Rainy Day Activities: Keeping Family Busy and Cozy  


Here in Singapore, we see weather as an opportunity or a disadvantage. The rainy weather for instance. When we encounter it, we either stay at home with the family or we curse at it. If we take the rainy season as an opportunity, there are many ideas that we can consider to keep our family busy and cozy.


Here are some activities that guarantee a good time:

  • For the children: The challenging part is to think of activities for the children. We are not sure if they will like it or not but we have to try. We can play with them like sock puppet. This can stimulate their creativity. If we want something more productive, we can help our kids arrange their closets.


  • For grown-ups: For grown-ups, we have to think of better activities. We can ask grown-ups around to help us cook a meal. If that is not enough, the fun thing to do is work out together. If we are still bored, a good movie will do.
  • For us: When we live alone, thinking of an activity can be challenging but sometimes, we do not need to exert effort. We can just pay our sleep debt if we are too timid to do other tasks. If we are done with sleeping, we can also clean our closet and get rid of unnecessary things. If we are the type that loves a good movie, there are tons of movies streaming online or in cable.

Rainy days only give us more time for the family and our loved ones. We should not curse at it.Cleaning-out-your-closet

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