The Kind of Society Singaporeans Want

There is no doubt that Singapore is a rich country. Its economy compensates its smallness. With this, the world thinks that the sole purpose of Singaporeans is to improve the economy. The case may be true in the past but not now. Today, Singaporeans strive for more.


Life here in Singapore is not only work. There are other things that Singaporeans want. These are:

  • Peace of mind: Singaporeans are hard working so it is natural that we will counter many pressures in our life. But many of us now dream of having a peaceful mind – the kind that lets you enjoy sleep because you are not thinking of everything except resting.
  • Retirement sufficiency: The ageing population’s concern is their retirement sufficiency. When we are young and able, we work hard to prepare for our retirement but sometimes it is not enough. Seniors are looking for sufficiency to ensure their life after work.
  • Affordable healthcare: We are pushing for more affordable healthcare. The government helps many by providing subsidies. Apart from that, we also consider living a healthy life.


  • Affordable housing: Not all people here can afford a house of their own. There are Singaporeans that aspire to own their own house at an affordable rate. House is important because it makes you feel warm, safe and secure.
  • Social support: There is an increased social support in our society. Singaporeans are strengthening social support by helping the needy. We simply do not want to see our fellow suffer while we enjoy the security.

Singaporeans are now thinking of their emotional and mental wellbeing. It is not enough that you put food in the plate. It is also important that you spend time with your family while eating the food. Singaporeans have come a long way.


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