The Basics of Home Loan

It is important to have a home especially if the family is growing. Renting an apartment is not advisable because it will not be yours at the end of time. It is better to pay mortgage every month than paying your money on monthly rental. If you are worried that you cannot afford it, there are loans that you can consider to assist you with the payments.

However, you should be aware that the National Development is tightening properly loan rules implemented by financial institutions. This move seeks to guarantee a steadier property market. This is expected to be permanent. The Central Bank commenced LTV (Loan to Value) and TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) frameworks. Furthermore, it is said that loan repayments every month should not exceed 60% of the borrower’s income. This can promote financial awareness among borrowers.


If you consider mortgage loan, you should be aware of the other costs that is included in your monthly payments or instalments. You should deal with:


Principal refers to the amount of money you borrowed to buy your home. Financial institutions will first give you down payment to reduce the amount to be financed.


Interest rate refers to the charges of the lender for using the money you borrowed. The interest rates vary depending on the financial institution.


Property taxes are levied based on the percentage value of the house. Taxes are usually used by the community to build infrastructures and other projects. Property taxes should be paid even after the mortgage is paid.

It is better if you can pay your home without the help of financial institutions. If you can afford it, you should pay it in full so you will not worry about the principal and interest. It can be quite confusing.

Quick Getaway Ideas

If you want to have a good time, there are many things that you can engage to. If in this case you simply want to enjoy the beach and explore the islands, you should head to:

Sentosa Island


Sentosa offers your every whim from beaches to hotels, spas, bards, clubs, dining, theme parks, water activities, heritage spots and other attractions. The island is 15 minutes away from the centre which makes it an ideal quick getaway idea. If you take the Sentosa Express, you should prepare S$4. Sentosa Boardwalk will require you to pay S$1 while Cable cars cost S$15 to S$26. Here, you will see the Skyline Luge, Wave House, Resorts World, Harbourfront Centre, VivoCity, Mt. Faber, St. James Power Station and many other attractions.

Sisters’ Island


Sisters’ Island is south of the main island. It is comprised of two islands-Big Sisters’ and Little Sister’s. The island is open all the time. Admission fee for adults is S$15 and S$12 for kids. The island promotes different activities like picnic, camping and snorkelling. For inquiries, you can ask the Marine South Pier.

Kusu Island


Kusu Island is fondly known as the Tortoise Island. The island is open all the time but know that overnight stays are discouraged. The admission charge for adults is S$15 and S$12 for kids. The island boasts of important sacred sites. There’s a Chinese temple here and Malay sacred sites. Aside from the sacred sites, Kusu Island boasts of pristine beaches, animal life and lagoons.

If you want to experience it all, you can consider island hopping. Islands here in Singapore are keen to give you a good time. Every island boasts of different activities. All you have to do is make it happen. You can for instance consider snorkelling, camping, swimming, diving, sunbathing or bird watching. These simple activities will lead you closer to nature and the ease of life. For a moment, you can get away from all the complications around you.

New & Exciting Attractions You Should Visit

If you have time to explore and visit new and exciting attractions here in Singapore, you should go to the following places:

Flight Experience


Flight Experience lies in 30 Raffles Avenue. If you are wondering what it feels like to be a pilot, Flight Experience will give you a realistic encounter. Flight Experience is equipped with a flight simulator that fully imitates a commercial airplane (Boeing 737-800), functioning avionics and realistic visuals. You will be amazed that this is approved by Boeing and accredited by Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

You can choose from flight packages and there’s more-you can bring passengers on your flight. The experience is not only exclusive for adults and pilot wannabes because children are also encouraged to fly. The experience will cost you S$175 to S$395. For more information, you can call them at (+65) 6339-2737.

Underwater World 


Underwater World lies in Siloso Road. If you want to observe deep sea animals like sharks, rays, dolphins, octopus and other fishes, come to Underwater World. They are open daily from 10am to 7pm. Admission fee for an adult is S$25.90 and S$17.60 for children (3 to 12 years old). The admission is free for kids below 3 years old.

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum


The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum lies in Chinese Garden Road. The museum is the record holder of Guinness’ World Record for the biggest collection of living tortoises and turtles. In here, you will find more than fifty species of tortoises and turtles. They are open from 9am-6pm daily. Admission fee for adults is S$5 and S$3 for children and seniors.

Places or experiences mentioned above will assure you of world class entertainment. The moments are best if you are with the family, loved one or friends.

Pre-Schoolers in SG Participate in JOE

This year, the North East Community Development Council launched an environmental activity called JOE (Just One Earth). This activity seeks to educate over 1,200 pre-schoolers to be aware of their environment and hopes to give children basic knowledge about their surroundings. The activity involves games which aim to introduce the three R- reduce, reuse and recycle. At a young age, children will appreciate nature and how it is significant in our survival.


But of course the learning begins in the house. Parents should do their best to inspire their kids to care for the environment especially now that it is slowly dwindling. Here are some things that you can consider to help your kids understand their environment:

Set an example. Everything you teach your children will not matter if you are not practicing it. It is crucial that you set an example-a good example. If you teach your kid about the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), you should practice this waste management by heart.

Read to them. You should look for books that are easy to comprehend and read it to your kids. It is good if you introduce your kids to some issues so they will understand and appreciate the environment more.

Plant a tree or cultivate a garden. You should teach your kids that trees and other plants are vital part of the ecosystem. Plants help clean the air, prevent soil erosion and put off flooding. If there are planting events, ask your kid to join the activity. If you have a spacious backyard, gardening can increase the kid’s consciousness to the environment.

How to Survive a Fire

Recently, a fire consumed three warehouse units along Jurong Industrial estate. It took two hours of battling before it was contained. Containing and putting out any fire is hard, especially if it is in an industrial area.

When fire happens, it is important that you know what to do to slow its progress or escape it. Fires may come unexpectedly and it can take lives and leave injuries if you don’t know how to deal with it. Fires can be prevented if you follow fire safety precautions. Here’s a look:


Install fire detection devices. You should make it a point to install smoke detectors or fire alarms. These devices, available for both home and office, gives an early warning of fire and its causes.

Use fire extinguishers. When you can see the flame, you should not panic. Look for fire extinguishers and use it. Fire extinguishers should be checked regularly. If you cannot contain the fire, prepare to flee or escape.

Manage the smoke. As much as possible, keep yourself from inhaling any smoke as this can suffocate you and jar your thinking. If the structure where you are is on fire, exit by crawling on your knees to minimize your exposure to smoke.

Know your way out. You should know every window and door in the house. If the door is consumed by fire, look for other exits like windows. Remember to avoid trapping yourself in rooms because it is almost impossible to escape.

Call for help. Once you’ve gotten out safely, call for help. Fire department should be summoned right away before other houses or properties are affected.

A Guide to Organizing Your Fridge Efficiently

We all have a refrigerator so that we can enjoy the things we want to eat for a long time. By cooling and slowing down chemical processes, our fridge extends the shelf life of our food. To make our fridges run more efficiently, we should clean and organize it. Organizing a fridge is not an exclusive thing because anyone can actually do it. Here’s a guide:

Clean the fridge. We should remove all the contents in the fridge and clean it. Cleaning the fridge is simple. We should remember to turn it off first, then wash the detachable things like shelves and drawers. Ice from the freezer should be removed as well. We can also clean the exterior of our fridge so the whole unit looks clean.

Classify your food. We should put everything in the table and classify it. We can start by sorting the condiments, meat, drinks, other solid food and leftover. If there are expired condiments, we should throw it away. Fruits and vegetables should be kept in the chiller. Anything that is starting to spoil or rot should also be thrown away immediately.

Time to arrange it. This is the hardest part because we will not know if the fridge will welcome everything we have but with the right organizing, it will store every food in the table. Compartments are for vegetables and fruits, while condiments are placed on the door shelves. Any kind of meat – pork, chicken and beef – as well as fish, should be put in separate containers, and then placed on the freezer. Drinks, leftovers, yogurt, cheese and other ready to eat foods should be arranged on the upper shelves of the fridge.