3 Great Reasons Why Women Should Try CrossFit

So you’re looking for ways to exercise and while around somewhere in Singapore, you see a CrossFit box (the CrossFit term for “gym”). You get curious and check it out on the internet but you somehow get disappointed because the female CrossFit athletes you see there are PACKED with muscles.

Here’s something you should know though, those athletes are professional competitors and basically focus on CrossFit for most of the day. It doesn’t mean that when you do CrossFit, you’ll instantly look like them. Plus, there really are many other reasons to give it a try! Here are only some of them.

You will look lean and toned

Now, I know we said you won’t look like those pro athletes, but you will get some muscle. However, it won’t be to the point that you’ll look huge. When you start CrossFit, you’ll slowly look leaner and your body will look toned.

Your abs will be more visible, your butt will look perkier, and you’ll also lose convert that fat in your arms into muscle. Of course, depending on your goals, you can lose fat OR gain a lot of muscle when doing CrossFit. No matter what those goals may be, you can decide it all for yourself and no one will really stop you.

You can take the boredom out of exercise

If you’re not a complete beginner with working out though, you should already know that there are times when a workout session could get boring. Well, your time in a CrossFit gym will never be boring simply because workouts are constantly varied.

What you do tomorrow won’t necessarily be the same today. This allows for variety and will almost always incite fun in an individual. In addition to that, there are different exercises that cater to almost every component of physical fitness. There’s lifting for strength, gymnastics for flexibility and balance, sprinting-type exercises for endurance and many more!

CrossFit can help you realize your potential

One of the main highlights of CrossFit is that it helps you break your boundaries. For instance, if you’ve never tried running a 5k marathon before, you’ll say you can’t do it simply because you’re not fit enough. But then, after you spend maybe 3 or 4 months doing CrossFit and your friends invite you for a run, you decide to give it a try.

Then you discover that you actually can do a 5k run and you can even go for more! Doing CrossFit actually trains you to push through your limits. You won’t even question your potential again once you taste the success of completing a hard CrossFit workout.

Why Keep a Fitness Journal?

You made a promise to yourself that you’re going to go to the gym and take it seriously. You go around Singapore and find a gym that you like and you begin exercising there. After a while, you find that you’re wandering around the gym not knowing which exercises you should do next. That’s where a fitness journal can come in handy. Here are also other reasons why you should keep a fitness journal:

To set up your workouts
If you have a fitness journal, you will be able to write down what your workout is for the day ahead of time. That way you won’t have to wander around the gym thinking about what you should do next. For example, let’s say you’re hitting biceps, chest, and back. Before you even go to the gym, take a page in your journal and write down the workouts you want to do for each body part. As you’re working out, you can easily check what you plan to do next.

So that you hold yourself accountable
A fitness journal will help you see exactly how you’ve been performing. You may say to yourself that you’ve hit a plateau and you’re not losing weight/gaining muscle. But if someone were to look at your fitness journal and saw that you were having low-intensity workouts and have not been exhausting yourself enough, then there is the reason why you’ve hit a plateau. Having a fitness journal prompts you to be honest and helps keep you accountable.

To see your progress
You’ll be able to keep track of your progress very easily with a journal. You can see how much you’re getting better at lifts and other exercises. You can see how intense your workouts are getting. You can see how much you can already carry. And you can see how much weight you’ve lost or how much muscle you’ve gained. In addition, seeing how much you’ve progressed can be a great source of motivation that can help you continue towards your goals.

You can write about how you feel
Another great reason why you should keep a fitness journal is that you can take down notes on how you feel that day. You’ll be able to find out which days you feel tired and less motivated, and which days you feel strong and energized. This is important because your mood will generally determine your attitude in your workouts. Plus, you will be able to understand which exercises you enjoy the most and which ones you need to work more on.

You’ll know your weaknesses
Much like how you can see your progress, you’ll also be able to see your weak points. You might notice that you can squat significantly more weight compared to your deadlifts. Or that you lack cardio and abdominal exercises. Having a fitness journal helps you map out which of your body parts need more improvement.

5 Crucial Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Eyeglasses

You may have had your glasses for years and still think you see perfectly clear with them, but there’s a good chance you may not have noticed that your vision isn’t as great as when you first got your pair of lenses.

So when you start to take notice of the following signs, it’s probably time to schedule an appointment with your optometrist:

1. Headaches
Recurring headaches is perhaps the most overlooked factor people notice, but it’s the most telling sign that you need to change your lenses.

This happens because while you’re actually seeing things slightly more blurry than usual over time, your brain compensates for this and tries to correct the problem. The result is that your brain expends energy correcting your vision, and you get headaches.

2. Squinting
Another sign that you need to replace your glasses is if you find yourself squinting to focus on objects. This is especially true if you’re nearsighted and need to see distant objects clearly. But what you don’t realize is that this does more damage over time.

In fact, squinting actually forces your eyes to focus, which adds more strain on them, and if you find this more likely to happen when you’re reading or a book or using a computer, then you’re due for a prescription change.

3. Blurred Vision
Having blurred vision is less obvious at first since you don’t notice this right away. However, you will eventually notice a moment when your vision is suddenly blurred even with glasses on.

If this is the case, you will need to see your optometrist to determine whether you need a prescription change or treatment for other conditions that cause significant changes to your vision, such as cataracts.

4. Eye Fatigue
While this can be caused by a lot of other factors (such as a lack of sleep or seasonal allergies), they usually only last a day or two at most. Persistent eye fatigue, meanwhile, is a common symptom caused by having outdated prescription lenses.

IF you’re experiencing eye fatigue more frequently than you used to, having a prescription change may be due in order to relieve some of the strain.

5. Lens Scratching
Wear and tear is also a huge factor for needing a regular prescription upgrade. Even though scratches on your lenses may seem un-obtrusive at first, they could significantly affect your vision and increase the amount of eye strain you experience.

The same can also be said for glasses with special coatings or outdated features, such as those designed for anti-UV or for glare reduction. In fact, if your glasses are longer than two years old, you should have them replaced with a prescription that suits your needs.

Why Can’t Some People Stop Gambling  


The gambling scene has expanded so much in the past decade we now have presently many bookmakers competing with one another. To ensure these bookmakers to stay in front of their competition, they have to formulate tactics to encourage players. A great way to make this happen is to provide a free bets offer. Such a promotion implies that you will be wagering for free. Yes, you better believe it. You may place a wager without utilizing your funds!


How can you put a best free bet offer? Once you put a cost-free wager, you will not lose money in case your bet was wrong. There’s no risk to using a cost-free wager. But what happens once you win the bet? If you ever win the wager, you’ll only get paid the entire profit from the wager but not the price you spent to place a bet in the first place. If you are confused, here’s an illustration.

Say you placed a best free bet offer of $10. You opt for 3:1 chances and you win the bet. You’ll get the $30 you won however, you won’t have an additional $10 which is the price you used to the bet. That is just a demonstration of what will transpire whenever you place a cost-free wager. The actual condition may shift depending upon the bookmaker’s conditions. Bookmakers feature varied conditions for their top free bet offers consequently it’s very crucial for you to study it extensively.

Placing cost-free bet might appear to be a wonderful betting situation: You put your free wager and when you win then you make some cash, and yet you won’t really lose any money in case you lose the wager. Even so, bookmakers continue to be focused on money making and you can anticipate that they’ll attempt to regain their losses from your cost-free wagers. That is why there are usually limitations when using cost-free bets. Below are a few of the standard restriction.


Minimum odds: To use your cost-free wager, you will be required to bet above a given amount. In the event you wager under that specific sum, your free bet won’t be counted.

Free wager expiration: You have to make your free bet during a set time limit. Typically, this time limit is 30 days but it’ll differ for every bookmaker.

Rollovers: You have to wager the free bonus more than once in order for you to remove it. For instance, in case you win the bet with your bonus, you’ll need to make another bet. When you win that bet, you might need to make another one after. The entire number of times you need to bet differs from bookmaker to bookmaker.

The bookmaker’s restrictions are located in their terms. As attractive as a free bets offer may sound, it is advisable to take time to read the conditions before you make one. Consider searching for free bets just like you’d treat seeking a bookmaker. Choose only the top free bet offers out there.


Everything You Need To Know About Zika Virus  


News of Zika virus (ZIKV) spread around the world. In fact, many countries have recognized it as an outbreak. Now almost all countries are getting vigilant about it. ZIKV is a virus transmitted by daytime Aedis mosquitoes. The name originated in Ugunda and it was first discovered in 1947. If transmitted to humans, it will lead to Zika fever.


According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of America, about one in five people that are infected with ZIKV become ill. America issued travel warnings to prevent the transmission and spread of the virus. Other government agencies are also issuing the same orders. The virus was first seen within Africa and Asia but in 2014, the virus spread across the Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia, Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean. Here are the things that you need to know about ZIKV:


The most common symptoms of ZIKV include fever, rash, red eyes (also called conjunctivitis) and joint pain. Other patients also reported headache and muscle pain. The scientists do not know yet the incubation period for ZIKV but it is likely few days to one week. Incubation period refers to the period from exposure to when symptoms appear. In most cases, symptoms appear mild during the first few days to one week. The good news is that deaths are rare when one contracts the virus. In fact, few require hospitalization.


Doctors need to distinguish Zika because it has similar symptoms like that of chikungunya and dengue since the virus is transmitted by the same type of mosquitoes. If you think that you are showing symptoms of Zika, it is better to go to the doctor right away. If you visited a country where it is rampant, it is recommended to consult the doctor right away. Doctors may request blood tests to determine Zika or other viruses.



The bad news here is that there are no available vaccines or medications yet to prevent or even treat Zika infections. However, doctors recommend patients to treat it by getting plenty of rest. Taking a few days from work would be beneficial to you and your colleagues since you are preventing the spread of mosquito bites. Drinking lots of fluids can help too as this can prevent dehydration caused by the fever. For medications, it is better to consult doctors first but you can safely take acetaminophen as this can help you relieve pain and fever. Be warned though not to take Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) like aspirin, ibuprofen as well as naproxen. Doctors should first rule out that it is not Zika or dengue before taking NSAIDs. This is to prevent and reduce the risk of bleeding or haemorrhage. If you are taking other medications, consult doctors first before taking NSAIDs. Another thing to do is prevent mosquito bites. This is the most effective thing to prevent Zika since the mosquito bite can transmit the blood and pass it from an infected person to another. The virus will remain in the blood of an infected person for many days before it eventually subsides but it can be longer for some people.

There are vaccines for Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever virus however, for Zika, it is still under development. According to the Centre for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases, it may take up to two years to develop the vaccine. The researchers who are developing the vaccine have broad experience in developing vaccines so there should be no trouble. It will take about ten to twelve years to produce the vaccine for public use. There is a pharmaceutical company that claimed they already developed vaccine for ZIKV but still process approval for public use.

This is good news for everyone. While waiting for the release of the vaccine, the best course of action is to prevent mosquitoes from transmitting it or postponing travel to affected countries. It is always wise to check health or travel advisories to be updated. Other countries like Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Ecuador are advising women to postpone getting pregnant until the risks of ZIKV are known.

There are still no known cases here in Singapore but we should continue to be vigilant. Although experts say that ZIKV is likely to outbreak here, additional precautions are in place carried out by the Ministry of Health and the National Environment Agency.


Beset by Nightmares: What to Do?  


When we sleep we either have a good or a bad dream. We cannot possibly pick what dreams we produce but when it becomes real bad, we just wake up. This is not the case for people who are suffering from chronic nightmares.


People who suffer chronic nightmares often wake in terror at least once or twice a week. In fact, some people continue to feel terrified throughout the next few days that sleeping will be impossible. In chronic nightmares, there is nothing but negative emotions like sadness, anger, guilt, shame and fear.

Before it takes a toll on our mental health, it is important that we know what to do should this become our case. The good news is that there are effective treatments for chronic nightmares. There are many specialists that we can ask for help here in Singapore. Here are some treatments they will suggest:download

  • Psychotherapy: In psychotherapy, patients meet with their therapists regularly to discuss the nightmares. Therapists will then evaluate which emotional problems are causing the nightmare. Other people do not consider this because they think therapists are for crazy people only.
  • Prazosin: Prazosin is a drug prescribed for people with high blood pressure however recent studies claim that doses of this drug at night can help people with chronic nightmares and posttraumatic disorders. Before taking this, we have to consult our physicians.
  • Imagery Rehearsal Therapy: Although a very young entrant, this therapy has been gaining favor as a treatment for people suffering from chronic nightmare.

We have to remember that chronic nightmares can trigger psychological stress like depression, fatigue and anxiety.