Three Measures to Take First Before Placing an Order of Solar Panels Singapore Products  


Although there are several factors you need to consider before purchasing the solar panels Singapore products, there are three main factors that must be placed on top of the priority. Upon assessing the three factors, you may proceed to the other factors as well. The next paragraphs will discuss these factors.

solar panels under a blue sky

Derive an analysis of the computed energy consumption.

It is difficult to make a guess regarding to the number of the solar panels required for a certain property. In order to know the specific number of what will exactly fit in for your daily energy use, check first the amount of energy intake that the solar panel can give. Then, have a close comparison with the amount that is necessary in your property. Generally, a typical household uses around 8,000-9,000 kWh annually. There are solar panels that give around 100-200 watts. Also, there are solar PV that offer more and less than the previously stated watts.

The number of solar panels will rely heavily on the required energy consumption for your daily usage. Think again of the average energy consumption you use. Do not look only on the days wherein you use a lot of appliances or equipment that eats up huge amount of energy. How about those days when you are on a leisure trip? Also, you may want to plan how you will use your appliance at home. It is expected that a household which uses several appliances at the same time will consume more energy.

If decide to do the solar panel installation by yourself, you need to search for the manufacturers that offers the solar panel for a reasonable worth because you might need around 35 quantities of it. Approximately, each household should have at around 30 to 40 panels to support the required energy for all the electricity usage.

Buying 30 to 40 panels is an overestimated quantity for others who have added alternatives to apply. Aside from the sun, the wind can also be a source of energy. Thus, if the household both have a wind mill and solar panel, there is a fewer quantity of panels needed. The good thing about this too is you can still have a source for your electricity use even on rainy and cloudy weather wherein the solar panels can’t absorb the energy of the sun.


Assess the allocated budget for purchasing solar panels.

After computing the amount of energy consumption that your household use on average, it is easier now to allocate a budget for it. If you really want a long-term renewable source of energy, you may want to consider the better quality even if the price is a bit higher than the other regular solar panels PV. Also, you may want to ask for the payment options of the manufacturers that are offering it. See if they allowing an initial payment first, say for example, half of the total upfront cost then paying the other half on a monthly basis.

You have to make sure that the budget you’re spending on the solar panels won’t compromise your other cash intended for the necessary expenses you have to pay for. There are more affordable options which will fit in both for your requirement and budget. Perhaps, you may want to start on cutting down your expenses for things you don’t need for the mean time and instead, allocate your savings from it to buying the solar panel.

Evaluate the range of products and deals from the manufacturers.

If you now have the sufficient budget for acquiring the solar panels Singapore products, you may begin looking for the offers of the various manufacturer. You may find the same energy output of solar panels but on a different price because it is given by another manufacturer. Just keep on browsing for all the available products of the manufacturers. You will have the best one for your property if you have more choices.

Another important factor in checking among the manufacturer is the deals they provide. See the details of the warranty included in the purchasing the solar panels. The number of years may differ from every manufacturers. Is there a replacement of the factory defective parts? Do they have provisions for the labour service? These are some of the things that you may ask about the warranty of the panels for your property. It is good to have a guarantee on the products you purchase especially if you have invested a significant value to it. Solar panel installation, after all, isn’t something you may just redo immediately if you want to do changes to it.solarcity-head

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