A Guide to Organizing Your Fridge Efficiently

We all have a refrigerator so that we can enjoy the things we want to eat for a long time. By cooling and slowing down chemical processes, our fridge extends the shelf life of our food. To make our fridges run more efficiently, we should clean and organize it. Organizing a fridge is not an exclusive thing because anyone can actually do it. Here’s a guide:

Clean the fridge. We should remove all the contents in the fridge and clean it. Cleaning the fridge is simple. We should remember to turn it off first, then wash the detachable things like shelves and drawers. Ice from the freezer should be removed as well. We can also clean the exterior of our fridge so the whole unit looks clean.

Classify your food. We should put everything in the table and classify it. We can start by sorting the condiments, meat, drinks, other solid food and leftover. If there are expired condiments, we should throw it away. Fruits and vegetables should be kept in the chiller. Anything that is starting to spoil or rot should also be thrown away immediately.

Time to arrange it. This is the hardest part because we will not know if the fridge will welcome everything we have but with the right organizing, it will store every food in the table. Compartments are for vegetables and fruits, while condiments are placed on the door shelves. Any kind of meat – pork, chicken and beef – as well as fish, should be put in separate containers, and then placed on the freezer. Drinks, leftovers, yogurt, cheese and other ready to eat foods should be arranged on the upper shelves of the fridge.

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