Spider-Man: Slinging its Web in Hollywood

Summer marks the lucrative season for Hollywood’s blockbusters. Many Singaporeans are looking forward to this season because there is a great line up of films. There’s The Other Woman, Captain America, Heaven is for Real and of course, The Amazing Spider Man 2. The Other Woman is a comedy film about 3 women out for revenge for their cheating husband. It finished with US $14.2 million.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a sequel of the of the previous box office hit. It finished with US $7.8 million. Heaven Is for Real is a drama story that talks about faith; it is now on its 3rd week and so far, it made US $65 million since its release. So, what captured the hearts of Singaporeans and the whole world? It is The Amazing Spider Man 2. The Amazing Spider Man 2 grabbed US $92 million (or S $116 million).


The movie is expected to be one of the highest grossing films this year. Many people are expecting its release because of the big budget when it comes to its effects. The movie is filled with effects that audience were awed. It stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. It started with Peter Parker pursuing and apprehending of Aleksei Sytsevich.

The love interest of Spider man is Gwen Stacy which is played by Emma Stone. Emma Stone is also the real life girlfriend of Andrew Garfield. He also faced tough Electro (which is played by Jamie Foxx). The Amazing Spider Man 2 is action packed. Expect to see Spidey swing around New York’s skyscrapers and streets.



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