Places You Would Definitely Want to Visit

Travelling to other places is never boring. You may encounter mishaps along the way but it will never get boring. You visited almost all places but you are looking for something that is magnificent and outstanding. The world is full of wonders. You should know that there are wonderful and unbelievable places you can visit.


If you are looking for breath-taking places, you have to consider the following sights:

  • Tunnel of Love: Tunnel of Love is found in Kleven, Ukraine. Ukraine is suffering from crisis but despite that, there is no doubt that the place holds so much love. You can see it in their Tunnel of Love. It is a passageway for lovers and well, trains. The rail is about 1.8 miles long. It is used by a private train to transport wood to a factory nearby.       
  • Hitachi Seaside Park: Hitachi Seaside Park is a public park located in Hitachinaka, Japan. The 190 hectare park is known for its flowers. Tourists are drawn to the park because of the baby blue-eyes flowers which yields lustrous blue flowers in the spring. Apart from the baby blue-eyes flowers, the park also boasts of daffodils, tulips and many flowers. The Ferris wheel and the cycling paths give more charm to the park.   
  • Tulip Fields: Netherlands (or formerly known as Holland) is famous for their tulip fields. The tulip fields are a common sight for the Dutch during spring but for the tourists, the sight is incredible and drawing. The bright yellow, pink and red colours are indeed a beautiful sight to marvel.   


  • Mendenhall Ice Caves: If you love caving, the Mendenhall Ice Caves will be a surreal experience. It is found in Juneau, Alaska. It is a 12 mile long glacier located in Mendenhall Valley. You need to kayak and climb before witnessing the magical place.
  • Salar de Uyuni: Salar de Uyuni is in Bolivia. It is the largest salt flat in the world. It is also considered one of the largest mirrors in the world. The big mirror formations will take uou to the sky. It is truly a heavenly sight.

You will be awed when you see these places. You should search for pictures. However, if you cannot afford international travel as of this time, you can always explore Singapore and look for places that will interest you and your fellow Singaporeans. Mind you, there are quite a lot of breath-taking places here in Singapore. It only takes a beautiful mind to appreciate it.


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