Romantic Rejection Management Tips Every Girl Should Know

We’ve all experienced having a crush on a guy who doesn’t like us back, or a fling that just fizzled into nothingness. Yes, it’s easy to feel quite let-down when the person you like doesn’t like you back, but remember, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, there are some little and simple tricks that you can do to make the rejection a little easier for you.


  1. Don’t Take the Rejection Personally. It may seem crazy, but getting rejected actually has a little thing to do with you, and much more with where the other person is in his life. Perhaps, he’s still not be over his ex, or he’s interested in someone else. Understand that most of the time, the rejection isn’t just about you. It’s about them too.
  1. Stop Thinking About the ‘What-Ifs”. Yes, you can totally beat yourself up to thinking as to why he’s not interested in dating you, but remember, that won’t get you anywhere. It won’t help in improving your relationship with the other person, it’ll only give you more things to fixate on. Remember, you can’t change what has already happened and the only thing that’s left for you to do is to learn to accept it.
  1. Don’t see it as a Challenge to Prove Yourself to Them. If he’s really the right guy for you, he’ll see just how great you are without you having to constantly prove it to him. If he rejects you, understand that he might not be properly equipped to see just how great of a person you are and just move on with your life.


  1. Spend Time With Those Who Knows Your Worth. Fixating on the one you never had, or the one that got away, is surely the best way to destroy your self-esteem and put yourself into the black hole of despair and depression. Doesn’t sound like a pretty fun place to be, right? So why not spend your time and energy on your family and friends who perfectly knows your worth, instead of sulking over the guy who rejected you. That’s a pretty good alternative, right?

Being rejected by the person you like is no fun at all. However, you can’t just be sulking on that rejection forever. Remember, you have a life to live, so stop feeling depressed now, move on, and be happy again. Who knows, you might finally find Mr. Right this time around.Sad-depressed-stressed-young-woman-by-Andrea-Rose-Creative-Commons

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