Survive the Scorch

Amazingly Helpful Tips for the Sweaty Girl on Surviving the Hot Weather

A short walk outside during noon time feels like a walk inside a volcano’s crater, you feel like layering clothes is simply not a good option- Ah, it’s officially summer time. Summer time in Singapore is usually fun if you’re stuck at home enjoying the air conditioner or cooling down in the pool.

But for sweaty girls always on the go, it’s just not possible to look presentable and cool in this heat. Fortunately, there are certain steps we can do to look and feel better amidst the torturous weather.


Perfume placement

To avoid being smelly, plan the placement of your perfume. Spritz on the key spots that make the perfume last longer. Usually we spray perfume on pulse points because those are warmer areas.

Actress Halle Berry has an unusual place she sprays perfume on- between her thighs. The heat in this area helps intensify the scent of the perfume. As heat is produced, the scent will eventually rise up so you’ll always smell great.


Step in the shower

In this heat, one cannot bear to forego morning showers. The heat can make your skin feel sticky and your hair greasy. Regular showers keep the skin clean and the body cool. If you skip on showers on such a hot day, body odor may develop.

If body odor is already a big problem for you, determine the source first so it’s easier to think of solutions later on.


Never forget your deodorant

No matter how you’re rushing to get to work or an appointment, the deodorant is something you should ever forego. The intensely hot weather means that you sweat more than usual. Apply deodorant daily without fail to avoid body odor attacks.

For girl who sweat excessively, choose a good antiperspirant and deodorant that provides optimum protection that will last all day.


Spritz some face mist

The heat and sweat can leave your skin looking like a mess. Refresh and invigorate the skin by spraying some cooling face mist that also helps set your makeup. You can spritz several times a day, depending on when your skin needs it.

Quick tip: When applying the mist, be sure to hold the bottle at least six inches away from your face and spray in an X motion.


Refresh your hair

Being too sweaty can make your hair smell not so fantastic. Get yourself a hair perfume that will eliminate the smell and keep your hair soft and fragrant again. A hair perfume also works for days when you skip washing your hair.


Down under

Every part of the body can give off a bad smell when we get too sweaty. Yes, even down there. Always carry a pack of feminine wipes and extra panty liners in your purse for emergency situations where you need some freshening up.


Gum in your pocket

Being busy all day means you have no time for brushing your teeth or even gargling. Don’t just tolerate stale breath smell. Grab some gum, preferably mint and sugar-free. Chewing gum keeps the breath fresh no matter how hectic your schedule is.


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