The Harmful Effects of Oil Spills

NOAA-Proposes-Plan-to-Address-Environmental-Injuries-from-Tank-Barge-DBL-152-Gulf-Oil-Spill You might have heard about the February 10, 2014 collision of ships at the Singapore Strait. One of the ships contained about 80 metric tonnes of bunker fuel and so it spilled in the ocean. After the incident, the MPA (Maritime and Port Authority) issued a statement right away. The ships were Hommonia Thracium (from Liberia) and Zoey (from Panama).

The two ships are in stable condition now and the authorities are still assessing the situation. The good thing though is there are no reported injuries and during the incident the port operations were not affected. The clean-up is on-going.

You should be alarmed when you are living near the shorelines. You should also think about the marine life. What would become of us if oil spills continue? Here’s an idea:



There is no doubt that oil spills will poison marine life. People can get the poison too by consuming fishes. When oil spill happens, the authorities will recommend a fish ban to safeguard those who are eating fishes.

Damage to Fisheries

Oil spill

The fishes and many marine animals will directly suffer. When the oil spill occurs, it will immediately take a toll that is why clean-up should be considered right away.

Damage to Recreation

The spill will eventually reach the coast. It will hinder the view and the sporting activities will be halted. No one will enjoy the water seeing the greasy and slimy oil. Wakeboard, surfing, kayaking and other activities will not be considered.

No one can possibly foresee an accident. If everyone can foresee an accident, the world will be safer.   Sometimes things happen but the important thing here is we learn from our mistakes. In the case of oil spills, it should be.

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