7 School and Office Supplies You Need as an Adult


No, you’re not going “back to school”.

But sometimes in your adult life, you find yourself saying, “I completely forgot!” one too many times. Or maybe you find your office desk or your bedroom in total disarray that you’re tempted to throw everything out and just buy new stuff altogether. Please don’t. Here is a list of school and office supplies that you need to ease your transition to full-scale adulthood. There’s no going back anyway.


  • A calendar or a planner — Not necessarily the Starbucks kind of planner, though that will do just fine. Whether you rely on paper or prefer to use an app, it’s important to keep proper track of your schedule. Finding an efficient way to plan work or personal events, as well as errands, will save you precious time and money. You’ll be free from stress too (or at least, some of it)!


  • An expanding file folder — … and label them accordingly. Whether you want to use them to keep your important documents (certificates, titles, etc.) or manuals for electronics (TV, vacuum cleaner, microwave, coffee maker, etc.), it will save a lot of space on your drawers. Plus, you know where to find them should the need arise.


  • A glue gun – Oh, you don’t need it? Then how come you always end up looking for one whenever you are working on a DIY project which, by the way, happens almost every week, thanks to your Pinterest obsession? You don’t have to buy a massive glue gun; just a handy, cordless one will do. Bring it to the office, and your workmates will love you for it.


  • A pair of scissors – No explanation necessary. You need it.


  • A stockpile of greeting cards – 2016 is the year to be a good friend and nothing says “I’m your pal!” better than a greeting card. Stock up on birthday, sympathy, and thank you cards (even blank cards!) and watch your friend go “Awww!” on their special day.


  • Sticky Notepads – Admit it, your memory isn’t that sharp anymore. You may even forget you have a planner or an appointment calendar. Brightly colored sticky notepads, however, catch your attention about the things you need to remember. Write important notes on them (phone numbers, deadlines, errands, etc.) and stick them on strategic places like the side of your computer screen or your coffee mug.


  • Pens, lots and lots of them – You’re an adult now; you know why you need them. Other than for writing down important stuff, what will you use to sign documents, contracts, and other “adult” forms? Exactly.


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