5 Subtle Ways Women Are Sabotaging Their Love Lives

You shouldn’t completely blame yourself for being single, although your actions can play a part in all of this. You may not realize it yet, but you might actually be practising or doing some behaviours that are decreasing your chances of finding love. To get a better understanding of these things, here are five key behaviours that might be subtly sabotaging your luck at love.


  1. Being Stuck in the Past. Believing that the man you dated in the past was ‘the one’ will only keep you from meeting someone better and new. So as much as possible, stop thinking, talking or even dreaming about your past love. If you were meant to be with the person from your past, you’d still be with him until now. Let that thought sink in, and follow it up with the idea that God or any divine force you believe in is never wrong in making you feel that it’s time to let go of the past.


  1. Dating One Person Only. Most women do monogamy in dating by default. They find it fruitless to meet another potential date until they’re forced to do so, which is actually wrong. Dating is comparable to a buffet: You shouldn’t be afraid to taste a little of everything before settling on your favourite dish. So as early as now, ditch that one-man date rule that you’re practising and start dating a good number of men until you find the right guy for you.


  1. Avoiding Socialization. As they age, adults are less likely to make new friends and that’s what decreases their chances of finding the right guy. In order to meet the right person – or the potential love of your life – you need to find and join the right social circles. Who knows, your ‘the one’ might be a friend of a friend. So don’t be afraid to socialize with new people by volunteering in or joining organizations. Aside from increasing your chances of meeting a potential date, you’ll also be able to enrich your life.


  1. Hanging with a Group. Socialization is an important element in meeting a potential date through friends, but you can also match-make yourself by spending some time alone. Remember that men find it easier to speak to a woman when she’s alone.  So find and spend some time in a somewhat busy place like a park, a café, or your local Starbucks to invite love in your life. You’ll be surprise as to how this intentional act can do wonders for your love life.


  1. Doubting His Existence. One of the biggest saboteur when it comes to finding love is doubt. If you don’t believe that you’ll find the right for you, then it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find him. So instead of doubting your luck in love, actively pursue men that have similar qualities with the guy you want to date by making yourself physically present on some of the places where your potential guy is most likely to be hanging around.

If in doubt, don’t be afraid to put in some effort to attract the love you deserve. By doing nothing, you’re simply keeping yourself single. So make a concerted effort to attract the right man, and eventually, you will.

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