Simple Tips on How to Start a Food Blog

It is already known that food is a great part of Singapore’s culture. That being said, if you’re a foodie who wants to share Singapore’s wonderful cuisine to the world, you might consider food blogging. But, if you’re having difficulty picking up ideas on how to start, here are some tips for you!

1. Your blog name and content
Many of those starting out with a food blog sometimes find it hard to come up with a name. One easy solution to this is to know what type of content you’re trying to put out first. Either you’re going for restaurant reviews or food recipes, figuring out your niche is important not just for the name of your blog but also your identity as a whole. You’re blog name, then, should be short yet unique and memorable while tying into your niche.

2. Your website
If you know how to make a website yourself or you know a web designer, that can be good. But for blogs, it will be ideal to have a web host. A web host basically provides the necessary technologies needed by your website for it to be viewed on the internet. Also, if you do not yet have a domain name, a web host can help you purchase one. You’ll also want to create your website with a content management system. WordPress is one that is commonly recommended because it is efficient and easy to learn.

3. Dabble with themes
Once you have WordPress, it will be relatively easy to design your website. There are a lot of themes in WordPress to choose from, both free and paid. The paid ones are also cheaper compared to hiring a web designer to create your website from scratch. Having a theme that suits your niche is also essential to provide the overall aesthetic of your blog. Try to find a theme that matches your content well and complements the photos you put up as well.

4. Start creating content
Start writing and posting your blog articles, and do it consistently. Initially, you should have about 10 or more articles ready to publish from the get-go so that your first visitors at least have a lot to look into. It would also be a good idea for you to incorporate some food photography in your blog. The one thing that attracts site visitors, aside from a good read, is the sight of good food. You can even add videos if you want.

5. Promote your blog
Because of the internet and social media, it will be very easy to promote your blog. That is why it is important to have social media accounts for your blog. Facebook and Instagram are the better ones to have in Singapore because they are more commonly used by people. If you can, you can also try networking or collaborating with other food bloggers, especially those who are already “big”.