What is Domain Registration?

A lot of people do not have an idea of what domain registration is, and it is only the techies that can shed light on the topic. Here is a simple explanation about the basics of domain registration, trying not to get too technical. To understand this broad topic, you should have an understanding of what a domain name is.


An Address on the Internet

All of us have our place of residence, and the place where we live has a corresponding postal address. The postal address we have is unique, and no one else has the similar address, unless both of you live in one house. Through this distinct address, we can be located. But we can only be located if the person knows our complete address. Same thing goes with domain names. A domain name that you can register from hostmerlion domain registration in Singapore is basically a website’s address on the Internet. No two websites can have the same domain name. When you register domain name, you are like registering your address on the virtual world, where the online community can locate your website.


A Part of Your Brand

If you are a businessman and you register Singapore domain name, you are doing it to push your business and brand to the market. For example, you own a barbecue restaurant in Singapore and you want to let everyone know online that you are starting to venture into catering at parties and other special occasions as part of your business growth. Basically, your domain name is a part of your brand. See to it that your choice of domain name will make people think of your business, and when people think of your business, they should think of your domain name.

You Own It

It is a “first come, first served” basis when it comes to domain registration. When you register domain name successfully, nobody else can use it. It becomes yours. You have the control over the website that the domain name points to, as well as the email addresses that are related to it.

The good thing about domain registration is that, you can actually register as many domain names as you want and you can make all of them point to one website if you want. For this to be possible, you need to register several domain names through the domain registrars accredited by the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC). A yearly registration fee is required for the registration, maintenance, and administration of every domain name. What businessmen do is that they register as many domain names as they can for the purpose of reserving them so nobody else can use the same domain names, and to have a variety of domain names for their company website.


Domain Registration: Buy and Sell

Aside from purchasing a domain name or several domain names through a domain registrar, you can also buy from domain name owners, resellers, and brokers. What some business minded people do is that they register domain name in Singapore they think other individuals might need or want, then they sell the domain name at a premium price. For example, somebody registered the domain name bestbarbecueresto.sg and sells it at a price higher than the average.

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