A Guide to Not-So-Common Makeup Products for Clueless Girls  

Let’s face it, not all women are experts in cosmetics. While most of us wear makeup every day, not everyone is well-educated about the uses of every product. In order to clear up any confusion, here’s the guide on some of the most seemingly basic makeup products.


  1. Luminizer

A luminizer, which comes as a cream, powder, or liquid, is used to give the skin a healthy glow. You can mix a drop of liquid luminizer in your foundation or tinted moisturizer and apply it wherever you think your skin needs more glowing effect (e.g. corners of the eyes, cheekbones).

When shopping, we suggest finding a “finely milled” product or those that provide subtle sheen to the face. Avoid those with chunky glitters as it will only make you look too shiny and unnatural.

  1. CC Cream

Known as “complexion corrector,” CC cream is almost the same with BB cream, just a bit more potent. CC creams correct any discoloration on the skin, while BB creams only smooth everything out.

This product is best used when you’re going out for a quick errand and want to hide any redness in the face. While this can provide enough coverage to hyper-pigmentations, it isn’t long-wearing so not recommended for use if your need your makeup to last for hours.


  1. Tinted Moisturizer

As the name implies, its primary purpose is to moisturize the skin; but since it’s tinted, it also provides little coverage. This product is your perfect go-to makeup when you just want to even out your skin tone, but doesn’t want the heavy feeling of foundation.

You can apply this with the use of brush or your bare hands. Just apply these all over your face, pair with a bit of lip balm and eye shadow, and you’re good to go.

  1. Setting Spray

Setting spray is used to keep the makeup in place for longer hours. You won’t have to worry about your foundation, concealer, or eye shadow melting because you know it stays where you applied them.

For application, hold the product about an arm’s length from your face. Spray a couple of times and let it dry. A quick tip: look for a setting spray with glycine to help take away the cakey or powdery finish of the makeup.

Makeup can be confusing. However, what we’re sure of is that all of them are made to make us look and feel better about ourselves. Give these products a shot and see for yourself the wonders of these products.


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