5 Ways to Control Your Caffeine Addiction

Feeling too controlled by your caffeine addiction? Then it might be time to consider detoxing off your stuff without really sacrificing the jolt of energy that you need. Depending on your caffeine habit, kicking off the stuff might take seven to 10 days. You may opt to completely abstain from caffeinated drinks, or try to gradually reduce your caffeine intake. Either way, the following tips will surely help in kicking your bad coffee habit.


  1. List the Reasons Why You Want to Quit. There are several reasons why ditching your daily caffeine intake can be a good move, and listing down those reasons is a good way to keep you motivated in the long run. Whether your reason is that it causes you sleeplessness, anxiety and irritability, or you find your latte-a-day habit rather expensive, just write your reasons down and start your caffeine detox from there.
  1. Drink Lots of Water. Other than caffeinated drinks, water is also a great way to boost your energy levels early in the morning. It may be hard at first, but as you start to drink a cup or two right when you wake up, you’ll see the immediate jolt of energy that it gives. Apart from that, drinking lots of water will also help offset the water that you lost during the time you were drinking caffeinated drinks.
  1. Opt for Green Tea. Unlike coffee, green tea only contains small traces of caffeine that’s already enough to give you the natural buzz you need every morning. Also, sipping a cup of it in the morning will mimic the experience of drinking an actual cup of coffee.


  1. Perform Some Workout Routine. As you start to adjust to a caffeine-free lifestyle, you’ll need to find ways on how you can make up for the little energy jolts that you lost. The ideal way to get your energy pumping? Perform some workout routine. Even if it’s quite impossible for you to perform a huge routine, you can start your day just by doing little walks and jogs to feel energized and mentally refreshed.
  1. Do it With a Friend. Breaking a bad habit is always easier when it’s done with someone who shares the same experience. So look for a relative or a friend who’s also considering giving up their caffeine habit, and have him as your support system.

Although breaking your coffee habit may take some time, following these tips will make your transition to a caffeine-free lifestyle easier and less of a hassle.


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