4 Book Havens for Bookworms

Books are a delightful past time. In a pinch, they can also make for great gifts to give to friends and loved ones. There are a lot of bookshops here in SG, some of them large and well-known, some of them small and niche. Here are some of them.

1. BooksActually
BooksActually has a large selection with a lot of different genres that you could choose from. Their selection ranges from popular literary works, to obscure rare editions. Home to the largest collection of Singapore literary titles, you could be sure that every bookworm has something for them. Even if you don’t find anything that interests you, those in the mood for adventure will delight in their book vending machines, where you can let fate decide on what book you’ll be reading today.

BooksActually is located at 9 Yong Siak Street and is open on Sundays and Mondays from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm.

2. Kinokuniya
Kinokuniya is the biggest bookstore here in Singapore, usually attracting more than 200,000 visitors per month. They stock books from many genres, from fiction to non-fiction. They also have magazines, CDs, and stationaries. Starting out as a Japanese bookstore in 1983, Kinokuniya still carries Japanese merchandise until today; fans of Japanese culture can find Japanese books, stationery and magazines here in Kinokuniya.

Kinokuniya has four locations: Ngee Ann City, Liang Court, Bugis Junction, and JEM.

3. Times Bookstore
Times Bookstore is another major book retail chain here in SG. They offer books on a wide selection and specialize in travel books like guidebooks, travel maps, and travel-related items. Those who want to immerse themselves in the literary scene of Singapore would be delighted in the number of events that Times Bookstore often hosts, like meet the author sessions, performance storytelling, and book signing sessions.

4. Littered With Books
Littered With Books has a quirky, off-beat atmosphere that bookworms are sure to delight in. Located in a small and quaint two-storey space, Littered With Books is an inviting space. You can peruse its shelves and choose from different categories, with its fiction selection on the first floor and its non-fiction selection on its second floor. They have seating available for those who would like to sit down and read and have friendly staff members to whom you could ask for assistance and book recommendations.

Australia’s Not-So-Conventional Gift to Singapore  


On May 20, 2015, Australia gave us a list of their gifts in celebration of our 50th anniversary. Their gifts are also the celebration of Australia-Singapore diplomatic ties for 50 years.  Many people have different views about the gifts. Some thought that the gifts are cool others say that they are creepy. For those who did not like it, we cannot just return it because the gifts are given with good intention.


One of the gifts is a roaming puppet performance. The puppet performance is called The Snuff Puppets Human Body Parts. Actually, the roaming body parts have been the talk of the country. The performances are both fascinating and weird.

Disembodied human parts were walking in the streets. Imagine looking at an eye or a mouth sneaking up on residents or at nearby malls and MRT stations. The human parts were not just there to scare or tickle people. Actually, there was a performance and no matter what we think they were, it was definitely a surreal experience to many.c0d03780-006b-11e5-bff1-cf392459c67d_20150522_154426

The disembodied human parts – eye, mouth, hand, foot, ear and nose performed at heartlands on May 22 to May 25, 2015. The sights of walking body parts were unusual because we do not see a lot of this here but nevertheless, it was fun. On top of the puppets, Australia will also organize fifty barbeque nights simultaneously in June. This is something to look forward to.

The body parts and other activities are part of the “50 Bridges” launched by Lawrence Wong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister of Australia.62a3a2a0-006b-11e5-82bf-77fa269c4272_20150522_154028

Singapore’s Unseen Details and Information

Known for its cleanliness, Singapore is a disciplined country that is has different laws with heavy fines and penalties. That is why Singapore is tagged as the “Fine City”. Aside from the laws that they implement which cares about the environment such as Anti-Smoking Law, Banning of Chewing Gum in the country and more, Singapore has several places to go and have fun with. One of the places that you must not miss is the Botanic garden because this is where that largest collection of plants is housed.

Singapore_City1 - Copy

If you think that you already know the culture and the whole history of Singapore, you probably go back with it and review.
The Last Village – Kampong Bangkok

This village is known for their culture of friendliness and connection. People started living in this village after Singapore obtained independence in 1965. Today, Kampong Bangkok is the remaining kampong in the entire island.
Sir Raffles and Company

Sir Raffles is indeed very famous in Singapore. In fact, the name Raffles is all around Singapore such as Raffles teahouse, Raffles restaurants, Raffles hotels and more. However, after Sir Raffles established the presence of British in the island, he left it to William Farquhar and he continued to develop the nation. After William Farquhar contributed much in Singapore, John Crawfurd continued the legacy making the country abundant at present.

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Escape Stress in the City

A lot of foreign visitors including the locals disregard this place located in the northwest part of Singapore. This is Kranji, the most beautiful landscape in the country that is occasionally visited by people in the city and tourists. Kranji is a rural place far from stress and away from pollution in the city.

Nothing more nothing less, Singapore is indeed full of surprises.

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A World-Class Airport in Singapore

With the advancement the world is experiencing nowadays, Singapore is among the many countries that is said to be the most powerful country in Southeast Asia and probably around the globe. Due to this, many world-class facilities are produced in the nation. One great example of modern facilities is the Changi Airport.


Changi Airport is one place that the country can boast. In fact, it has been previously hailed as the number 1 airport in the world that provides comfort to many airline passengers most especially tourists.  Here, you can find the place worth relaxing since there are areas at the airport wherein your needs will be granted.

With this well-organized airport, surely, passengers will not get bored. Actually, there are a lot of activities to do in the airport such a free movie watching and Wi-Fi usage, relaxing at massage centers, shopping at retail stores and many more. On the other hand, if your flight is within the next hour, you can tour around the city to take some refreshments and see the different attractive spots in the island.


For travelers, you can enjoy the airport services and staffs. Also, there will be no problem when you are at the airport because they will guarantee that you are safe and comfortable. Since you cannot be stopped by your desire to go to another place rather than stay at the airport, touring around the city is the best option; however, you need to expect a large amount of expenses.



The Kind of Society Singaporeans Want

There is no doubt that Singapore is a rich country. Its economy compensates its smallness. With this, the world thinks that the sole purpose of Singaporeans is to improve the economy. The case may be true in the past but not now. Today, Singaporeans strive for more.


Life here in Singapore is not only work. There are other things that Singaporeans want. These are:

  • Peace of mind: Singaporeans are hard working so it is natural that we will counter many pressures in our life. But many of us now dream of having a peaceful mind – the kind that lets you enjoy sleep because you are not thinking of everything except resting.
  • Retirement sufficiency: The ageing population’s concern is their retirement sufficiency. When we are young and able, we work hard to prepare for our retirement but sometimes it is not enough. Seniors are looking for sufficiency to ensure their life after work.
  • Affordable healthcare: We are pushing for more affordable healthcare. The government helps many by providing subsidies. Apart from that, we also consider living a healthy life.


  • Affordable housing: Not all people here can afford a house of their own. There are Singaporeans that aspire to own their own house at an affordable rate. House is important because it makes you feel warm, safe and secure.
  • Social support: There is an increased social support in our society. Singaporeans are strengthening social support by helping the needy. We simply do not want to see our fellow suffer while we enjoy the security.

Singaporeans are now thinking of their emotional and mental wellbeing. It is not enough that you put food in the plate. It is also important that you spend time with your family while eating the food. Singaporeans have come a long way.


Places to Have Romantic Vacations in Singapore


Saying “I Love You” is very easy to say to anyone; however, it is true that is it slightly difficult to express your feelings to someone especially to the one you love. Since you are cannot guarantee her admiration to you, you have to give her the impression that you are making effort for her.

Of all the things that you might do to the one you love, inviting her on a vacation can be more exciting than giving gifts such as bears, chocolates and flowers. There are many places to go but when you are planning to go outside your place, you need to stay in a beautiful and comfortable place or perhaps a romantic place for the two of you.


1. Capella Singapore – Once you enter their rooms, you’ll see flowers that are uniquely decorated for the both of you. This will also include you breakfast and spa. Also, they offer package deals during holidays.
2. Days Singapore – You want a different definition of romantic? Then, you must come and experience the loving gourmets like miso-coated halibut. Also, you can taste their strawberries coated with chocolate in a very affordable price.
3. The Fullerton Hotel – Located near the Marina Bay, you’ll surely experience a sweet vacation once you stay here. You have your own privacy, as usual. In their room, you’ll see a candle-lit bath and a bottle of a sparkling wine.
4. Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel – Experience here an Italian-like vacation with an elegant limousine pick-up from the airport. They will serve you Italian meal and more.