5 Things You Should Clean Once a Week at Home

Perhaps, you already knew what you should clean everyday at home. Fortunately, there are a few things that require less of your attention. Here are seven things you can do on a weekly basis when it comes to keeping your home clean.

Kitchen Appliances
Your fridge, stove and other kitchen appliances may not look obviously dirty, but it’s likely covered in things that aren’t very visible from a distance. Your microwave and stove are likely covered in food bits and fingerprints that may slowly build up into grime if not regularly cleaned. To avoid that annoying build up, wipe them clean with disinfectant wipes or a clean sponge at least once a week.

Yes, we know. It is everybody’s least favourite household chore—but it needs to get done. To make the chore easier (and faster!), get the family to pitch in. Keep separate baskets for light light-colored and dark-colored clothing, and ask everyone to place their laundry in the appropriate bins every time. That way, one step is already off the list before you even actually start tackling them.

Shower and Tub
These constantly warm and wet places are breeding grounds for scum and mildew when not cleaned regularly. So, make sure to make some time every week to help your shower and tub resist stains. After washing, we recommend running a squeegee over the surfaces to keep it dry while it’s not yet in use.

Bathroom Surfaces
This includes the counters, mirrors and the sink. Why? Let’s just say, all thanks to your toilet, your bathroom is constantly nasty. If you leave your toilet lid up, germs and bacteria can spray up to six feet every time you flush the toilet. So, keep the toilet lid down after every use, then clean and disinfect surfaces at least once a week to keep your bathroom sanitary.

Dusty Furniture
Dust build-up does not only look bad, it can also be potentially damaging to your furniture. Dust can cause fine scratches to surfaces if something rubs against it. When cleaning, do not just use dry cloth since it only moves the dust around. Use a furniture polish, spray cleaner or water to dampen your duster or cloth.

Whether you choose to tackle all these things on a Sunday or assign one for each day of the week, these chores are totally manageable for you and your family.

Why Can’t Some People Stop Gambling  


The gambling scene has expanded so much in the past decade we now have presently many bookmakers competing with one another. To ensure these bookmakers to stay in front of their competition, they have to formulate tactics to encourage players. A great way to make this happen is to provide a free bets offer. Such a promotion implies that you will be wagering for free. Yes, you better believe it. You may place a wager without utilizing your funds!


How can you put a best free bet offer? Once you put a cost-free wager, you will not lose money in case your bet was wrong. There’s no risk to using a cost-free wager. But what happens once you win the bet? If you ever win the wager, you’ll only get paid the entire profit from the wager but not the price you spent to place a bet in the first place. If you are confused, here’s an illustration.

Say you placed a best free bet offer of $10. You opt for 3:1 chances and you win the bet. You’ll get the $30 you won however, you won’t have an additional $10 which is the price you used to the bet. That is just a demonstration of what will transpire whenever you place a cost-free wager. The actual condition may shift depending upon the bookmaker’s conditions. Bookmakers feature varied conditions for their top free bet offers consequently it’s very crucial for you to study it extensively.

Placing cost-free bet might appear to be a wonderful betting situation: You put your free wager and when you win then you make some cash, and yet you won’t really lose any money in case you lose the wager. Even so, bookmakers continue to be focused on money making and you can anticipate that they’ll attempt to regain their losses from your cost-free wagers. That is why there are usually limitations when using cost-free bets. Below are a few of the standard restriction.


Minimum odds: To use your cost-free wager, you will be required to bet above a given amount. In the event you wager under that specific sum, your free bet won’t be counted.

Free wager expiration: You have to make your free bet during a set time limit. Typically, this time limit is 30 days but it’ll differ for every bookmaker.

Rollovers: You have to wager the free bonus more than once in order for you to remove it. For instance, in case you win the bet with your bonus, you’ll need to make another bet. When you win that bet, you might need to make another one after. The entire number of times you need to bet differs from bookmaker to bookmaker.

The bookmaker’s restrictions are located in their terms. As attractive as a free bets offer may sound, it is advisable to take time to read the conditions before you make one. Consider searching for free bets just like you’d treat seeking a bookmaker. Choose only the top free bet offers out there.


Survive the Scorch

Amazingly Helpful Tips for the Sweaty Girl on Surviving the Hot Weather

A short walk outside during noon time feels like a walk inside a volcano’s crater, you feel like layering clothes is simply not a good option- Ah, it’s officially summer time. Summer time in Singapore is usually fun if you’re stuck at home enjoying the air conditioner or cooling down in the pool.

But for sweaty girls always on the go, it’s just not possible to look presentable and cool in this heat. Fortunately, there are certain steps we can do to look and feel better amidst the torturous weather.


Perfume placement

To avoid being smelly, plan the placement of your perfume. Spritz on the key spots that make the perfume last longer. Usually we spray perfume on pulse points because those are warmer areas.

Actress Halle Berry has an unusual place she sprays perfume on- between her thighs. The heat in this area helps intensify the scent of the perfume. As heat is produced, the scent will eventually rise up so you’ll always smell great.


Step in the shower

In this heat, one cannot bear to forego morning showers. The heat can make your skin feel sticky and your hair greasy. Regular showers keep the skin clean and the body cool. If you skip on showers on such a hot day, body odor may develop.

If body odor is already a big problem for you, determine the source first so it’s easier to think of solutions later on.


Never forget your deodorant

No matter how you’re rushing to get to work or an appointment, the deodorant is something you should ever forego. The intensely hot weather means that you sweat more than usual. Apply deodorant daily without fail to avoid body odor attacks.

For girl who sweat excessively, choose a good antiperspirant and deodorant that provides optimum protection that will last all day.


Spritz some face mist

The heat and sweat can leave your skin looking like a mess. Refresh and invigorate the skin by spraying some cooling face mist that also helps set your makeup. You can spritz several times a day, depending on when your skin needs it.

Quick tip: When applying the mist, be sure to hold the bottle at least six inches away from your face and spray in an X motion.


Refresh your hair

Being too sweaty can make your hair smell not so fantastic. Get yourself a hair perfume that will eliminate the smell and keep your hair soft and fragrant again. A hair perfume also works for days when you skip washing your hair.


Down under

Every part of the body can give off a bad smell when we get too sweaty. Yes, even down there. Always carry a pack of feminine wipes and extra panty liners in your purse for emergency situations where you need some freshening up.


Gum in your pocket

Being busy all day means you have no time for brushing your teeth or even gargling. Don’t just tolerate stale breath smell. Grab some gum, preferably mint and sugar-free. Chewing gum keeps the breath fresh no matter how hectic your schedule is.


7 School and Office Supplies You Need as an Adult


No, you’re not going “back to school”.

But sometimes in your adult life, you find yourself saying, “I completely forgot!” one too many times. Or maybe you find your office desk or your bedroom in total disarray that you’re tempted to throw everything out and just buy new stuff altogether. Please don’t. Here is a list of school and office supplies that you need to ease your transition to full-scale adulthood. There’s no going back anyway.


  • A calendar or a planner — Not necessarily the Starbucks kind of planner, though that will do just fine. Whether you rely on paper or prefer to use an app, it’s important to keep proper track of your schedule. Finding an efficient way to plan work or personal events, as well as errands, will save you precious time and money. You’ll be free from stress too (or at least, some of it)!


  • An expanding file folder — … and label them accordingly. Whether you want to use them to keep your important documents (certificates, titles, etc.) or manuals for electronics (TV, vacuum cleaner, microwave, coffee maker, etc.), it will save a lot of space on your drawers. Plus, you know where to find them should the need arise.


  • A glue gun – Oh, you don’t need it? Then how come you always end up looking for one whenever you are working on a DIY project which, by the way, happens almost every week, thanks to your Pinterest obsession? You don’t have to buy a massive glue gun; just a handy, cordless one will do. Bring it to the office, and your workmates will love you for it.


  • A pair of scissors – No explanation necessary. You need it.


  • A stockpile of greeting cards – 2016 is the year to be a good friend and nothing says “I’m your pal!” better than a greeting card. Stock up on birthday, sympathy, and thank you cards (even blank cards!) and watch your friend go “Awww!” on their special day.


  • Sticky Notepads – Admit it, your memory isn’t that sharp anymore. You may even forget you have a planner or an appointment calendar. Brightly colored sticky notepads, however, catch your attention about the things you need to remember. Write important notes on them (phone numbers, deadlines, errands, etc.) and stick them on strategic places like the side of your computer screen or your coffee mug.


  • Pens, lots and lots of them – You’re an adult now; you know why you need them. Other than for writing down important stuff, what will you use to sign documents, contracts, and other “adult” forms? Exactly.


Ways to Celebrate Special Moments  


Singapore is busy and life here does not stop even when we are sleeping. Knowing this, we keep up by rushing all the time. There is nothing wrong to rush but sometimes, we need to realize that special moments are ignored.


We have to pause for a while and enjoy special moments together with the people we love and care. After all, we can only bring memories with us. So, here are some ways to celebrate special moments:

  • Spending time with true friends: True friends are hard to find but if we find one or more, we are very lucky. Spending time with true friends is very relaxing and fulfilling. We should not rely on texting and emailing. We have to celebrate friendship every once in a while.
  • Savoring food with food buddies: Whether it is our partner, mother, father or sisters, savoring food with our buddies is the best feeling. Good food, good company – what could go wrong?


  • Inspire and be inspired: There will come a time that we are stuck in a situation but there is always someone who helps us see things in a different light. We can help each other by fuelling our friends and be inspired in return.
  • Giving and receiving love: We have to know that love should be unconditional. If it is conditional, it is not love. Love, whether it is romantic or platonic is based on trust and mutual respect. If we have friends or partner who looks after our interests, does not try to control us and accepts us for what we are, we have to celebrate it through little ways. We can for instance invite them for dinner or watch a movie. Simple actions mean a lot.  


How to Manage Holiday Spending

This is the season to be jolly so they say. Big discounts and sales are happening in every store here. The treats will continue until early next year so it is hard to resist. Your urge to buy or spend is imminent and when this is over, you will realize that you overdid it.


Unfortunately, when you realize that you overdid it, there is no turning back. You cannot just return all the things that you have purchased because you have no money left. With this, it is very crucial that you learn how to manage your holiday spending especially here in Singapore. There a lot of things that you can do if you learn how to control yourself first.

After you learn self-control, the rest will be easy to resist and manage. So, here are some ideas and tips that you can consider to manage your holiday spending:

  • Save in advance: Saving in advance sounds simple but it is the other way around. There are people who are having difficulty saving. You have to discipline yourself because it can benefit you and your finances at the end of the day. Saving in advance means buying presents and other things but you still have enough for the next year.
  • Moonlight: If you think your work cannot sustain the bulk of presents that you will give, you can try moonlighting. You have to look for other part-time jobs for extra income.


  • Draw names: Giving presents is not the essence of the holiday. It is about celebrating with the family. So, if you have a long list and you cannot afford to give presents to them, you can consider giving them simple yet heart-felt things. If you want you can prioritize and draw names which matter the most to you.
  • Online shopping: There are people who consider online shopping because they cannot be seduced by other products they do not see. If you do not want to be tempted, you have to go for online shopping and just stick to your list. However, you have to be mindful of the shipping charges.

Ideally, you have budgeted and planned for the holidays but there are things that are just out of control. When this happens, you have to rely on your logic and do not let the sights of sales persuade you to spend more than your budget or plan. This is a challenge considering you are here in Singapore but it can be done. You just need to control your urges and live a stress-free holidays.