Singapore’s Unseen Details and Information

Known for its cleanliness, Singapore is a disciplined country that is has different laws with heavy fines and penalties. That is why Singapore is tagged as the “Fine City”. Aside from the laws that they implement which cares about the environment such as Anti-Smoking Law, Banning of Chewing Gum in the country and more, Singapore has several places to go and have fun with. One of the places that you must not miss is the Botanic garden because this is where that largest collection of plants is housed.

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If you think that you already know the culture and the whole history of Singapore, you probably go back with it and review.
The Last Village – Kampong Bangkok

This village is known for their culture of friendliness and connection. People started living in this village after Singapore obtained independence in 1965. Today, Kampong Bangkok is the remaining kampong in the entire island.
Sir Raffles and Company

Sir Raffles is indeed very famous in Singapore. In fact, the name Raffles is all around Singapore such as Raffles teahouse, Raffles restaurants, Raffles hotels and more. However, after Sir Raffles established the presence of British in the island, he left it to William Farquhar and he continued to develop the nation. After William Farquhar contributed much in Singapore, John Crawfurd continued the legacy making the country abundant at present.

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Escape Stress in the City

A lot of foreign visitors including the locals disregard this place located in the northwest part of Singapore. This is Kranji, the most beautiful landscape in the country that is occasionally visited by people in the city and tourists. Kranji is a rural place far from stress and away from pollution in the city.

Nothing more nothing less, Singapore is indeed full of surprises.

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