Types of Injury that Cause Brain Trauma  


Here in Singapore, brain injury happens. Though it is unfortunate, you should not stop by accepting it. If you have a family member that endures brain trauma, it is critical that you understand everything about it so you can help the patient recover from this terrible ordeal. The support should not stop from the doctors and the therapists.


The first thing that you have to know is the types of injury that can lead to brain trauma. A severe brain injury happens when trauma to one’s brain creates significant neurological injury leading to physiologic changes. There are four types of injury that can cause brain trauma:

  • Toxic injuries: This brain injury involves toxic chemical agents. These toxic chemical agents can damage or even kill brain cells.
  • Closed head injuries: Closed head injuries are common. It is the type of injury that affects the inside of the skull. The impact of the injury will lead to bruising, bleeding, tissue damage and fluid build-up.
  • Anoxic injuries: Another common type of brain trauma injury is anoxic. This happens when the brain cells do not receive the right amount of oxygen thereby killing it.
  • Penetrating injuries: Penetrating injuries refer to the opening of the skull which is the result of gunshot wounds.


After knowing the types of injury, there are still many important things that you have to consider to fully understand its nature and its extent. The brain injury is rated using three levels – mild, moderate and severe. When you encounter brain trauma or injury, you have to ask the doctors its severity. The severity labels the degree of damage to the patient’s brain. Doctors use the Glasgow Coma Scale to rate the severity of the brain injury following the accident.

There is no denying that severe brain injury can happen – you just pray that it is not your friend or loved ones. You have to know that most of the causes of brain injury can be attributed to motor or vehicular accident. What should you do as a precaution when it is possible? You have to check your breaks of course and if it is not enough, make sure that you put your seat belts and that your airbags are functional.

If it is not enough to read some sources, it is time that you go to a doctor and personally ask details about brain injuries. The good news is that there are many doctors here in Singapore that can help you. Brain injury is no small thing. It should be dealt accordingly and with patience.

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