A Guide to Organizing the Luggage Efficiently

We are always advised to travel light but sometimes we feel that there are a lot of things we need to bring to ensure a smooth and trouble free travel-especially if we will be away for a long time. Bringing a lot of things is inconvenient. We don’t want to pay for excess kilos right?

We should learn the art of travelling light. Here’s a guide:

Pick the right bag

Picking the right bag these days is not that hard because it is readily available in the market. We should spend time looking for that perfect luggage bag. We should consider the size of the bag, the price of course and the available compartments. Some people go for style when choosing a luggage bag. However if you prefer backpacks, look for durable one.

Go through your list of things you should bring

Travelling light means a pair or two of your things. In your bed, spread all the things that you need to bring like pants, shorts, shirts, shoes, underwear, jackets, medicines, electronics, toiletries, travelling documents and the itinerary. It is helpful if you have a list so you will not miss something.

Start arranging them and do your best to fit everything

This is the challenging part because we should do our best to fit everything. If it will not fit, think of the importance of your things. The less significant should be discarded. You can laundry everything or buy new ones anyway. One tip is to roll the clothing. If you have another carry-on bag, better put the toiletries there (if they are not that heavy) so you will have more room for others. If you need to bring shoes, as long as it is clean, you can insert your socks and underwear in the holes.

One Week Vacay in Singapore

Planning to take a vacation leave from work and have a 7-day vacation in Singapore? That’s great to know! Make sure to visit these 7 popular places Singapore has to offer.

Monday: Grab some chilli crab

Chilli crab is an iconic dish in the Lion City. As a matter of fact, CNN Go listed chilli crab as one of the “World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods” in 2011. Visitors from other countries make a way to eat this “must try” food each time they come back to the country.

Tuesday: Chill at 1-Altitude

After grabbing some chilli crab, it’s time to refresh at highest al fresco bar in the world. 1-Altitude is at the topmost part of the tallest building in Singapore, which is why you shouldn’t miss this stellar experience.

Wednesday: Tour around Singapore Zoo and Night Safari

Be a kid even just for a day! Bring your camera with you and enjoy the company of various animals that are being taken care of at Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. Don’t miss out on animal extravaganzas too! The lovely animals are sure to entertain you.

Thursday: Appreciate nature at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is considered as Singapore’s un-concrete jungle. Here you can see lots of mangroves that provide a home for marine life, different species of birds, and a lot more. You can enjoy activities such as bird-watching and marine fish tours.

Friday: Go swimming at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Don’t miss to swim at the largest outdoor pool in the world, measuring 150 metres or three times longer than a swimming pool for the Olympics. This infinity pool gives the impression of a disappearing edge, providing a magnificent and breath-taking view of the city skyline.

Saturday: Experience nightlife in Clarke Quay

Saturday is usually the day of the week that partygoers flock to Clarke Quay—one of the most vibrant districts in Singapore at nightfall.  Your one-week vacation will never be complete if you don’t dine and party in the many restaurants and dance clubs that dot along the quay.

Sunday: Visit Sultan Mosque

Take on a simple educational tour at Singapore’s oldest mosque. There are tour guides in the area who are ready to assist visitors who want to take a look around. Be enriched about Islam in Singapore—its history and culture.

Types of Golf Bags

In playing golf, golfers usually bring with them a couple of clubs, golf balls, tees, and other more golfing paraphernalia. And having an appropriate golf bag will greatly help in carrying all the stuffs around the golf course every time they play.  So, what are the types of golf bags available and when should it be used?

Carry Bags

Also known as travel bags. This type of golf bag is perfect for golfers who like to travel light and are always on the go. Carry bags are perfect if you plan to carry your stuffs around the golf course all day. Most of these bags come in dual straps so they can be carried like backpacks, and are made of light materials for lighter weight. The only downside of this bag is the lack of storage room, which means you only have to carry the essentials.

Stand Bags

Stand bags have the same features with carry bags, but this type is designed to allow the bag to stand when it’s on the ground. It features a convenient stand that automatically shows up when you place the bag down, and retracts when the bag is carried up. For players who want the convenience of easy-carry but want to avoid shoulder and back pain can use Stand Bags.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are designed to be dragged around so they’re typically heavier and stouter than tour bags and stand bags. It has more storage compartments for best organization and can accommodate a standard set of 14 golf clubs plus your other golfing accessories. Cart bags can be made of different materials, lightweight or heavy, depending on the producer.

Addicted to Shopping?

Singapore is dubbed as a shopping paradise. This city-state may be small in terms of land territory, but it is absolutely abundant when it comes to shopping centres and malls.

Orchard Road

For upscale shopping experience, Orchard Road offers fashion retail outlets that are top of the line including Gucci, LV, and Prada. You can also find budget retail shops in a number of malls along this shopping strip. Other than boutiques and shops, bookworms and music lovers can also find bookstores and record stores.


In Chinatown, you can find and buy anything Chinese. You can have the best deals of Asian antiques, Chinese medicines, and many more. If you get hungry after shopping, you can even have a taste of Chinese cuisine here.

Little India

Little India is one of Singapore’s most sought-after tourist destinations. If you want to buy traditional items from India such as textiles and fabrics for souvenirs, this is definitely the place to be.

Shopping Hours

Known to be a shopping paradise, you can expect that most retail outlets and shopping malls are open seven days a week. Shopping activity continues even during public holidays, but except for Chinese New Year. Usually, store hours is from 9am-11am and up to 10pm-11pm. So that’s around 12 long hours of shopping!

There are also certain retailers that don’t take some rest as they are open 24 hours. For example, Mustafa Café is known to be the only department store in Singapore that never closes all year round. Some shopping malls and retail outlets along Orchard Road tend to extend their store hours on weekends to cater to more shopaholics.

The Best Places for Every Bookworm

We all read for different reasons. Some people read because it is required in their school or work, while others read to get information, and some others still take reading as their pastime. Whatever reason you may have for reading, there are many great bookstores in Singapore from which you can find books to quench your need for knowledge and learning.


If you are in search of good reads on fiction and literature, BooksActually has an abundance of those kinds of books being an old English bookstore in Singapore. You can also find books of essays, poetry, critical works, and literary journals. This bookstore, located in Yong Siak Street in Tiong Bahru Estate, also provides books in various fields such as music, film, history, biography, human sciences, and current affairs.


The country’s leading bookstore chain, POPULAR has a total of 10 branches, with the biggest one being in Orchard Road. This bookstore offers all sorts of books—with a range of fiction, non-fiction and academic books—and assessment for all school levels. Not only that, this bookstore also sells arts and crafts materials as well as electronics and computer software.


Kinokuniya, a bookstore that originated in Japan, sells lots of Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and English books and magazines of any genre. They have fiction, non-fiction, graphic books, comics, and many more. Today, Kinokuniya has three branches in Singapore—Liang Court, Bugis, and Ngee Ann City.

Woods in the Book

Bookworms love Woods in the Book because of its selection of books and the store’s interior design. Aside from picture books, pop-up books, comics and graphic novels, this bookstore also sells artworks made by its co-owner Mike Foo. All these things can be found in this bright, colourful and cosy bookstore along Club Street with paintings, pictures and hand-made toys on the ceiling and walls.

Top 4 Eco-Friendly Cars

Although everybody doesn’t have the same opinion on the harms caused by pollution, everybody has the same belief on the idea that less waste is always better. Help conserve clean air by using eco-friendly cars. These cars run on electricity, bio-diesel, ethanol and natural gas instead of the usual gas used by regular cars. But what are the available environment-friendly cars in the market? Let’s find out.

Toyota Prius

This car is a full hybrid mid-sized hatchback. It has been rated as among the cleanest cars sold in the market for the past five years. It is also the most popular name for high-efficiency automobiles, setting the standards of green cars year after year. And although there are already so many car models surpassed its energy efficiency, still, no other car balances dependability, drivability and efficiency so well.

Honda Civic Natural Gas

Civic natural gas runs on cleanest-burning fuel, and awarded as the Green Car of 2012 by LA Auto Show. This year’s units are upgraded to 240 miles on a tankful of compressed natural gas, which outshines most electric-powered vehicles.

Lexus CT200

Lexus CT200h is said to be the world’s first full hybrid luxury compact car. It’s powered by the newest Lexus hybrid technology that combines a high-powered electronic motor with an innovative compressed battery, refined energy management system and a 1.8-litre petrol engine that can run for 43mpg.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

This is one of the best quality hybrids available in the market. Drivers will be in awe with its unnoticeable shift from electric to gas. Fusion Hybrid owners love the savings they get on fuel and its 47 miles-per-gallon range. Added by its classy sleek appearance and smooth ride, Ford Fusion Hybrid is definitely one of the must-have hybrid cars.