Types of Golf Bags

In playing golf, golfers usually bring with them a couple of clubs, golf balls, tees, and other more golfing paraphernalia. And having an appropriate golf bag will greatly help in carrying all the stuffs around the golf course every time they play.  So, what are the types of golf bags available and when should it be used?

Carry Bags

Also known as travel bags. This type of golf bag is perfect for golfers who like to travel light and are always on the go. Carry bags are perfect if you plan to carry your stuffs around the golf course all day. Most of these bags come in dual straps so they can be carried like backpacks, and are made of light materials for lighter weight. The only downside of this bag is the lack of storage room, which means you only have to carry the essentials.

Stand Bags

Stand bags have the same features with carry bags, but this type is designed to allow the bag to stand when it’s on the ground. It features a convenient stand that automatically shows up when you place the bag down, and retracts when the bag is carried up. For players who want the convenience of easy-carry but want to avoid shoulder and back pain can use Stand Bags.

Cart Bags

Cart bags are designed to be dragged around so they’re typically heavier and stouter than tour bags and stand bags. It has more storage compartments for best organization and can accommodate a standard set of 14 golf clubs plus your other golfing accessories. Cart bags can be made of different materials, lightweight or heavy, depending on the producer.

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