Unusual Food Festivals  


There is no doubt that food festivals are immeasurably fun not to mention fulfilling. We have our food festival here in Singapore. In fact, it is also famous around the world. We think we tasted all the good things but wait till we tried other food festivals. Here are some food festivals that we must attend:


Bonghwa Eun-Uh Festival

This festival is also called Sweet Fish or Sweet Smelt. It is celebrated in Gyeongsangbul-do in South Korea. The festival is about catching fishes with our bare hands, grilling them and eating them. This looks exciting. The festival takes place on August 1 to 8, 2015. Since we are in South Korea, might as well visit other sights for a complete experience.

Bonghwa Eun-Uh (Sweet Fish) Festival

Vegetarian Festival

The festival honors people who prefer vegetables instead of meats. In Phuket, Thailand, the festival includes processions of self-mutilated participates. This is not something for the faint-hearted. If it sounds gruesome, we can grab snacks and meals from the hawkers along the sidewalks.

The festival will be on October 15 to 23, 2015 In Bangkok, the Vegetarian Festival is less gruesome. We will particularly enjoy the mock meat. The festival will be on October 12 to 20, 2015. When we visit Thailand, we have to visit their shrines.

If we do not have time to visit these places yet, we can make the most out of Singapore Food Festival. If it is already finished, there is always next year. Going to food festivals are indeed fun and fulfilling, especially if it is shared with our loved ones.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2014

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