to shut down and unfortunately can cause death.